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It’s the Second Tuesday of the Month. Yay!!!’s right – Windows updates went out today.  There were several security updates for both Windows as well as Microsoft Office.

If you run Outlook 2010 you might notice it not keeping your settings as you like the screen to look.  I had a client with that issue today and tracked it back to a specific update.  If you notice this issue let me know and I’ll back out that update causing the problem.

Other than that, my advice still stands – DO THOSE UPDATES.  Windows, Flash, Java and Adobe Reader.  Don’t give the bad guys a chance.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Time for Updates!

imageToday is the 2nd Tuesday of the month and it’s time to remind you that today Microsoft will be pushing out updates for Windows .  That’s what the little blue icon is doing in the lower right corner of your screen.  Throughout the month, you might also see the red Adobe Reader icon and the burnt orange Java icon.  When you start your computer you might have the large Adobe Flash Player box pop up like the one on the right.

Windows will normally update automatically and sometimes need to reboot.

So, whenever you see one of these on your computer, be sure to perform the update.  These are SECURITY updates.  If you find yourself wondering if the message is true or not and are afraid, you can always go directly to the software’s site to get the update:


Adobe Reader:

Adobe Flash:

Today’s Not Just ANY Tuesday! Can You Guess???


You’ve heard about it, you’ve hoped for it and you’ve waited for it.  Well…… here it is!!!

It’s “Patch Tuesday”!  This is the day Microsoft pushes its updates out to all Windows users, and the day I get to remind you to check for all your other updates as well.  Look at the picture.  Do you see one of them in the lower right corner of your monitor?  If you do, then YOU NEED TO UPDATE!

Click on the icon and do what it says – FAILURE to update leaves you open to security vulnerabilities that could cause problems if you happen to visit a compromised web site.

So don’t make me remind you again (at least until next month.)  Be a good boy or girl and update your computer. 

The Updates are Coming the Updates are Coming!!!

imageWell, actually they are already here.  Tuesday Microsoft push security updates to your Windows machines.  By default these updates are installed automatically, but if for some reason you’re not set up for auto-updates, then you probably have the Windows icon in your task tray (that’s in the lower right corner of your screen.)

Update your computer NOW.  And this is a good time to check for any other updates that may need to be done to Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash and Java.  The Flash reminder usually shows up when your computer first boots into Windows.  Reader and Java will appear in your task tray.

These are updates you need to do.  If updates appear any other time in a different place (like in the middle of a web page) then you should be suspicious.

Make Sure You’re Up-to-Date

imageIt’s the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Time to follow up and make sure your programs are all updated with the latest security patches.

If you subscribe to my Preventive Maintenance Service, I’ll be double-checking your systems at the end of the week (I’ll be notifying you.)

If you haven’t yet subscribed to have your computer maintained (and get discounts on home visits), you can read all the details here.  Give me a call or drop me a note.

‘Tis the Season to be Careful

imageNo, I’m not talking about ‘ol St. Nick, I’m talking about people like Boris, Vladamir, Ivan, Mikhail and all their friends in eastern Europe who love to take advantage of those who don’t keep their computer’s software up-to-date.  It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the month, so here’s your monthly reminder to be sure to look for these icons in your task tray (in the lower-right corner of your computer screen most likely) and if you see one of them, be sure to click on it and update the software.  Don’t spend your Christmas getting viruses out of your computer.

This Was the Week–Did You Miss It?

imageThis Tuesday is when Microsoft pushed its updates down to all you Windows users. 

If you look down to the lower right corner of your screen and see any of these symbols at any time of the month – you need to act.  These are security updates that need to be installed to keep the bad guys out of your computer.

If ever you see an icon in the corner and aren’t sure about, check back here – and if you’re still not sure, then call me.  I want to make sure you’re safe!!!

Summer Is Over, Cold Weather is Here – Stay in Tonight and Update Your PC

imageWhat else would you do on the second Tuesday of the month?  Microsoft has published lots of updates and if you have automatic updates turned on, your PC should update today, but if you see the yellow shield or blue icon in your task tray you’ll need to manually do it.

Now, updated from Microsoft should come as no surprise to any of you, and hopefully updates throughout the month for Java, Adobe Reader and Flash won’t be a surprise either.  If you ever see any of imagethese icons in your task tray, be sure to click on it and do the update.  These security updates will help keep your system secure, putting them off would be a BAD idea.

Time For Security Updates Yet Again

imageBelieve it or not, another month has passed by and it’s time once again for Microsoft to push its’ updates for Windows and for me to remind ya’ll to also update Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader during the month as those updates show up. 

