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Save Money on Ink – Get a Laser Printer for $60

imageAny of you with ink-jet printers know all too well how expensive ink is for your printer.  Even when just printing a document with black text, many printer actually use some color ink as well.  If you print many documents or just anything that’s black and white, and inexpensive laser printer can pay for itself in a year just from the money you’ll save on that expensive ink.

Newegg has this Brother HL-2240D on sale for $60.  It prints on both sides to save you paper, and you’ll find toner much cheaper than ink.  The cartridge might be a little more expensive up front but it will last a LOT longer that a black ink cartridge (for $40 you can get a toner cartridge that can print approx. 12,000 pages.)  Another advantage is that laser printers are fast – this one prints up to 24 pages per minute.  This is NOT a wireless printer, so you’ll need to connect it via USB to your computer.  Keep your ink-jet printer for color printing, but if it’s just black and white, switch to the laser printer.

Here’s the link to the printer:

DEAL: Dell 24” Monitor for $159 Today Only

imageJust for Father’s Day Newegg has this big 24” Dell monitor on sale for $159.  In addition, you get FREE SHIPPING and a 1-year extended warranty included.  Now that’s a deal!  Be sure to use coupon code EMCNDJE35 at checkout to get the deal.  It has full HD resolution of 1920×1080.  Go get it here:

DEAL on a 2 TB Hard Drive – $109

imageIf you’re running low on storage space on your desktop computer, Newegg has a GREAT deal on a 2 Terabyte drive (that’s 2,000 Gigabytes.)  Note this is a 3.5” drive and won’t fit in a laptop.  If you’ve been looking at the price of hard drives, you’d have seen how much they’ve gone up (as much as doubled) in the last few months since the flooding in Thailand where many are assembled.  Newegg has this Seagate drive for only $109 when you use the coupon code EMCNHNC42 at checkout.  Your regular desktop usually has room for more than one drive (unless you have one of those slim/skinny cases) so you could just pop this in and you’re ready to go.  With Windows 7 it’s pretty easy to move your documents, photos, music and videos to the new drive without having to reinstall Windows or your programs.  Of course, you could always call your friendly, neighborhood Tek-Chic to help with the installation.

Here’s the link to Newegg:

DEAL: If You Have a REALLY Big Stocking – Here’s a Monitor to Stuff in It

imageNewegg has an Acer 23” monitor on sale for only $120.  This is a nice LED backlit, full 1920×1080 HD resolution monitor.  It has a standard VGA connector (blue) and 2 HDMI inputs.  It doesn’t have the digital DVI input (a white connector), but if by chance that’s all you have on your computer (just look and see what color the connector is) then you can always get a $5 cable or adapter to connect to a HDMI port, but for most of you that won’t be necessary.  Here’s the link to Newegg’s site:

Here’s how to get it in time for Christmas – sign up with Shoprunner for their free 30 day trial, with Shoprunner you get free 2-day shipping with many companies, including Newegg.  Now with your free 30 day trial, go back to Newegg and have it shipped using Shoprunner.  If you order it today (Tuesday), it will ship on Wednesday and will arrive on Friday.  That gives you just enough time to get a stocking suitable for Bigfoot (well, I guess you COULD wrap it and put it under the tree instead.)

Here’s where to sign up for Shoprunner:

Deal – Lenovo 15.6” Laptop, $449 with Core i3

imageNewegg has the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge with a Core i3 processor for only $449 and $14 shipping.  It included 2GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive, DVD burner, LED backlit display, built-in webcam, 4 USB ports, an HDMI port, a flash card reader and my favorite feature, the pointing stick device within the keyboard (much more accurate than a touchpad – but it comes with the touchpad also.)

While this isn’t a high-power laptop, it does have the latest Intel Core series processor rather than the previous generation or even generation before that Intel chips not uncommon at this price.  This is a great machine for web, email, watching videos, Word, Excel, etc.  If you want to play the newest, more demanding games on the market, you’ll need to trade up, likewise if you’re hoping to edit next year’s Academy Award winning movie on it, but for everything else, this is great.  Here’s the link to the laptop on NewEgg:

DEAL: Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse – $13.99


Newegg has this Microsoft Wireless Mouse for only $13.99 with Free Shipping when you add the coupon code EMCKJHJ35 during checkout.  The regular price is $25, and most of you outside of California won’t have to pay sales tax either.  This is a great little mouse, and here’s the link:

DEAL: Canon Wireless Printer – $40

imageNewegg has a refurbished Canon Pixma MP980 for only $40 with free shipping.  This is a wireless multi-function printer that prints, copies and scans, prints on both sides of the paper and can print directly from a camera’s flash memory card.  Since it’s wireless you don’t have to plug it into any one computer, just connect it to your wireless network and all your computers, Mac and PC can print to it.  It comes with a 90-day warranty but for $10 you can get a 2-year replacement warranty, pretty sweet deal.

DEAL: 25” Monitor for $180

imageNewegg has this Hans-G 25” monitor on sale for $190, and when you use the coupon code EMCZYZX57 at checkout you save another $10 and shipping is FREE (and if you live outside of California probably no sales tax as well.)  You may not have heard of Hanns-G, but Newegg customers (pretty much all geeks) have given it 71 positive reviews and virtually NO negative reviews, which is pretty rare for any device.

Most 25” are going to run you close to $250 or more, so this is a great price on a full HD compatible monitor for your computer.  It has the standard computer inputs as well as HDMI, meaning you could connect this directly to a cable or satellite box with HDMI outputs.

Here’s the link:

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