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You Know It, You Love It… it’s UPDATE TUESDAY!!!

imageMy how time flies.  Here we are and Microsoft will be pushing out its updates for Windows and other Microsoft products today.

“But Laurie” (you may ask), “I know the blue icon is for Windows, but why do you also include the orange and red icons?”

I’m glad you asked.  That orange icon is for Java.  Now if you’re not sure you need Java (I’m not talking about JavaScript – that’s something else) then I would recommend to go to your Control Panel and remove Java from your system.  Most of the clients I see don’t need it and all it does it introduce a new potential avenue of attack by the bad guys.  Keeping Java up to date is VERY important.  If you remove it and it turns out you DO need it, then just go to and install it – easy!

The red icon is for Acrobat Reader.  It’s possible for a bad guy to send you a pdf file that can infect your computer.  The best way to prevent that (other than not opening it in the first place) is to be sure your copy of Reader is up to date.

These are SECURITY updates, so don’t put them off.

Do You Know What Today Is?

imageThat’s right boys and girls – it’s PATCH TUESDAY!  The second Tuesday of the month when Microsoft pushes out updates for Windows and other Microsoft programs.

If you’re new to my blog, you’ll notice the picture here to the right.

Anytime you see one of these images down in the lower right corner of your desktop in what’s called the “Task Tray”, you need to click on it and perform the update that it is asking for. 

These updates are NOT to make the program look prettier, these are SECURITY updates.  Within 72 hours of these updates being published, the bad guys will be taking advantage of computers that HAVEN’T patched their system.  They figure out what the patch fixes, and then they write software that lets them get in those unpatched computers.

Java (the orange icon) and Adobe Reader (the red icon) could show up anytime.  Microsoft will push out an update out of cycle only if its critical, so when you see that blue icon at the end of month – don’t waste time, plug that hole.

Your anti-virus won’t protect you from these exploits because they may not know about them yet, so they just walk into this exposed back-door on your computer.

I get paid several hundred dollars a month just because people haven’t kept their system secure.  I do everything I can (just like I’m doing now) to keep everyone educated.

I had a client tell me yesterday that they were AFRAID to click on it.  Well, I’m telling you now if you see the icon in the task tray, do it!  The bad guys can’t put an icon down there unless you’re already infected.  And at that point they wouldn’t need to.

So be good kids and make your friendly neighborhood Tek-Chic proud and DO THOSE UPDATES!

Did You Update? You Don’t Know? Then Read This…

imageOk, every month I post this, so certainly by now you must be getting tired of my reminders, but I continue to go into clients’ homes who I know follow this blog and STILL I find important updates that haven’t been performed.  These updates keep you SAFE, so please do them as soon as you see the little icons in your task tray.

This week Microsoft push several important updates out.  Hopefully your computer is set up to automatically download and install them.  If not, then you’re probably seeing the yellow icon (for Windows XP) or the blue icon (Vista and Windows 7.)  If you see it, click on it and install the updates.

If you still have Java on your system (my recommendation is to uninstall it completely from your system) then you are probably seeing the little orange coffee cup on a weekly basis.  Don’t put that off.  New Java flaws are being discovered as fast as they can fix the old ones, and the bad guys will have exploits up within 24 hours of the update being published, so don’t delay.  Adobe Acrobat Reader (the familial red icon) also has lots of flaws.  Keep it updated whenever you see the icon.

imageIf you’re not sure if your Adobe Flash player is up to date (another way bad guys can get into your system) then go to and it will install the latest version for your browser (I recommend you UN-CHECK the box that installs McAfee Security Scan or any other software other than Flash.)

Stay safe out there people, it’s not a jungle – it’s a web.

Our Favorite Day of the Month is Here! Hooray!

imageWant to avoid getting viruses and other malware?  Then keep your software up to date.  It’s the second Tuesday of the month, and that means Microsoft is pushing updates to its operating systems and other software.  Windows XP users look for the yellow shield.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 users look for the blue logo.  If your computer doesn’t automatically update, you’ll see those icons in your task tray (in the lower right corner usually) The orange/brown icon is for Java, and the red icon is imageAdobe Acrobat Reader.  You may not see these icon in the next day or two, but you’ll see them at some point so be aware of them when they do.  These indicate FIXES to security problems that have been discovered.  They update quickly, so don’t click on “remind me later” or anything like that, just do the update and stay safe.  The same goes for Adobe Flash, when you get the message that looks like the image to the left (often right after you start your computer) by all means perform the update.

Keep the Bad Guys OUT of Your Computer!

imageToday is the second Tuesday of the month – that means updates from Microsoft will be coming your way, and that also makes it an excellent time to remind you to keep your eye out throughout the month for updates from Adobe (Acrobat Reader and Flash) and Oracle (Java.) 

Don’t forget – these are SECURITY fixes.  If you DON’T do them, you’re giving the bad guys an easy back door into your system.  There are as many as eleven different flaws being patched this month, so be on the look out for them.


Look What’s Coming to Town?

imageNope, it’s not Santa on his sleigh, it’s this month’s updates from Microsoft.  Within the next 24 hours you’ll probably see the yellow shield (if you’re running Windows XP) or the blue icon (for Vista and Windows 7) down in your task tray.  Those icons means there are updates that need to be installed.  Click on the icon to update your computer.  Adobe will also be updating it’s Reader software with an IMPORTANT security update, so be sure you do it.  Whenever you see the brown Java icon you need to be sure to update that as well.  Most of the viruses I see these days get in because the Java on the computer wasn’t updated and the bad guys got in though an exposed security flaw.  Remember, you can patch it now or pay me later so don’t put it off.

It’s That Time of the Month Again!

imageThat’s right, the second Tuesday of the month has come and gone and you should now be away of at least one of these symbols in your task tray – most likely one of the two on the left.  They are Windows updates icons.  The yellow one you’ll see if you’re running Windows XP, the blue one if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7.  The second Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft pushes patches and updates to your operating system.  These are important and need to be applied in order to keep your computer secure – they fix flaws that are either already or soon will be known by bad guys.  The orange icon is for Java, the red for Adobe Reader.  They can show up anytime of the month and may even occur multiple times in a month – be sure you apply them as well.  Another update you may see often, especially when your computer first boots into Windows is for Adobe Flash, it looks like this – don’t ignore it:

If you use Internet Explorer you will get a notification like this.  If you also use another browser like Firefox, you’ll get another notice, that’s ok.  Internet Explorer gets its own update, all the other browser get a different update.

These are the things that help keep your computer safe, don’t put them off.

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