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One More Reason to Hate Texting…


It’s Coming to This, Isn’t It! I’ll Be Out of Business!

If you’re reading this in your email but don’t see the image, check your email settings.  I always include an image in my posts.


I Laughed So Hard I Had To Share It With You

Absolutely NOTHING technology related to this, but I laughed so hard EVERY TIME I READ IT I just had to pass it onto my clients.


10 Signs You’re an Old Geek

These aren’t original from my own little brain, Steve Tobak at wrote the column, I just tweaked it a bit (the original column is here).  So here we go…

10: You remember using a slide rule (I do)

9:   You were sure by now we’d have a domed city on Mars (never did)

8:   You remember when computers used punch cards (I do)

7:   You knew that Betamax would rule the video world (I did)

6:   You owned a $5 digital watch (I did but it was more that $5)

5:   You remember when “brick” meant that big Motorola cell phone that weighed 3 pounds (my 1st)

4:   You remember when “state-of-the-art” meant DOZENS of transistors on a chip (today it’s billions)

3:   You think “Geek” is an insult (I wear that badge proudly!)

2:   You loved the Jobs-Gates interview from 2007 (even I don’t remember that)

1:   You still say that you need to “dial” the phone (if I do say it – it just slips out)

I Hope This Really Didn’t Happen to Anyone

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Works for Me!

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My How the Language Changes so Quickly

imageHere’s a funny one unless you’re under 30 – sorry about that, I guess this just becomes something in the history books for you……

The Future of Technology (a Scary Thing)


Do You Feel the Need to Laugh?

imageWell, take 10 minutes out of your day and you’re guaranteed a great laugh. found a few YouTube videos that are either blatantly or subtlety funny.  I promise you won’t get out of it without laughing, and whatever you do, hold out for the last one, because you’re not human if it doesn’t make you laugh.

Hey, you work hard and you play hard.  Give yourself a little reward and laugh a little – just for yourself:

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