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Verizon Wireless Backs Down From $2 Fee

imageIf you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you may not know that yesterday they announced that starting next month they would institute a $2 fee for customers who used their “one-time payment” feature online.  The goal was to get customers to sign up for auto-pay using a credit or debit card.  Well, word got out and enough people loudly complained that Verizon has already backed down and won’t be doing it.

If you want to read more about it, here a link to the Reuters article:

Verizon is Selling Your Information to Marketers

imageIf you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you might want to opt-out of their program that lets marketers know where you’ve been, your gender, sites you’ve browsed on your phone, even what restaurants you seem to like – pretty much anything they can glean from your phone.  PC World has an article detailing it including the link to Verizon’s Privacy Policy.  I think it’s just a little ironic that the company that quietly changed their privacy policy to divulge more information about you starts its privacy policy with “Verizon is committed to protecting your privacy”.  Though Verizon says it won’t provide personally identifiable information, seems to me they will be providing enough that it won’t be hard to figure out.  Here’s the link to PC World’s article:

Switch/Upgrade to a Verizon Android Phone For Free

imageThrough the end of the month, you can get a Droid X on Verizon for free (in cell phone carrier terms free means a new 2-year contract of course) through Dell.  The Droid X has a big 4.3” screen that is easy to read.  They also have the Droid 2 with a slide-out keyboard, but the screen is smaller and I just don’t like it as much.)  Another phone being offered free is the HTC Incredible.  I think HTC makes the best Android phones because of their “Sense” interface.  The Incredible has a 3.7” screen, so it’s not as big as the Droid X, but it has an excellent camera if you like to take pictures with your phone.

With all the talk about “4G” phones, AT&T buying T-Mobile and the occasional blurb about 3-D phones (really?  do you want a 3-D phone?) now is an excellent time to get a deal on an excellent smartphone.  If you’re waiting for the next big thing, stop.  There will ALWAYS be “the next big thing” in phones for probably the next 5 years.  We now have phones on the market as good as (or in some cases better than) the iPhone, so don’t delay if you’re thinking about it.

Here’s the link to the Dell site (the deals here are BETTER than directly through the carriers):

HTC Thunderbolt Coming to Verizon Thursday

imageWell, probably Thursday.  There have been delays but it looks like the Thunderbolt is finally going to be available.  This phone is similar to HTC’s EVO 4G on Sprint, but this will run on Verizon’s 4G network.  It has a big 4.3” screen and the HTC Sense interface (my favorite among the Android phones.)  Wirefly has posted a 2-part video review of the phone on YouTube.  Sometimes Wirefly has a better price than Verizon, so check out on the 17th to see if they beat whatever deal Verizon may offer.  Here’s the link to the reviews:

Verizon Has Best Call Quality Says J.D. Power


When it’s time to get a new phone, the first thing to consider is the wireless carrier.  If you’re going to use your phone to actually TALK to other people, then you should consider the network you’ll be on.  Though it can greatly vary in specific neighborhoods, overall Verizon Wireless was judged by J.D. Power to have the best call quality in most of the U.S.  CNet has an article explaining the criteria used, as well as areas of the country where others were better.  Here’s the link to the CNet article:

Verizon Wireless Customers to Get a Refund

It appears Verizon Wireless overcharged about 15 million customers to the tune of around $50 million.  Customers will get a refund or credit from $2-6 but Verizon says it could be more.  Hey Verizon, can you hear me now?  Here’s the full article in Reuters:

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