You Do NOT Have a Problem With Your Microsoft Account

The advantage of logging into your Windows computer with your Microsoft account is that if you want to purchase an app from the Microsoft Store you’re already logged in.

I know that MOST of you don’t purchase apps from the store. If you’re like me and log into your computer with a LOCAL account (meaning it doesn’t matter if your computer is online or not AND Microsoft doesn’t know each time you log onto your computer) then your Windows 10 computer will on occasion show you this little message in the corner…



The ONLY problem with your Microsoft account is that Microsoft can’t tell when you’re using your computer (for the most part.) So DON’T WORRY when you see this message, and don’t feel the need to create a Microsoft account to change how you log onto your computer.  Just SMILE and say “no thank you Microsoft” the next time you see it.

Been to Chipotle Lately, Better Check your Credit Card

If you ate at Chipotle between March 24 and April 18, you might want to check your credit card statement.  They were hacked and payment information from over 2,200 restaurants was taken.

Reuters has a full article on the hack:

My Advice Hasn’t Changed with the Cyberattacks

With all the brouhaha over the cyberattacks going on all over the world, my advice in not getting infected with ransomware is the same advice I’ve been giving from the beginning.  Don’t CLICK on a link in nor OPEN an attachment in an email unless you know who it’s from AND you’re expecting it.  I can’t emphasize that last part enough.  It is someone you know who was infected that the email will come from, and if you think it’s ok because it came from someone you know and you open the attachment, then it’s game over.image

You need a backup of your data that can’t be compromised by ransomware, that’s why I recommend Carbonite.  For $59 a year your data is securely stored where even a virus can’t damage it.  I’ve had a client get infected with Ransomware and rather that pay the $1,500 ransom, we got all the data back from Carbonite.  You can get Carbonite directly from them, or for the same price I will set up it for you and make sure the subtle settings are all correct for you so nothing gets missed.

Carbonite also protects you not just from hard drive crashes but also theft and fire – it’s cheap insurance, so contact me ([email protected]) and let me get you set up and fully protected from the day you accidentally make that click.

Windows 10 “Creators Update” is Coming

Windows 10 has been through a couple of major updates since in came out in July 2015.  It was updated in November that year and again in July 2016, and it’s about to happen again.  The update will be free to all current users of Windows 10 and you will get a notification before it downloads and installs.  The changes to how you use it on a daily basis you will hardly notice, so no one needs to panic.  Here is a video from Microsoft of some of the features:

and The Verge has an article about it as well…

Apple Replacing Screen Coating on 12” MacBook Pro

If you have a 12 inch MacBook Pro going back as far as 2012 and the Anti-Reflective coating is coming off, then Apple has you covered.  Apple isn’t necessarily making it public, but now you know and so if you’re having this problem you can get it repaired at no cost.  MacRumors spilled the beans earlier today:

Pay Attention if You Have a NETGEAR Router flaw has been discovered in some of Netgear’s most popular routers that makes it really easy for a bad guy to have access to your router.  All you have to do is click on a link in a webpage or email and boom, he can walk right in.  Fortunately, it’s really easy to see if you’re affected.  Below you’ll see two links, chances are your Netgear router uses one of the two address in those links.  CLICK on the first link and if you’re vulnerable, it will only reboot your router.  So after clicking the link, wait 10 seconds or so and see if you can get to another web page.  If you can’t then your router is rebooting and you need to get it updated.  If it doesn’t kick you offline then try the second link.  If you’re STILL online then you’re probably fine.  The links below will NOT do anything bad to your router, just reboot it IF it has the flaw, but it’s a similar method a bad guy would use to take over your router – he just wouldn’t be using the “reboot” command, he’d use something much worse. 

IF you’re router goes offline, then it will come back in a few minutes.  When you’re back online go to Netgear’s support page at, enter the model number of your router and download and upgrade the firmware on your router.  Now if that’s a little to technical for you to do then call me and I can do it for you, even remotely if you’re not in Austin. 

