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Ready to Replace Your Windows XP Desktop?

No one likes to spend money unnecessarily or unexpectantly.  However, if you have an older computer running Windows XP, you’re going to need to replace it in less that 15 months, because April 8, 2014 is the LAST day Microsoft will support Windows XP with security updates.

Now, don’t get mad at Microsoft – they are still supporting an operating system that is 12 years old.  Normally that would have ended a couple of years ago but because companies refused to move to Windows Vista when it came out, Microsoft agreed to extend it’s support of Windows XP.  Well, Windows Vista has come and gone, and so has Windows 7.  Windows 8 is the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system and it’s time to say goodbye to Windows XP.

It may not be in your budget, but now might be the right time to replace that old desktop.  If you’re on a tight budget, then I’d like to recommend you look at this refurbished desktop. is a division of ACER, who bought Gateway computer a few years ago. 

imageI have several clients with these computers and they are great.  These are computers that were sold as new, then returned for some reason (sometimes because they didn’t like the color – whatever) and basically are in fact NEW computers that legally can’t be sold as new.

These computers come in as onesie’s-twosie’s so the deals come and go.  Don’t get less than an Intel Core i3 processor, but at the time I’m writing this they have a great deal on the Core i5 (I’m not currently recommending the AMD line of processors.)

These are great deals because you can get (if your timing is good) a Core i5 for $339!  That’s unheard of!

These are great machines with fast processors, plenty of memory, big hard drives and most include built-in wireless cards and the latest and very fast USB 3.0 technology.

Go check them out here, feel free to contact me with specific questions about what’s best for you.  Happy Shopping!!!  Here’s the link:  Be sure to read the specs before you buy.

P.s. I DON’T recommend you go out and buy refurbished laptops, this is specific to desktops refurbished by the manufacturer.

DEAL: Ready for a New Desktop? Dell Vostro $319

imageIf you’re desktop PC is getting rather old (you know, old Dell medium grey – dark grey PC’s) or maybe you have an old HP running an Intel Pentium or worse, Celeron chip.  Here’s a HUGH improvement and a great price.  Dell has their Vostro 230 mini-desktop on sale with an Intel Core2 Duo processor running almost 3GHz for only $319.  It comes with only 2GB of memory (enough if you’re just a basic user with email, web browsing, etc.) but memory is really cheap so you can always add more later (too expensive to buy it directly from Dell.)  The 250GB hard drive isn’t HUGE by today’s standards, but if you’re upgrading from a 5 or more year old computer, it will SEEM huge to you and again, adding a bigger hard drive is really cheap.  For $35 you can double it to 500GB, which isn’t bad, but DON’T pay $120 to upgrade to the 1TB drive (that 1,000 GB) because you can get a drive twice that large for less money.

The nice thing about Dell support with their Vostro line is that if they can’t fix it over the phone, they will send someone out to your home (or business) the next business day to fix it.  AND, if you really don’t want to have to deal with support personnel whose primary language ISN’T English, you can opt for a reasonable amount to get their “Pro” support which will get you North American support over the phone.

Here’s the link to Dell’s site:

This Desktop Deal Has Been Raised From the Dead.

imageSorry, it wasn’t meant to be a pun here with Easter approaching, OK, I know many of you checked this out only to find out that they had sold out.  Well, as of the time of this post they now have 43 available (when I wrote about this a few days ago they had over 200 before selling out.)

I won’t repeat why this is such a great deal, go read it here:

Deal: Want to buy a new desktop? Wait no Longer!

This is the best deal I’ve run across in a long time.  If you have a 5 year old desktop and are even THINKING about replacing it – well think no longer, this is a no-brainer.

imageLenovo, the fine folks who bought the IBM PC division, are selling direct refurbished desktops at a GREAT price.  I don’t normally encourage buying refurbs unless they are coming from the original manufacturer with a FULL warranty.  Guess what?  This one does!

So check this out…. a desktop PC with Windows 7 that has an Intel Core i3 processor running at 3.2 GHz, a HUGE high-speed 1TB (that’s one terabyte or if you prefer, a thousand gigabytes) hard drive, 6GB of memory (in other words – a LOT), DVD burner, keyboard, mouse and a FULL 1-year warranty from Lenovo.

A laptop with these specs would probably cost you around $800 – $900 as a DEAL.  I assume you already have a monitor, but if you don’t there are lots of good deals to be had on 22” and larger monitors as well.

DEALS come and go, but one thing for sure, they NEVER last.  The deal I posted last week on the Dells is gone.  I think this is probably even a better deal than that.  Buy it or don’t – I don’t make anything on these, these are here for your benefit.  But this is a GREAT deal!  Get it here:

DEAL Dell Desktop with 17inch Monitor for $329

imageThe 17” monitor may not sound exciting, but stick with me for a minute.  First, the computer is a Dell Vostro (their business line) with a dual core 3.2GHz Intel processor.  Not the latest but might fine.  It also has 2GB of memory and a fast 320GB hard drive.  It comes with a DVD ROM drive, but it does NOT burn CD’s or DVD’s.  If you want a burner, Dell wants $35 for you to upgrade to a burner.  For half that you can buy one yourself from and install it.

OK, about the monitor, the only upgrade I would recommend in the $12 (yes, twelve dollar) upgrade to the DVI adapter.  This will allow you to connect TWO monitors to your computer.  You can have email up all the time in one monitor (or Facebook or Twitter or whatever you like) in the small monitor and your working space in the larger monitor.  You’ll love it once you try it.  If you’re considering upgrading your really old desktop – here’s a really great deal.  This link will take you to the Dell site:

DEAL: Dell Desktop w/Monitor: $329

imageDell has their Vostro mini Desktop with a 3 GHz dual core processor for only $329.  My advice is to spend an additional $12 and get the “DVI Adapter Required for 2 Displays (VGA + DVI) w/Integrated Video” when you get to the graphic card portion of the upgrades.  It has an Intel dual-core 3GHz processor, it will handle all your everyday tasks and basic photo stuff.  If you want to do video editing or play the latest games, you might want to spend more, but for MOST people this will service you well for years.  Since this price includes a 17” monitor, you can add it to your existing monitor and have two.  Use one to monitor your email and the other to do your work or anything else you want to do.

Here’s the link: go get it:

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