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2 Critical Updates for Windows This Month

imageThe second Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft publishes updates for its products.  There are a few this month, two of them are listed as critical.  One is for Internet Explorer, and the other for Windows itself, so be sure these updates get installed.  And as always, be on the lookout throughout the month for security patches to Adobe Ready, Flash and Java.  DON’T put it off, that’s how people get their computers infected.  imageKeeping these apps up to date is probably MORE important than keeping your anti-virus software up to date.

Don’t let the bad guys just walk right into your computer.  You have control over it, but you need to take it.

It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the Month. Do You Know Where Your Updates Are?

imageThat’s right boys and girls, Microsoft has published a few new updates for your Windows and you want to be sure they get installed.  Hopefully you’re set up for automatic installation, but if not you’ll see either the yellow shield (XP) or blue icon (Vista and Windows 7).  Click on them and install the updates.

And of course, throughout the month always be on the imagelookout for updates to Java and Adobe’s Flash and Acrobat Reader.

These are SECURITY updates and the bad guys are hoping you WON’T apply these patches.  Do yourself a favor and disappoint the bad guys by installing the updates as soon as you see the icons in your task tray.

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day! The Updates Have Arrived! how time flies!  Yes, it’s the second Tuesday of the month and Microsoft has blessed us with LOTS of patches for your Windows operating system.  Some of them are classified as CRITICAL, so be sure these updates are installed.  Hopefully your system is set to automatically update, but if you want to check, click on the start button, go to “Programs” and toward the top you should see “Windows Update”.  Click on it and click on “Check for Updates” to see if you need to install them.  The “optional” updates are just that – optional.  But the important and critical updates need to be installed as soon as possible to keep your systems safe.  And as always, be on the lookout throughout the month for updates to Adobe Reader, Flash and Java.

Remember, the bad guys are constantly checking your doors and windows (figuratively) to see if they can get into your computer, don’t let them.  Do those updates!

Do You Know What the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month Means?

imageIf you have a Windows machine you should.  If you’ve been a client of mine for more than a month you sure better know!  It’s the day Microsoft pushes out its’ updates for Windows and other Microsoft software.

So look for your little yellow (XP) or blue icons (Vista or 7) the next couple of days and get those updates installed.  Also, ALWAYS be on the lookout throughout the month for updates to Java, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash.  Failure to install these updates could cost you money if you get infected by a virus that sneaks through the gaps.

Did You Update This Week?

imageYep, I know this reminder is late, but if you KNOW it’s late, then you KNEW it was coming and should have been prepared.  There was a MAJOR update to Windows and several minor updates that need to be installed, so be sure that you’re doing them.  And as always, be sure to update your Adobe Acrobat and Flash when you see the red icon, and update Java as well (most viruses I see these days sneak in through systems that DIDN’T patch their Java installation.)


Surprise Surprise!!!! Yes – Updates Are Upon Us!!!

imageI know this is the highpoint of your month, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.


OK, that was a little over the top, but folks, I’m trying everything I can to get you at least ONCE a month to think about the security of your computer, and be to install those updates when they appear on your taskbar tray.  Not once but TWICE today I heard people say they were AFRAID to install them.  If you’re reading this and know what legitimate apps look like, then you should really be afraid NOT to install them.  Delaying them even 2 or 3 days can leave you open to virus attacks that your anti-virus software won’t be able to stop or may not even know about.

imageSecond Tuesday of the month?  That’s when Microsoft pushes updates to Windows and other Microsoft products to you.  If you and auto-update turned on you may not even see the yellow shield (XP) or the blue box icon (Vista and Windows 7.)  Throughout the month you may see the Java coffee cup icon or the Adobe Acrobat or Flash icons – DO THE UPDATES!  It breaks my heart when my own clients get a virus when it’s totally preventable.  If you’re new to my site and haven’t read my article from a year ago November on how to avoid viruses, take a few minutes and read it here:

It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the Month, Do You Know Where Your Updates Are?

imageIn case you’re new to my blog, the 2nd Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft pushes updates to its Windows operating system down to your computer.  These updates aren’t to make it prettier, it’s to fix security holes that have been discovered. 

Throughout the month you will also get updates from Adobe for Acrobat Reader and for Flash, as well as from Sun for Java.  When you see one of these icons you need to heed the warning and update your computer.  imageWithin DAYS the bad guys will be looking for computers that have NOT fixed and will try to exploit any vulnerabilities.  Don’t get caught – keep your software up to date.

Keep Your Computer Updated! It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the Month – Yay!!!

imageOur favorite day of the month, the 2nd Tuesday, when Microsoft pushes out updates to its products.  Also be looking for other products like Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader to have updates as well.  Computers that have NOT been updated is how the bad guys get into your system.  Don’t become a victim of yourself – keep your system up to date (that goes for you Mac users too!)

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