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Buying an iPad 2 for Christmas? Hold On–You Just Might Want the Asus Transformer Prime

imageFor starters, you have to admit (whether you know it or not) there CURRENTLY are a lot more apps available for the iPad than for Android-based tablets.  That being said, Android is quickly catching up (after all, how may flashlight apps do you need?)  Asus has announced that their Transformer Prime tablet will be available on December 19, just in time to get it before Christmas.

Why would you want one you ask?  Well for starters, it will be the first quad-core tablet on the market (that means it will have four processors handling the tasks currently handled usually by one processor.)  The Transformer series by Asus also has a keyboard that you can dock with making it much more like a netbook AND as a bonus has an additional battery giving you even more time to use your Transformer without having to plug in.

Engadget did a thorough review of the Transformer Primer – check it out here:

Yep – Tablet Prices are Dropping!

imageA week ago I wrote about how Amazon’s announcement of their Android based 7” Kindle Fire tablet at $199 was driving down prices on tablets.  Well, now Lenovo has announced that their new A1 tablet that is due November 1st is now available for pre-order at $199 – matching Amazon’s price.

The Lenovo A-1 is a 7” tablet that though not aimed at the high-end market, should have more than enough performance for the average user.  Unlike the Amazon tablet, the Lenovo A-1 will have front and rear facing cameras, SD card reader slot, Bluetooth AND will have built-in GPS that works even if you don’t have a wi-fi connection (which means you can use this as a 7” GPS unit in your car.)  It will have a 1GHz processor and the resolution will be 1024×600.  Onboard storage is only 2GB, another $50 will get you 16GB. 

It comes with Gingerbread, which is not the latest version of Android software for the tablet, and we don’t currently know if it will run Android’s next operating system “Ice Cream Sandwich” that is coming out in a few weeks.  But none the less it’s a promising tablet and we’re finally seeing the prices for these devices get down to where it’s easier for most to have a tablet of their own.

If you want to order one now, here’s the link to Lenovo’s site:

Amazon’s Tablet Forcing Competition to Offer Deals

imageWith Amazon’s announcement this last week of their new $199 tablet (the Kindle Fire) we’re starting to see the pressure Amazon is applying to the competition, even though the Kindle Fire won’t be available until mid-November.

Best Buy is offering the 7” BlackBerry Playbook for $299, that’s a $200 discount from its regular price.

Target has the 1st Generation iPad with 16GB and 3G for $499. An iPad 2 like this is $629:

Tiger Direct has the 7” Dell Streak also for $299.  That’s $100 off the regular price.

You may occasionally see some cheap (in every sense of the word) Android tablets for $150 or less, sometimes even under $100.  These are cheap Chinese no-name tablets that are underpowered and don’t have access to the Android Marketplace, so without the Marketplace you’re really limited as to what you can do with the tablet.  I would recommend you stay away from them, as tempting as it may be.

It’s expected that early next year Amazon will be bringing a 10” tablet to market, and so we can expect to see similar aggressive pricing from Amazon and price cuts from the rest.

The Tablets are Coming, The Tablets are Coming!

image    imageUnless you’ve been living in an igloo at the north pole, you’ve already heard of the iPad (and maybe the recent announcement of the iPad 2.)  The Samsung Galaxy Tab (running Android) has been out for a little while, the Motorola Xoom (pronounced by most as “zoom”) that just entered the game, and soon tablets from Blackberry and HP will be entering the market.  Along with with well known brands, you will start to notice a lot of unknown names and a wide range of prices.  I noted about a week ago that Apple was selling refurbished iPads for $349, and frankly if you find any tablet for less than that you might want to pass on it.  Since Google doesn’t charge manufacturers for its Android operating system, there are some cheap (in every meaning of the word) tablets out there.  Sony has a 7” but imagereally clunky tablet that’s very thick and runs its own operating system for around $150, Viewsonic has one for over $400 but it doesn’t run the version of Android intended for tablets.  Coby has one for $200 with not enough memory and an even older version of Android.  So as you start seeing more and more people with tablets and more and more places selling them like Sears, Radio Shack, Target and Wal-Mart, just remember that some of them can be really bad, and you need to understand what you want to do with it before you buy, so that you can make a smart decision on which one is the right one.

CES: Asus Announces 4 Tablets


Asus at their CES (Consumer Electronics Show) press conference announced 4 new tablets.  3 running Google’s Android operating systems and one running Windows 7.  One is only 7” with Android and other is 12” running Windows 7.  So far no prices have been mentioned , but they surely will be less than a comparable iPad, except maybe the 12” model.  Asus invented the netbook 4 years ago with their Eee PC, and is known for their high quality computer motherboards, so this is a logical next step for them.  Click here to read Tech Republic’s article giving more details on these promising alternatives to Apple’s iPad.

Lots of New Toys Just Around the Corner

imageTomorrow is the start of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest electronics trade show of the year.  It’s being held in Las Vegas and just about every manufacturer you’ve ever heard of and lots you haven’t will be there showing off what’s new and what (might) be for sale later in the year.  Last year 3-D TV’s were big, this year there is expected to be a ton of iPad competitors, tablets running Android and Windows.  I’ll post some of the more interesting news as it come out.

Is There a Kindle in Your Christmas Future?

The problem with buying a Kindle up to now is that if you wanted to check it out before buying, you had to find someone who owned one, because the only way to buy one was online through Amazon.  I guess Amazon has figured out they will sell more if people can actually TOUCH one before buying, so this fall Best Buy, Target and Staples will start selling the Kindle.  With other e-readers already in the market and the iPad and soon to be plethora of Android tablets, I wouldn’t be surprised to see great prices this holiday season.


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