Take Pictures Like a Pro With Your Galaxy S7 Phone

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeIf you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, and wish you had more versatility and control over the camera in your new Samsung Galaxy S7, well then you need to look into using “Pro mode”.

You can change settings like filters, focusing, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and exposure.

So go out and have fun with your new phone taking pictures.  There’s lots of color in the world this time of year to capture.

Learn all about it here in an article in Digital Trends:

Tax Time, Computers and Kids Don’t Mix!

imageAll of a sudden here in early April I’m getting calls from folks with computer problems and they’re worried about their tax information that’s on the computer.

People, people, people.  I beg you – DON’T keep your business or even family business information on the same computer that your kids use.  Computers for going online are as cheap as $200, buy one for them.  Letting your kids use YOUR computer for fun (and that’s what get’s you into trouble) is a huge mistake.  They don’t know how easy it is to get a virus or otherwise compromise the information in your computer.

Put a password on your Windows login and keep them out.

Get a Chromebook.  You can pick one up at Best Buy for $200.  It runs an operating system by Google called “Chrome OS”, and basically is nothing more than a web browser.  So when it starts up, they’re on the web.  They can’t do anything to hurt the computer.  Now, they can’t run programs locally on the machine like Word, Excel, Outlook or other programs, and memory and storage is limited, but if they can survive on the web, they’re good to go and will stay off your computer with your important information.

What Do You Get for the Person Who Has Absolutely Everything?

imageWell, that depends if money isn’t much of an object for you (meaning you’ve got lots of it to spend.)

For $60,000, Cardok creates an underground garage by creating a subterranean pit that your car gets stored in.  And when the car is parked there, NO ONE knows it’s there because no one can see it.  You raise it when you arrive home, pull onto the platform.  Get out of the car and then lower it into the pit, leaving only an empty spot  in you driveway where yes, you can park another car.  The article about it is here:

You can watch the video on how it works (oh so cool) here:

Don’t Go Chasing After the Rabbit

imageI saw this ad on TV while working late one night and though I knew it was a waste of money, I did go online and check it out for you.  I know some of you have thought about dumping your cable or satellite service to save money, and this may look tempting.  Their commercial wants you to believe you can get free TV over the Internet.  They make it sound like you can just tune in your local ABC or CBS network, 5,000 TV channels, 9,000 radio stations and 50,000 movies.  Wow, and all that for $10!  How do they do it?  They just tell you what you can find out for free.  You can get many television shows from Hulu for free.  Radio, there are LOTS of sources for radio stations, is one and is another.  Movies? has movies you can watch for free, just don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of any of them before.  And of course, all this watching is done on your computer, not your television.

So save your money.  Treat yourself to a nice dinner – you’ll enjoy it more.

Keep Your Laptop (and your lap) Cool

imageIf you have a laptop keeping it cool is one of the best ways to ensure its longevity (not dropping it onto a tile floor is another way.)  Actually, heat is a computer’s greatest enemy, along with an open cup of coffee sitting next to the keyboard.  Keeping your computer cool when it’s sitting on a desk will not only help prolong its life, it will protect your desk, and if you’ve ever actually used your laptop in your lap you KNOW how hot these things can get.  Laptops run coolest when air can circulate beneath them, setting them on a blanket or pillow only prevents airflow and can contribute to overheating.  Mashable has a short article reviewing 10 different cooling solutions for your laptop.  So if your laptop runs hot along the bottom, or your cooling fan seems to always be blowing at high speed, check this out:

The PERFECT Back-to-School Item for Your Sleepy Student Who Won’t Wake Up

imageDo you have to scream and shake the bed to get your school bound child up in the morning?  Well, now you can have the alarm clock do it for you.  A company called Sonic Alert that specializes in hearing related solutions has created a product called the “Sonic Bomb”.  Not only does the Sonic Bomb have a LOUD 113db alarm (adjustable) and bright blinking lights, it also comes with their “Super Shaker” bed vibrating unit that while it won’t make you fall out of bed, will certainly let you know it’s time to get up.  It’s only $43 and available direct from Sonic Alert.  So if your “sleepy head” child just doesn’t want to wake up, plant a bomb (a Sonic Bomb) in their bedroom.  Here’s the link to Sonic Alert’s site:

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