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Be Careful When Buying a Kindle as a Gift

imageKindle’s are great.  I think they’re so great that I bought one for a very good friend of mine who I knew loved to read.  She got her Kindle and was tickled pink.  Then she turned it on and saw MY NAME on it.

When you buy a Kindle through Amazon, since they know who you are, to save you “hassle” they set your Kindle up with your account information ready and waiting to buy books.  So my friend was all set to buy as many books as she like on MY account without ever having to enter a password or anything. 

I went back and saw that there is a small check box that says “this is a gift” and as I later found out, if you DON’T check the box they assume it’s for you and set it up with your account.

Kindle’s are great and make great gifts for your friends who are readers.  If you buy one through Amazon, LOOK for that little check box during checkout and be sure to check it.  Then the recipient can set up their own account with Amazon.

A New Kindle for $79 and a New Kindle Color Tablet for $199 Announced by Amazon

imageGet ready for a great Christmas present.  Amazon announced today 4 new Kindles including a color tablet that is likely to take a chuck of the market from Apple’s iPad.  Gone are the little round buttons, the $99 and $149 Kindles are touch based, the price difference is that $50 extra gets you a 3G connection so you can connect anywhere, $99 is wi-fi only.  The $79 Kindle lacks “touch” and uses a simple directional pad – perfect if you would like to do your book shopping on your computer, then just let it download (over wi-fi) to your reader.

The BIG news was the expected announcement of the Amazon tablet that is being called the Kindle Fire.  OK, it’s not a great name, but at $199 it’s nearly $350 cheaper than an iPad.  And although admittedly it’s NOT an iPad, it comes with enough capability and features (like unlimited storage of your music and videos on Amazon’s Cloud service) that the price is likely to see a lot them fly out the door.  It weighs less than a pound (14.6 ounces) so it will be easy to hold even in one hand.  The Kindle Fire runs a rather locked down version of Google’s Android operating system, but you still have access to Amazon’s app store, and I’m sure it won’t take long before someone figures out how to “root” the tablet so you can access the Android Marketplace and install other apps not in Amazon’s app store.  The Kindle Fire can be pre-ordered now and will be available November 15.  The Kindle e-readers will be available November 21st. 

Spam for the Kindle Store – oh Boy!

imageI know you Kindle owners (and Kindle App owners with iPad or Android tablets) LOVE your Kindle books, but Reuters is reports that spam books are on the rise in the Kindle store – pretty much close to worthless eBooks are clogging the store, making it harder to find the good books.  Follow the link to the Reuters article:

Go Get a Library Book…. on Your Kindle

imageAmazon will be making it possible for you to go to the library and check out a book on your Kindle.  Actually, I don’t know if you’ll really have to GO to the library – you would think it would all be possible online, which makes you wonder how long will we continue to have library buildings with shelves of paper on them.

One thing this will let you do that you can’t (or certainly shouldn’t) do in a paper book is write notes inside.  You don’t get to keep the book but you’ll have your notes.  Here’s the Guardian article:

Now You Can Give E-Books as a Gift

imageAmazon is now allowing you to give Kindle e-books as gifts.  So if you know someone with a Kindle (or the Kindle app on their phone/iPad) or know someone who is getting one for Christmas, now you can give a book to go along with it.  If they would like to return the book, they get exchange it for an Amazon gift certificate and use it for another book if they wish.  Many top sellers like John Grisham’s “The Confession” can be purchased for $9.99.  Here’s the link to Amazon’s page:

E-Book Readers: Kindle vs. Nook


If you’re a reader, then you’ve probably been intrigued by the e-book readers like Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook.  Maybe you’ve got a reader in your family, here’s a gift to think about.  PC Magazine has done a side-by-side comparison of the various e-book readers including features, dimensions and price.  You’ll find it here:

Is There a Kindle in Your Christmas Future?

The problem with buying a Kindle up to now is that if you wanted to check it out before buying, you had to find someone who owned one, because the only way to buy one was online through Amazon.  I guess Amazon has figured out they will sell more if people can actually TOUCH one before buying, so this fall Best Buy, Target and Staples will start selling the Kindle.  With other e-readers already in the market and the iPad and soon to be plethora of Android tablets, I wouldn’t be surprised to see great prices this holiday season.


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