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iOS 7 Upgrade (Do it Now or Later?)

The new iOS 7 operating system on display at an Apple event on Sept. 10.

Apple has release an upgrade to its iOS operating system (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch) from version 6 to version 7, so it must be better and you should do it as soon as possible, right?

Well, first it just came out.  Have they worked out all the bugs?  They won’t know until millions of people have downloaded it and sent their negative feedback back to Apple.  So if you want to help Apple get all the bugs out – by all means download it now.

Second, this new version looks different enough that it might throw you for a loop.  You might want to read more about it before you do the upgrade.

My advice is to wait a couple of weeks to see how it all shakes out.  Meanwhile, read articles on iOS 7 like those from Nick Bilton with the NY Time (click here) for transitioning to the new operating system so you’re not caught off-guard.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying “DON’T UPGRADE”, I’m saying take your time and be aware of the changes you’re about to put onto your Apple device.  I’ve already heard reports that it’s faster than iOS 6, just be prepared, that’s all I want to pass on.

New iPhone Coming to Sprint (Rumor)

imageApple NEVER lets anyone know what they are planning, but they can’t control all the business partners they deal with and according to Bloomberg, Sprint will be offering an UNLIMITED data plan (that would be the best in the business) for the new iPhone due in mid-October.  So if you’re a loyal Sprint customer and have wanted an iPhone (but couldn’t force yourself to move to Verizon or AT&T) you may now have a real shot at getting the iPhone.  IF it actually comes to Sprint, figure that the phone will cost $200 with a new 2-year contract.  It’s not known if the new iPhone will have 4G, so if it DOESN’T, you won’t have to pay the $10 4G tax that Sprint charges its other 4G customers.

Ready to Jailbreak Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?

imageIt’s not what is sounds like, it’s not illegal.  The idea of jailbreaking your iOS device is to “free” you from the Apple “jail” where you can only install the apps that Apple lets into their App Store.  There are other app stores, then best known is Cydia that you can only access if you jailbreak your device. 

For example, if you want to use the 3G connection of your iPhone to provide Internet access for you laptop (called tethering) you would have to pay extra to get this feature from AT&T or Verizon.  Your cell phone provider doesn’t care that you are already paying for a certain number of bits (data) each month.  From your phone – data is data, but for some reason if those bits originated from a laptop connected to your iPhone, they want to charge you more.  PDANet is an app you can get from Cydia that will let you connect your laptop to your phone and access the Internet.  Why would you want to do that?  If you travel, this is very handy.  It’s also much more secure than using the free wi-fi in a Starbucks or a hotel.  If you’re in sales and not always sure you’ll have Internet access at your next call, this is a handy feature.

Another app call SBSettings makes it VERY quick and easy to change common settings on your device, put it into “airplane mode”, control the brightness of your screen, turn on/off your bluetooth and wi-fi and data as you need to from a single screen.

How do you jailbreak your device, there’s a new site that makes is soooo easy.  Just go to on your device, tap the “Free” button and then tap the “Install” button.  That’s it, the site will do the rest and shortly your phone will be FREE.  Your device will LOOK the same, but you’ll notice a new app for Cydia and you are now FREE!  When you’re done you should then install the “PDF Patcher” that actually fixes the flaw that made it possible to jailbreak in the first place. 

You can always revert back if you don’t like your device after using it with the jailbreak, just be sure to do a backup with iTunes BEFORE you jailbreak it.  If you’re intrigued by the idea but not sure, then just click here for a Google search on the best reasons to jailbreak your iOS device.

This method will work if you have an iTouch 3G or newer, an iPhone 3GS or newer and iPad (both versions.)  QuickPWN always has the best info on jailbreaking and go to their site to see exacty which versions of which device are ready for jailbreaking with this method (chances are you are), go to their site here and then you’ll know you’re ready:

Even if You Don’t Know Where You’ve Been, Your iPhone Does (but do you want it to?)

imageWell, this may not bring a lot of joy to your heart if you’re an iPhone owner, but it’s been discovered that apparently your iPhone has been logging where you’ve been and when you were there, and when you sync with your computer the data is transferred to it – making it possible to reconstruct where you’ve been.

InfoWorld has a full article, read it if words like “location tracking” makes you nervous:

Over 50,000 Radio Stations and Live Internet Feeds – Free!

imageTuneIn Radio is a great free app for just about any mobile device you may have.  With it you can stream just about any local radio station, as well as live streams over the Internet.  I have a great stereo in my car but the AM radio is HORRIBLE – doesn’t even pick up the local Austin stations in a way that is listenable.  I open TuneIn Radio on my smartphone and  bingo – instant local radio nice and clear.  Is you favorite sports team in another city, there’s a good chance you can now listen to the games with your favorite announcer from that city.  I have a favorite tech network that I like to listen to (how do you think I keep up with all this stuff?) but I’ve tried 3 different apps including directly over the web browser and none of them work anywhere near as well as this one does in a moving car going from cell tower to cell tower.