DO NOT get viruses by being lazy!  Update your software when you see these icons.  NOT doing so is how most of my clients get infected.  If you’re running Windows XP, you’ll see the yellow icon, not the blue one.  If you’re running Windows Vista or 7, you’ll see the blue one and NOT the yellow one.

There you go.  Easy.  If you see something and are in doubt, come back to this page and click on “Security” on the right to find this article to confirm the icons.

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day! The Updates Have Arrived! how time flies!  Yes, it’s the second Tuesday of the month and Microsoft has blessed us with LOTS of patches for your Windows operating system.  Some of them are classified as CRITICAL, so be sure these updates are installed.  Hopefully your system is set to automatically update, but if you want to check, click on the start button, go to “Programs” and toward the top you should see “Windows Update”.  Click on it and click on “Check for Updates” to see if you need to install them.  The “optional” updates are just that – optional.  But the important and critical updates need to be installed as soon as possible to keep your systems safe.  And as always, be on the lookout throughout the month for updates to Adobe Reader, Flash and Java.

Remember, the bad guys are constantly checking your doors and windows (figuratively) to see if they can get into your computer, don’t let them.  Do those updates!

Keep the Bad Guys OUT of Your Computer!

imageToday is the second Tuesday of the month – that means updates from Microsoft will be coming your way, and that also makes it an excellent time to remind you to keep your eye out throughout the month for updates from Adobe (Acrobat Reader and Flash) and Oracle (Java.) 

Don’t forget – these are SECURITY fixes.  If you DON’T do them, you’re giving the bad guys an easy back door into your system.  There are as many as eleven different flaws being patched this month, so be on the look out for them.


Are Your Updates Installed (did you know they were even delivered?)

imageYesterday was the 2nd Tuesday of the month – so Microsoft pushed their updates for Windows out to you.  If you don’t know, you might see an icon in your task tray just waiting for you to click on it – but to be sure you can click on your start button, click on “Programs” and up toward the top you should see “Windows Update”.  Click on it and see if there are any updates you need to install on your computer.  If you leave your computer on 24/7 and auto-update is turned on then your computer is probably already up to date.  But if your computer is off then you may not have yet received the updates – so go check and if you need them don’t wait!  Download and install them.

imageIn addition to Microsoft’s updates, Adobe has recently updated it’s Flash player and Oracle has updated Java, so be on the lookout for those icons as well.

Our Favorite Day of the Month is Here! Hooray!

imageWant to avoid getting viruses and other malware?  Then keep your software up to date.  It’s the second Tuesday of the month, and that means Microsoft is pushing updates to its operating systems and other software.  Windows XP users look for the yellow shield.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 users look for the blue logo.  If your computer doesn’t automatically update, you’ll see those icons in your task tray (in the lower right corner usually)   The orange/brown icon is for Java, and the red icon is Adobe Acrobat imageReader.  You may not see these icon in the next day or two, but you’ll see them at some point so be aware of them when they do.  These indicate FIXES to security problems that have been discovered.  They update quickly, so don’t click on “remind me later” or anything like that, just do the update and stay safe.  The same goes for Adobe Flash, when you get the message that looks like the image to the left (often right after you start your computer) by all means perform the update.

Yes Virginia, You Need to Update!

I continue to be amazed by people who intentionally DON’T update their computers when prompted to.  imageMost of you running Windows probably noticed yesterday that your computer received updates (or you were notified about them.)  That’s right, it’s the infamous 2nd Tuesday of the Month update from Microsoft.  Be sure to INSTALL them.  image

imageAlso, Adobe has been sending out patches to Acrobat Reader and its Flash Player, when you see those red icons asking to be updated, be sure to do them also.  Lastly, Java recently was updated, and YES, you need to update this as well. 

The reason for all these updates?  Security fixes.  Bad guys are constantly looking for new ways to wiggle into your computer, PDF files, Flash video and Java are becoming more popular avenues of attack because people don’t update these as they should and Windows is getting better at it.

Don’t Let THIS Happen to You! (yep, it’s real)


16,481.  What’s that number?  That’s the number of infected files I found on a client’s computer.  This is what can happen when you don’t update Windows, Java, Adobe Acrobat and other programs you use.  Not keeping your software up to date opens the doors to let the bad guys get into your system.  In this case, they got in, disabled Windows Update, blocked other programs from updating, and invited in a bunch of their friends. 

Needless to say, cleaning this up takes quite a bit of time.  If you don’t want to find yourself in this situation, it might be a good time to review my article from November, “3 Secrets to Avoiding Viruses and Malware.”

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