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Ransomware Has Hit the Mac

Until now only Windows machines had to worry about ransomware like Cryptolocker and Cryptowall, but now the bad guys have targeted the Mac.  Since most of you who are reading this probably don’t use bit-torrent to get files or programs (and probably don’t know what bit-torrent is) then you’re most likely safe and have nothing to worry about. 

The bad guys have found a way to infect the bit-torrent app “Transmission”, which will then encrypt your data files so you can’t access them.  It also attempts to encrypt your TimeMachine back up so you can’t restore your files.  You have to PAY the bad guys $400 to get your files decrypted.

If you installed Transmission, you should go to the Transmission web site and upgrade to the latest version immediately to eliminate the change of getting infected.

A Hint For All You Mac Users

imageI have lots of clients who own either MacBook Pros or iMacs from Apple.  And I get the call saying how SLOW they are running.  Now, this hint will cost me money because so many of you don’t do this…..


I’m amazed by how many Mac users just go about their day using their computer, and when their done, just walk away and hours or days later come back to the computer, wake it up and pick up where they left off.

I’ve seen this go on for weeks and even months! 

HELLO!  Every now and then you need to reboot your computer.  Not wanting to get to technical but there are things like memory leaks and more likely, programs still running you forgot about.

As your computer starts to run out of memory, it slows downs, just like a Windows computer – they both use the hard drive to “fake” extra memory, but it’s REALLY slow.

If your Mac is running slow, reboot it, and UNCHECK that box that says to “reopen windows when logging back in”.

It’s AMAZING what a simple reboot will cure.

If You Can’t Afford Photoshop – Try Pixelmator

imageDigital photography has made it possible to take lots and lots of photos without the expense of film or processing.  If you have a Mac you have iPhoto for tweaking photos, but if you need more and Adobe’s Photoshop is out of reach, you should check out Pixelmator 2.0.  It’s only $30 in the Mac apps store and has all the tools you need to clean up those not-so-perfect photos.  Their web site has lots of tutorials on adding effects, removing things you don’t want and more.  Here’s the link to their site:

Apple’s Lion Has Arrived

imageEngadget has a nice, thorough (but not too long) review of the new Apple Lion operating system.  If you have a Mac and are thinking of upgrading your os, or you’re thinking of buying a new Mac, this is a good review to read.  To upgrade you need to be running Snow Leopard, so if you are only running Leopard, you’ll need to cough up the $29 to upgrade to Snow Leopard before doing the $29 upgrade to Lion.

If you actually would like to play with it, you can always go to an Apple store, but expect it to be crowded the next few days and there will probably be a lot of curious folks checking it out.  Here’s the link to the Engadget review:

I’m a Mac, and I’m a Virus

imageEven though Macs are a tiny percentage of the home computer market, someone has taken the time to write a virus just for the Mac.  It’s a variant of a common virus seen attacking PC’s and it’s just for all the Apple owners who were told (or thought) they couldn’t get a virus on a Mac.  InfoWorld has the article on what it looks like, how you get and what it does.

Merry Christmas! Now What?

It’s Christmas morning, and you’ve opened up your gifts.  So what are you supposed to do now with your new computer, iPhone, Android phone or digital camera?  Lifehacker has posted some great articles on how to set up and optimize your new PC, MAC, iPhone, Android Phone and digital camera.  Follow the links below to make the most of your new Christmas “toy”.




Windows PC:


















Android Phone:






Digital Camera:

Free Anti-Virus Software for Your Mac

imageSecurity company Sophos has released a free home version of its’ Mac anti-virus product.  There have been a few instances of malware reported for the Mac, and as the popularity of Mac computers grows, they will undoubtedly become a more attractive target for the bad guys.  If you have a Mac, give this a try:

LastPass Basics – The BEST Password Manager

LastPass is a great tool for managing your passwords.  As I mentioned in my August 2010 article, having good passwords is essential to keeping your information secure.  But having good passwords AND remembering them is almost impossible to do, so that’s why you need to go to and download LastPass.  The name LastPass is reference to “The Last Password You’ll Have to Remember!”  With LastPass you only have to remember one really good password – your “master” password.  This master password unlocks your vault, allowing LastPass not only to remember your usernames and passwords, but now it can fill it in for you the next time you visit the site.  Most browsers already have this capability, but they are not secure and easy for a bad guy to see.  All you data in LastPass is highly encrypted, and without your master password, all anyone can see is gibberish.

The advantages of LastPass are many: 1) your vault is stored encrypted on the web and is accessible to you from any computer, anywhere.  2) It works with all the major browsers.  3) It works on Windows, Mac and Linux, so the password you created on your Windows machine at work will be available to you on your Mac or Linux machine at home.  4) It’s FREE for use on your computers, and for only $1.00 a month you can access to your login information on your smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Android phones.)

Here’s 1 minute video on the basic function of LastPass:


So give LastPass a try.  I’ll posts later on some of the more advanced but very cool features of LastPass.

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