You can find your favorites and save them so they are easy to find, and whether it’s music, talk or anything else on the radio you should be able to find it on TuneIn Radio.  TuneIn Radio works on Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and Palm.  It’s also available on the Roku box, Google TV and Yahoo TV.

Like Music? You’ll LOVE AudioGalaxy!

imageIf you have a large music collection, you may not be able to (or want to) get it all on your smartphone.  If you use all the storage on your phone for music, you won’t have room for photos or videos.

Well, if your phone is based on Android or is an iPhone, then you can have your entire music collection available wherever you are without taking up any storage space at all on your phone.  AudioGalaxy is a free app that lets you STREAM your music collection from your computer at home to your phone over either wi-fi or 3G.  If there is any catch at all, you just have to make sure your computer is on when you want to listen to music (not a problem for me, mine is always on.)

All you do is go to and create a free account.  From the computer with your music collection, download the AudioGalaxy Helper onto your Windows or Mac machine – it will start indexing your music collection.  Then go to the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace and download AudioGalaxy onto your phone, launch the app and login – you now have immediate access to all your music, cool huh?  Another nice feature is that you can access your music from any other computer as well.  Just login at and you can play your music there, from a friends laptop or (shhhhh!) even your work pc at the office without having to install anything onto the computer.

So go it.  It’s free, it’s fast and it works great.

Find Out When Paid iPhone and iPad Apps Are FREE

imageMonster Free Apps is an app (and yes, it’s free) that watches for apps that you normally would have to pay for are being offered for free in the iTunes store.  So if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can get a notification of apps that for a limited time (sometime just for the day) are free.  It will even tell you at the end of the month how much money you’ve save with the free apps.

Tek-Chic Systems really likes free, so head out to the iTunes store and add this app to your device.

Foodspotting – Cool App For Your Android or iPhone


Do you like to sometime try new restaurants in your area just to see if they’re any good or not?  Now people in your area can be the guinea pigs for you (or maybe you for them.)  Rather than just a description of your dinner, you can take a photo with your phone and post it to Foodspotting so the world can see what is served before they even go there.

On your phone (or computer’s browser) you can go to Foodspotting and see photos of actual meals served to actual customers (not specially prepared and possibly inedible plates prepared just for photographers.)   I live in Austin and there are LOTS of restaurants to visit – Foodspotting helps me decide because frankly some plates just look too good NOT to try.  Next time I’m in Sacramento, I’m going to Sol Azteca in Folsom to order and take a photo of their tamales, the best ever.  I’ll get to eat them, if you’re lucky and live in the area you’ll see them, go there and order them too.  In all fairness, Mesa Rosa in Austin has pretty good tamales also (order it with the Fire-Roasted Chipotle Sauce.)

Search the iPhone app store for Foodspotting, on Android you can go to, enter your Google login and install it directly to your phone from there (yes, from your PC.)

Find Cheap Gas With Your iPhone (and Android too)

imageMashable has an article on three apps for your iPhone that help you find the best price on gas in your area.  One of the apps mentioned in the article (Gas Buddy) is also available in the Android Market.

Here’s the link to the article:

Here’s the link to Gas Buddy in the Android Market (don’t forget, you can now install apps onto your Android phone from your computer’s web browser completely wirelessly, just log in using your Google account that you set up your phone with and the app will automatically install on the phone without you having to touch it):

Attention Catholic iPhone Users

imageHey, what can I say – I don’t make this stuff up.  Being protestant I don’t know all the finer points within Catholicism, but apparently it has been approved somewhere within the Catholic church for an iPhone app to help people with their confessions.  The app is $1.99, and called simply “Confession”.  The app does not replace the church, as you still need to go to a priest for absolution.  Here’s the link to the New York Daily News article:

A couple of reverends helped design the app, I assume they are getting the $1.99.

So What IS an Android Phone Anyway?


For all you NON-Android phone users, you might not know or understand exactly what an Android phone is.  When some tells you they have an iPhone, you know it was made by Apple, and they have one of 4 phones, the original, the 3G, the 3GS or the current iPhone 4.  Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007 and it revolutionized what people think a smartphone should be like.  It was by far ahead of anything currently on the market – no one was close!

