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Are You STILL Using Your Local ISP for Email?

Here in Austin, you have two major ISP’s (Internet Service Provider), you have either Time Warner Cable or AT&T.  Time Warner Cable outsources their email to Road Runner.  AT&T outsources their email to Yahoo.  In the area you live, you probably have two choices for accessing the Internet, either the cable company or the phone company.  They may handle your email or maybe they outsource.  Either way, I promise you’re getting the lowest possible service at the lowest possible cost.  Your ISP provides email only to be competitive and NOTHING more.

What happens if you’re so frustrated with your current ISP that you switch to the other?  What happens if you move to a new area and your old ISP isn’t available where you now live?  If your email address was tied to your email address (as in [email protected]) then you’ll have to get a new one with your new ISP.  Then you have to tell all your friends, change your address with all the businesses you have accounts with, etc..  Who needs that?

You need an email account with a 3rd party to ensure that no matter who provides you access to the Internet, your email can be accessed anywhere and is not dependent on the ISP.

Right now your best two options are Google and Microsoft.  Google offers, and Microsoft has (formally known as Hotmail.)  Both are very good and once you have an account with them, you won’t have to change it again, ever.

I recommend you get an account with one or the other (don’t get bent out of shape about them scanning your email – they all do if only to check for spam,) then take a few months to check with both.  During that time, tell your friends and your business accounts of your new address.  Then at a certain time, cut off the old address and you’ll be free of bondage to your old ISP and all the spam that came with that account – just walk away from it.

I myself have an email account with my ISP (currently Time-Warner Cable) but I couldn’t even tell you what my email address is with them – I don’t know and I don’t care.  I can walk away from them anytime and my email will continue without a blip.

So free yourself from bondage.  Get a new email address for life and be done with it.

A SIMPLE Way to Have UNLIMITED Gmail Addresses

imageNo one likes spam.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-time use email address for those sites that require you to give them a valid email address, but you don’t want to be getting email from them every day thereafter?  For example, you want to sign up at “” but are afraid they might not be legitimate and will sell your email address.  Here’s what you do…

Let’s say your email address is [email protected], when you sign up at “” add a plus symbol and something unique before the in your address.  In the example above you might use [email protected] when you sign up.  Gmail will ignore the plus and whatever follows it, so anything sent to that address will just go straight to [email protected]

If you start getting junkmail sent to [email protected], you can go into your settings and create a filter that will just delete any mail that comes into that address.  You can do this as much as you want. 

So next time you sign up on a web site and wish you didn’t have to give your REAL email address, add a [email protected] and you’re in business.  Try it now.  Send yourself an email but add the plus and the word “test” before the and magically it will appear.  Pretty cool, huh?

Call ANYONE in the US and Canada for FREE


If you have a Gmail account, did you know you can make free phone calls?  As long as you don’t mind using your computer as a telephone, Google lets you call any number in the United States and Canada for free.  If you have a laptop you can use the built-in mic and speakers, if you have a desktop computer you will of course need a mic and speakers.  Whether you have a laptop or desktop, I recommend you purchase a USB headset like the Logitech Clearchat (around $32) that will also let you listen to music with decent quality.  There is also a wireless USB version available for about $70 that allows you to walk around while still talking.  There are lots of USB headsets on the market, check Amazon or Newegg for the best prices.

If you don’t have a Google account, this is a good reason to get one.  Go to to create an account (of log in if you already have one.)  Once your account is set up, go to Gmail and on the lower part of the left column you’ll see “Call Phone”, just click on it and enter the number you want to call and presto, free phone call.  No tricks, gimmicks or limits.  Talk all day if you want to.

If you’re thinking “well what about Skype?”, to be completely free on Skype you can only call to another user also on Skype.  For about $30 a year you can get unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada.  Both Skype and Google have very low rate to other countries.  I call friends in the Netherlands for 2 cents a minute (try that with AT&T!)

The quality with Skype is excellent, with Google it is ok but not as good – buy hey, the price is right.  So save those outbound cell phone minutes for the nights and weekends when you’ve got lots of them.

UNSUBSCRIBE From Annoying Ads

Here’s a service you’ll definitely want to use.  It’s  What it does is make it EXTREMEMLY easy to unsubscribe from the mailing lists that you are on but don’t want to be.  Maybe you bought some clothes online one time, and now you find you’re getting 10 emails a week from various clothing sites – is the answer.  If you use Microsoft Outlook or Gmail (with Firefox) you get a simple button that you press and bingo, they take care of everything for you.

They have a free version that lets you unsubscribe from 5 mailings a month, or for $19/year you get unlimited unsubscribing.  Don’t expect to get off the list of the blatant spammers (you know, the Viagra, Canadian Pharmacy, etc.) but the stuff you perhaps “accidentally” subscribed to just got your name added because of an order, this is great.

In Outlook it installs in the icon bar:





If you Firefox to access Gmail, it installs with the other buttons above your inbox:






If you’d like to give it a try, go to, or just click on this link:

Google is Adding Prioritizing to Gmail

IDG News reports that Google will be rolling about a “pre-release” or “experimental” feature for Gmail called “Priority Inbox”.  The idea is to save time by helping you get to your most critical messages first.  I imagine you will be able to find it in the Settings section under Labs, but as of this writing I don’t see it in my Gmail yet.

“UnSend” a Message in Gmail

Ever clicked on “send” in an email and suddenly cringed realizing you didn’t mean to send it yet because you needed to add something.  Well, now Gmail has a new feature you can use that will give you approx. 30 seconds to Undo your sent message.  To turn on this feature, go to Settings in Gmail and click on “Labs”.  Down toward the bottoms you will see this…


Click on “Enable” to the right and then click on Save Settings.


Now when you send a message you will see something like this after you click send…


Click on Undo, if you’re successful you’ll see the message below.  Remember, you only have 30 seconds or so, so don’t wait too long.  Send yourself a message and give it a test.


Google Fixes Gmail Problem

Google was having a problem the last few days with messages automatically getting re-sent, sometimes days later.  Apparently they found the bug and fixed.  I also had reports from clients of mine that Gmail was VERY SLOW in delivering messages, sometimes a couple of hours.  Today that also seems to be resolved, so perhaps they were related.  PCWorld has more details about the problem:


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