My own router had this flaw and Netgear had an update that fixed it.;reboot   OR;reboot

Next Time You Make a Call on AT&T, be Sure to Say Hello to the NSA!

imageThis building, “owned” by AT&T just also happens to be the nerve center of overseas phone calls (and a great place to monitor domestic calls as well.)  Read all about it:

If You Didn’t Order It – Don’t CLICK on IT!!!

Image result for oh noThe spam emails have started to arrive.  You ORDERED this or you ORDERED that.  They want you to confirm or deny that you order is on it’s way.

If you didn’t order it – DON’T click on it.  Scammers are in full force this holiday season.  Be smart!  If you’re not sure, CALL ME before you click! 

The FIX is In (for Your Broken Update)

imageIf you’ve been having problems with the latest update from Microsoft, then you need to give this a try.  This script updates the registry and then should allow the update that has been failing to finally install.  You’ve got nothing to lose, so if you’ve seen your computer try to install the most recent update only to have it fail, then download and run this fix:

Microsoft Messed Up Their Latest Update

Image result for windows update failAnd you probably have noticed it this week if every time you turn your computer it tries to update then fails, and EVENTUALLY you get back to your desktop.

I’m watching CLOSELY for Microsoft to fix this situation and will let you know when they do.  This is all because they are changing how they are doing their updates and surprise, it’s not working (at least for a lot of people.)  If you have this problem, let me know and I’ll add you to the list of folks and then notify you as soon as I know of a fix.

HP Battery Recall

imageIf you have a HP (including Compaq) laptop that was made in the last three years then click on the link to see if your battery is part of the recall.  HP recommends if you primarily use the laptop plugged in then remove the battery completely.  Here’s the link for the details…..

Thank God its Saturday!

Image result for its overI never thought I’d be so happy to see a Saturday come around, but this one is special.  The RUSH to get the free Windows 10 upgrade is over, and this Tek-Chic is thankful.  Now I can just get back to solving your normal problems with email, getting online, printing and whatever else you depend on in you technological world.


A Credit Card at Wendy’s May Upset More Than Your Stomach

Back in January it was reported that Wendy’s had suffered a security breach.  Apparently they’ve been slow to fix it.  Issues remain even into at least June.  And they got EVERYTHING needed to use your card: Name, the card number, the expiration date and the security code on the back.  There’s a site you can go to and see if you’re favorite Wendy’s was vulnerable. Go here to check it out:

Time is Running Out to Upgrade to Windows 10

- TempNow, you don’t HAVE to, but if you want to take advantage of Microsoft’s offer to upgrade to 10 for free (from Windows 7 or 8), July 29 is your last chance (and don’t wait until the last minute.)

If you decided to upgrade to Windows 10 AFTER July 29, you’ll have to BUY Windows 10 which will run between $100-$120 depending on where you get it. 

Most of my clients who upgrade on their own end up calling me because they don’t know what to do with it or just want to go back – which is NOT necessary. 

My clients who have me assist them with the upgrade have ALL been happy.  I’ll make sure it’s all correct and walk you through using Windows 10 (it’s really easy after a 5 minute orientation.)

Windows 7 is supported through 2020 and Windows 8 through 2013, so don’t feel like you have to.  I really like Windows 10 and frankly Windows 7 looks pretty old to me these day.  Windows 10 IS BETTER.  I’ve only run into a couple of issues after over 100 upgrades.  If you absolutely HATE Windows 10 after upgrading, Microsoft even gives you 30 days to go right back to where you were before you upgraded with no loss of data.

If you would like me to assist you with the upgrade, PLEASE don’t wait until the last week of July – I fear a rush and want to be sure I get everyone in.  For $75 I’ll get up upgraded, lock down the privacy settings, make sure your software and hardware are all working and walk you through the start menu, which is the biggest change.  All your programs will be THE SAME after the upgrade, so no worries at all there.

Call and schedule a time if you want to upgrade and I’ll take care of you.

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