Well, even before the iPhone even came out, in 2005 Google bought the company that created the Android operating system.  But they didn’t build a phone like Apple, rather, they turned it into an operating system that would be free for any phone manufacturer and carrier to use.  So when you buy an “Android” phone, it might be made by Samsung, HTC, Motorola or LG – and sold by Spring, T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T.  You probably have seen the Verizon commercials for their version of the Android phone called simply the “Droid”.  And they now have the Droid Incredible, the Droid 2 and the Droid X, all with different features but based on the Android operating system.  Sprint”s number one Android phone is the HTC EVO 4G (my personal phone of choice)  and they have a new one called the EVO Shift 4G which is smaller with a slide-out keyboard.  T-Mobile and AT&T have their Android-based phones also.

So if you want to buy an iPhone, your decision is simple – there is only one and it’s made by Apple.  AT&T has had an exclusive for the last 4 years, but starting Feb. 3rd you can pre-order one from Verizon and actually get one one on February 10th.

If you want an Android phone, it’s a little more confusing – not so different from buying a Mac or buying a PC.  If you want a Mac, only one company makes them – Apple.   They have a few laptops and a couple of desktops and that’s it.  If you want a PC, you have a dozen or more companies that sell Windows-based computers in all kinds of different configurations, which can make it very difficult to tell which one is the right one to buy.

In many ways the Android operating system is better than the iPhone, it multi-tasks better and providers (other than AT&T) are happy to let you use the built-in GPS turn-by-turn directions that comes with Android, if you want to do that with your iPhone AT&T wants to charge you extra.  The Android operating system also lets you run “widgets” which are programs that actually run right there on your screen.  For example, on Android you can have it display your calendar right there on your screen without having to do a thing  AND tell you how much battery life you have left– on the iPhone you must OPEN the calendar app to see your calendar.  EVERYTHING on the iPhone is an app, you can tell the time and that’s about it.  With widgets you can in one look see your calendar, the weather forecast and your last voice-mail message without touching anything.

The iPhone is simpler, and for a lot of people that’s a good thing.  Many people don’t want to have to figure things out, and that is where Apple excels – they make it simple.  But if you’re willing to put in some effort to figure out how to get the most out of your phone, then Android is waiting for you.  Pick the carrier that has the best coverage in your area and then pick your phone – there will be several to choose from.

Now, I’m a geek and proudly admit it – and am glad to say I sold my iPhone 7 months ago to a client and now have an EVO 4G and the both of us are happy.  I think Android offers you more but requires more from you to make everything work.

Apple brings out a new iPhone once a year, there is a new Android phone coming out almost every month.  So before you buy the iPhone because “that’s the best phone” (according to what you’ve heard), ask about the Android phones your carrier has.  Android is a great operating system and may provide you with more  capabilities than even that iPhone can.

Verizon Announcing iPhone 4 Tomorrow (Tuesday)

imageWell, the word seems to be that Verizon is announcing tomorrow that they’re getting the iPhone 4.  Before you head to your nearest Verizon store, keep in mind that this is the iPhone 4, the same model that has been out for 7 months now.  In June it’s expected that Apple will announce the iPhone 5, which will certainly have more features and power.  So before signing up for that 2-year contract, you might think about waiting a few months for the next version of the iPhone.

iPhone Coming to Verizon Next Week or Next Month

imageDepending on who you listen to, the iPhone is coming to Verizon either next week or next month.  Of course, Verizon carrying the iPhone has been the most popular rumor for the last year, and several predicted dates have come and passed.  Apple has a history of disrupting news than might come out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES), so this this, it might actually be true.  If you’re dead-set on getting an iPhone, you might wait a couple of weeks to see what develops.  If it does show up on Verizon, I would think the AT&T iPhone would suddenly get cheaper.  If it’s the same phone, then just choose your network.  But perhaps it’s an improved version of the iPhone 4.  I’ll let you know if this turns out to be fact or fiction.

Is the Verizon iPhone Coming in January?

imageThe hope of an iPhone on Verizon has been a rumor for almost a year now.  CNet is expecting an announcement around CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) to be held the first week of January.  Click on the link to read their take on Apple’s iPhone finally coming to Verizon:

Merry Christmas! Now What?

It’s Christmas morning, and you’ve opened up your gifts.  So what are you supposed to do now with your new computer, iPhone, Android phone or digital camera?  Lifehacker has posted some great articles on how to set up and optimize your new PC, MAC, iPhone, Android Phone and digital camera.  Follow the links below to make the most of your new Christmas “toy”.




Windows PC:


















Android Phone:






Digital Camera:

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