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This Was the Week–Did You Miss It?

imageThis Tuesday is when Microsoft pushed its updates down to all you Windows users. 

If you look down to the lower right corner of your screen and see any of these symbols at any time of the month – you need to act.  These are security updates that need to be installed to keep the bad guys out of your computer.

If ever you see an icon in the corner and aren’t sure about, check back here – and if you’re still not sure, then call me.  I want to make sure you’re safe!!!

Are You Seeing the Signs?

imageIf you’re on a Windows machine, you probably see the little blue icon or yellow shield down in the lower right corner of your screen in the task tray.  That’s a hint that yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month and therefore – patch Tuesday (not to be confused with Fat Tuesday – which was also yesterday.)

This is a BIG set of patches, fixing critical flaws in Internet Explorer and also in Windows, so don’t put it off.  Get it done!  You’ll need to restart your system when the updates are finished.

imageAnd of course, let me take this time to remind you to keep your eyes out throughout the month for updates to Java, Flash and Acrobat Reader.  There are security updates, so don’t ignore them when you see them.

Keep the Bad Guys OUT of Your Computer!

imageToday is the second Tuesday of the month – that means updates from Microsoft will be coming your way, and that also makes it an excellent time to remind you to keep your eye out throughout the month for updates from Adobe (Acrobat Reader and Flash) and Oracle (Java.) 

Don’t forget – these are SECURITY fixes.  If you DON’T do them, you’re giving the bad guys an easy back door into your system.  There are as many as eleven different flaws being patched this month, so be on the look out for them.


Surprise Surprise!!!! Yes – Updates Are Upon Us!!!

imageI know this is the highpoint of your month, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.


OK, that was a little over the top, but folks, I’m trying everything I can to get you at least ONCE a month to think about the security of your computer, and be to install those updates when they appear on your taskbar tray.  Not once but TWICE today I heard people say they were AFRAID to install them.  If you’re reading this and know what legitimate apps look like, then you should really be afraid NOT to install them.  Delaying them even 2 or 3 days can leave you open to virus attacks that your anti-virus software won’t be able to stop or may not even know about.

imageSecond Tuesday of the month?  That’s when Microsoft pushes updates to Windows and other Microsoft products to you.  If you and auto-update turned on you may not even see the yellow shield (XP) or the blue box icon (Vista and Windows 7.)  Throughout the month you may see the Java coffee cup icon or the Adobe Acrobat or Flash icons – DO THE UPDATES!  It breaks my heart when my own clients get a virus when it’s totally preventable.  If you’re new to my site and haven’t read my article from a year ago November on how to avoid viruses, take a few minutes and read it here:

It’s That Time of the Month Again!

imageThat’s right, the second Tuesday of the month has come and gone and you should now be away of at least one of these symbols in your task tray – most likely one of the two on the left.  They are Windows updates icons.  The yellow one you’ll see if you’re running Windows XP, the blue one if you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7.  The second Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft pushes patches and updates to your operating system.  These are important and need to be applied in order to keep your computer secure – they fix flaws that are either already or soon will be known by bad guys.  The orange icon is for Java, the red for Adobe Reader.  They can show up anytime of the month and may even occur multiple times in a month – be sure you apply them as well.  Another update you may see often, especially when your computer first boots into Windows is for Adobe Flash, it looks like this – don’t ignore it:

If you use Internet Explorer you will get a notification like this.  If you also use another browser like Firefox, you’ll get another notice, that’s ok.  Internet Explorer gets its own update, all the other browser get a different update.

These are the things that help keep your computer safe, don’t put them off.

It’s Windows Update Time (and Adobe Too)


imageYesterday was the 2nd Tuesday of the month, that wonderful time when Microsoft published patches to its Windows operating systems.  But Microsoft wasn’t alone, as Adobe had 42 mostly critical updates to its Reader and Flash products – so be sure to allow those updates to happen to keep your system secure.  In case you didn’t know, you CAN get a virus from an Acrobat .pdf file or from a Flash movie, so don’t put it off.  When you see that notice in your taskbar tray, say OK

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