Customer Service!
— Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association
Simply The Best!!
— Boyd S.
Great service all round!
— Inspire Recruitment
Laurie at Tek-Chic was WONDERFUL!!!
— Sheree L.
Gets it done fast… she is awesome!
— Pat H.
Thanks for coming on a Sunday….you are wonderful!
— Anne D.
Helpful, dedicated, fair, knowledgeable, persistent, and friendly are a few of the ways I would describe Laurie. She knows most anything about computers, and she will not just do it for you, but actually educate you/explain what she is doing.
— Amy L.
Laurie Scott is simply the best. She provides a rare combination of computer expertise and over the top customer service. If you have computer issues, then the Tek-Chic is easily the best option.
— Victor Thompson Insurance.
Once again Laurie Scott has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Changing out my laptop drive for a solid state drive proved to be more complicated than anticipated, so Laurie took my machine home and returned it to me with the new drive less than 24 hours later, on a Saturday (!). She clearly knows her stuff and is not the least bit intimidated by the vagaries and pitfalls of computer hardware and software. And, even though she spent considerably more time on this task than anticipated, the price stayed the same. Totally pleased!
— Ted H.
Cannot say enough as to how knowledgeable and efficient Laurie has been helping all our computer needs and set ups. So happy we found her. ?
We have referred several clients & friends to her and will continue to do so!
— Larry P.
Laurie is the best IT Person I have ever had privilege to work with…Extremely knowledgeable at both Hardware/Software…also always looking for your best economic interests and not hers…quick and always accessible!
— Patrick H.
Laurie is very knowledgeable and thorough when trouble-shooting computer issues. She responds to requests for help promptly. I am learning just how helpful her blog is.
— Shannon M.
Such helpful, personal service. Laurie really cares and loves what she does. She develops a relationship with me. She goes the extra mile to make sure my issues are resolved….no matter what they are. One or the best services I have found in any industry.
— Amy L.
Laurie is very dedicated and knowledgeable. She also stays with the problem until it’s repaired. She’s also reasonable in her pricing.
— Bill B.
She makes me laugh and is quite patient and explains computerese so that I can understand. She does not talk down to me like many geeks do.
— Dee H.
Laurie is prompt, incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She makes it easy for us to navigate within our comfort zone. I’ve already recommended her to friends.
— Helen G.
Laurie always saves me from some impending doom. I love her cheerful attitude.
— Epps Body and Paint
Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She has worked on a laptop and a notebook for us; always straightening out the kinks. We always recommend her to friends.
— Barbara T.
Skill, Knowledge and customer service….Thank you Laurie for being in my life!
— Charlotte H.
Thorough Awesome Knowledgeable
— Patrick C.
Laurie is great to work with….very patient and knowledgeable !
— Cathy S.
Laurie has helped me with small problems and large problems in a timely manner and explains to me what she did and what I need to do. She is very nice and easy to work with.
— Lynell W.
Laurie is a competent, knowledgeable, fair and pleasant problem solver.
— Ron F.
Very prompt and professional service.
— Ted D.
For over two years my husband and I have utilized the expertise of Laurie Scott at Tek-Chic, whenever we have had a technical problem. She has promptly responded to our phone calls and has helped us out with each “EMERGENCY” we’ve had. Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and has the patience and tenacity to tackle EVERY technical problem we have given her. We trust her completely and have complete confidence in her ability to solve all of our issues. We have had “weeds” as Laurie calls them, we’ve upgraded our computer, and we’ve had our computer crash prior to a huge family event. Laurie has solved ALL of the issues. in a very timely, seamless manner, We only have positive things to say about Laurie and would highly recommend her and Tek-Chic to anyone that may need technical expertise.
— Cindy B.
I too am of the older generation and without Laurie I don’t know what I would do. She’s extremely smart, efficient, helpful and boy does she do quick turnarounds. Have used her many times over the last two years for many different problems and pc’s and everything always turns out good. Wish we had more dedicated service related folks like her!! Thanks again Laurie.
— Steve K.
Hi Laurie, I just wanted to let you know that so far, my computer is doing so much better. I haven’t had any problems since we replaced the memory. Just out of curiosity (and I know you are not a fan of the big box store tech departments) since I took it to xxx’s twice before I met you, and they ran all the diagnostics, how do you think this got missed? It just seems this should have come out before now…
Thanks for fixing it! I appreciate it!
— Christi K.
I called Tek-Chic on Thursday; Laurie picked up my laptop on Friday, and delivered it back to me on Sunday. I had five different seriously annoying problems with my laptop, including Outlook issues, Microsoft Word document use, and problems with Infusionsoft. I was hoping she could fix at least two or three of the problems, and not cost me too much more than $200. I was shocked to discover that she fixed all five of the problems, and it was barely over $100. I will definitely be using them again.
— Brett A.
What a blessing our Tek-Chic Laurie is to our family…she keeps our internet surfing safe & secure, builds systems tailored to our needs, helps keep the older computers running and solves all matter of other computer issues in a timely and cost effective manner. It’s great knowing that Laurie has her finger on the pulse of ever-changing technology that us non-techies can’t get our heads around & that she’s just a phone call away! Thank you for your service, knowledge & expertise, Laurie!
— Lynne S.
Our Tech-Chic Laurie is, in deed, a 5-star wonder! She keeps our four computers up and running like no one ever has before. She’s personable, patient, prompt and reasonably priced!!! Thanks, Laurie!!
— Andrea A.
Tek-Chic, you saved my life! Or at least my sanity. My e-mail issues were so complicated, I didn’t think they’d ever get straightened out, but you had the patience and perseverance to pull it off. Thank you for making my life so much easier. You’re awesome!
— Julie O.
am in my mid seventies – and clinging on to technology by my fingernails. I “discovered” Laurie Scott and she has been a life saver. I have never felt that she thought I shouldn’t be “messing with technology”, but she patiently explained to me how things work – or how it could be done more easily.
—  Mary L.
WOW Tek-Chic systems rocks! She helped my parents for hours in Iowa via Austin. My Mom called me this morning and said…”Laurie is the most patience person in the world!” She rocks!!! Thank you Laurie!
—  Pat H.
Laurie has been supporting our multiple systems for a year. She is extremely capable, knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend her to any individual or small business. So far she has never been stumped by any issue!!!
—  Susan S.