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Deal: Fast Lenovo 17” Laptop – $729

imageIf you’re looking for a big laptop with lots of power (4th gen. Inter Core i7), memory (8GB), storage (1TB) and a full HD screen then here you go.  The Lenovo Ideapad Z710 is a great laptop, well built, and comes with a back-lit keyboard, 4 USB ports, an HDMI port and DVD burner.

Get it directly from Lenovo here:  At checkout, apply the coupon USPZ7108526 to get the price.

Deal: Lenovo Laptop with Intel Core i3 for $399

imageOffice Depot has the Lenovo G570 on sale this week for $399.  This is an excellent general purpose laptop built by a company with a reputation for quality laptops.  It has a 15.6” screen, 4GB of memory, and large 500GB hard drive, DVD burner, hi-speed wireless, built-in webcam and microphone, HDMI port and memory card reader.

Here’s the link to Office Depot’s page:

DEAL: Lenovo Laptop for $299 Direct from Microsoft

imageThough Microsoft doesn’t build computers, they do SELL them, and this is a deal when you consider “Microsoft Signature” is included, in which junkware and trialware that you might normally find on a new computer has been already removed and the system is optimized to run at peak performance.  In addition you get a full 90 days of Microsoft support

This is a great first-time laptop or maybe for your kids in school.  It will be good for doing email, surfing the web and watching videos.  It has a 15.6” high-definition display, dual-core Intel processor, large 500GB hard drive, webcam, 4GB of memory, media-card reader, DVD burner and Windows 7.  Here’s the link to Microsoft’s page with the deal:

DEAL: Lenovo 15.6” Laptop with Core i3 for $399

imageNewegg has the Lenovo 15.6” laptop with a Core i3 processor for only $399 with free shipping (and in Texas and many other states – no sales tax.)  It comes with 4GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive, a webcam, DVD burner, wireless-n, a memory card reader and a HDMI port.

Newegg always has lots of excellent photos of the products they sell, so check it out here:

DEAL: Lenovo 15.6” Laptop for $329

imageFry’s has the Lenovo G560 laptop for only $329 – this is the lowest price I’ve ever seen this laptop at.  It comes with a dual-core Pentium cpu, 4GB of memory, 320GB hard drive, flash memory card reader, web-cam, DVD burner and numeric keypad.  For email and web surfing, watching online video this is a great inexpensive laptop.  Fry’s has them online and in the stores.  Here’s the link to their site, you can check to see if they have it in the store close to you:

DEAL: Lenovo ThinkPad with Core i5 for $540

imageHere’s a high performance laptop for only $549 from Lenovo with free shipping.  This 14” ThinkPad comes with a fast 7200 rpm 320GB hard drive (most “deal” laptops come with a 5400 rpm hard drive, faster rpm equals faster access to the data on the hard drive.)  When you click on the link, it defaults to a Core i3 processor, click on the upgrade to the Core i5 2.3 GHz processor, stay with the remaining standard picks unless you feel you need the webcam, more memory (you don’t) or something else.   The only consideration is the type of display you like.  Lenovo gives you the option of their default anti-glare screen or their glossy “Vibrantview” screen.  If you’re going to use your laptop much outdoors, it’s a no-brainer, get the anti-glare screen.  If you’re mostly going to me indoors, consider the “Vibrantview” screen.  Glossy screens look so much better than anti-glare screens WHEN there isn’t a lot of bright light behind you to reflect off the screen.  The print is easier to read and the colors are more vibrant.  But if you’re outdoors that won’t matter because it will be real tough to even see the screen, so give it some thought – most manufacturers don’t give you the choice, take advantage of the opportunity.  Be sure to add the code GOOGLESHOP at checkout to bring the price to $540.  Go here for the deal and DON’T FORGET THE CODE AT CHECKOUT:

DEAL: Lenovo 15.6” Laptop – $369

imageYesterday I posted a deal on a low-power but CHEAP Toshiba laptop at Fry’s for $288.  But if you need a REAL laptop to do more of what you like to do and not be too pokey about it.  Office Depot has a Lenovo 15.6” laptop (I really like Lenovos, right up there with Dells as far as build quality) with an Intel dual-core processor for only $369.  This same computer used to be $399 on sale, and Office Depot’s regular price right now is $549 (but I would NEVER expect you to pay full price for any technology when you can find a deal on it if you look hard enough.)   It has a 320GB hard drive, 4GB of fast memory, a webcam and for you closet geeks – you can use facial recognition to log in if you wish (but you don’t have to so don’t be scared.)  3 USB ports, numeric keyboard, wireless-n, DVD burner and Windows 7 round out the features.  So here’s the link to their page if you’re interested.  I recommend you go to the store, check it out – make sure you like it and then walk right out of the store with it:

DEAL: Lenovo 15.6” Laptop for $369

image Office Depot has a Lenovo laptop with an Intel dual-core processor for only $369.  It’s not the latest processor but that would cost another $100 if you’re lucky.  It DOES come fully loaded though, with a fast 4GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, web-cam, DVD burner, wireless-n and a numeric keypad.  About the only thing it doesn’t have is a media card reader (not a big deal as you can always buy a USB reader online for around $10.)  $369 is a great price for a Lenovo laptop, if you’re in the market for a good, everyday laptop then here you go.  Here’s the link:

Deal – Lenovo 15.6” Laptop, $449 with Core i3

imageNewegg has the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge with a Core i3 processor for only $449 and $14 shipping.  It included 2GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive, DVD burner, LED backlit display, built-in webcam, 4 USB ports, an HDMI port, a flash card reader and my favorite feature, the pointing stick device within the keyboard (much more accurate than a touchpad – but it comes with the touchpad also.)

While this isn’t a high-power laptop, it does have the latest Intel Core series processor rather than the previous generation or even generation before that Intel chips not uncommon at this price.  This is a great machine for web, email, watching videos, Word, Excel, etc.  If you want to play the newest, more demanding games on the market, you’ll need to trade up, likewise if you’re hoping to edit next year’s Academy Award winning movie on it, but for everything else, this is great.  Here’s the link to the laptop on NewEgg:

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