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Big Bad Dell Laptop under $700!

imageDell has their 17.3” XPS laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor on sale for only $689.99 when you add the coupon code
7WR1C2?HTTQQ11 at checkout.  This is the XPS series, not their entry level Inspiron series.  This is a very nice laptop with 6GB of memory, and huge 750GB hard drive, a BACKLIT keyboard (very nice), an NVidia graphics card, DVD burner, high-speed wired and wireless networking and JBL audio.

This isn’t a small laptop, 17.3” is a big laptop and it weighs about 7.5 lbs.  If you’re looking for something small and very portable, this isn’t it.  But for price/performance/features with a nice big screen – this is a winner.  Oh, and they are offering free shipping on this as well.  Here’s the link: (don’t forget to add the coupon code to save an additional $100.)

DEAL: Ready for a New Desktop? Dell Vostro $319

imageIf you’re desktop PC is getting rather old (you know, old Dell medium grey – dark grey PC’s) or maybe you have an old HP running an Intel Pentium or worse, Celeron chip.  Here’s a HUGH improvement and a great price.  Dell has their Vostro 230 mini-desktop on sale with an Intel Core2 Duo processor running almost 3GHz for only $319.  It comes with only 2GB of memory (enough if you’re just a basic user with email, web browsing, etc.) but memory is really cheap so you can always add more later (too expensive to buy it directly from Dell.)  The 250GB hard drive isn’t HUGE by today’s standards, but if you’re upgrading from a 5 or more year old computer, it will SEEM huge to you and again, adding a bigger hard drive is really cheap.  For $35 you can double it to 500GB, which isn’t bad, but DON’T pay $120 to upgrade to the 1TB drive (that 1,000 GB) because you can get a drive twice that large for less money.

The nice thing about Dell support with their Vostro line is that if they can’t fix it over the phone, they will send someone out to your home (or business) the next business day to fix it.  AND, if you really don’t want to have to deal with support personnel whose primary language ISN’T English, you can opt for a reasonable amount to get their “Pro” support which will get you North American support over the phone.

Here’s the link to Dell’s site:

Switch/Upgrade to a Verizon Android Phone For Free

imageThrough the end of the month, you can get a Droid X on Verizon for free (in cell phone carrier terms free means a new 2-year contract of course) through Dell.  The Droid X has a big 4.3” screen that is easy to read.  They also have the Droid 2 with a slide-out keyboard, but the screen is smaller and I just don’t like it as much.)  Another phone being offered free is the HTC Incredible.  I think HTC makes the best Android phones because of their “Sense” interface.  The Incredible has a 3.7” screen, so it’s not as big as the Droid X, but it has an excellent camera if you like to take pictures with your phone.

With all the talk about “4G” phones, AT&T buying T-Mobile and the occasional blurb about 3-D phones (really?  do you want a 3-D phone?) now is an excellent time to get a deal on an excellent smartphone.  If you’re waiting for the next big thing, stop.  There will ALWAYS be “the next big thing” in phones for probably the next 5 years.  We now have phones on the market as good as (or in some cases better than) the iPhone, so don’t delay if you’re thinking about it.

Here’s the link to the Dell site (the deals here are BETTER than directly through the carriers):

DEAL Dell Desktop with 17inch Monitor for $329

imageThe 17” monitor may not sound exciting, but stick with me for a minute.  First, the computer is a Dell Vostro (their business line) with a dual core 3.2GHz Intel processor.  Not the latest but might fine.  It also has 2GB of memory and a fast 320GB hard drive.  It comes with a DVD ROM drive, but it does NOT burn CD’s or DVD’s.  If you want a burner, Dell wants $35 for you to upgrade to a burner.  For half that you can buy one yourself from and install it.

OK, about the monitor, the only upgrade I would recommend in the $12 (yes, twelve dollar) upgrade to the DVI adapter.  This will allow you to connect TWO monitors to your computer.  You can have email up all the time in one monitor (or Facebook or Twitter or whatever you like) in the small monitor and your working space in the larger monitor.  You’ll love it once you try it.  If you’re considering upgrading your really old desktop – here’s a really great deal.  This link will take you to the Dell site:

DEAL: Dell Desktop w/Monitor: $329

imageDell has their Vostro mini Desktop with a 3 GHz dual core processor for only $329.  My advice is to spend an additional $12 and get the “DVI Adapter Required for 2 Displays (VGA + DVI) w/Integrated Video” when you get to the graphic card portion of the upgrades.  It has an Intel dual-core 3GHz processor, it will handle all your everyday tasks and basic photo stuff.  If you want to do video editing or play the latest games, you might want to spend more, but for MOST people this will service you well for years.  Since this price includes a 17” monitor, you can add it to your existing monitor and have two.  Use one to monitor your email and the other to do your work or anything else you want to do.

Here’s the link: go get it:

DEAL: Dell Desktop with Monitor: $339

imageDell has had this deal for a while but it’s still there – a dual-core Intel chip at 3GHz, 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive and Windows 7.  Add $35 if you want to burn your own DVD’s or buy and install your own from a 3rd party for about $20.  If you’re not a major gamer like World of Warcraft, or editing videos, this is a great PC for the price.  Watching YouTube, browsing the web and checking your email is what this PC is all about and will be good for years.  Call me if you have any questions.  Here’s the link to Dell:

DEAL: Lenovo Laptop $399 in Time for Christmas


Best Buy has this Lenovo 15.6” laptop for $399.  It comes with a dual-core Pentium processor (not a powerhouse but will handle Office, email, Internet and watching videos just fine), 4GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, 802.11n wireless (that’s the fast wireless), a webcam, DVD burner, numeric keypad and a 1 year warranty.  There are other deals in this price range out there from Acer, HP and Gateway, but I think the Lenovo is a better machine.  Here’s the link:

Dell has a similar deal on their Inspiron laptop at, but it won’t arrive before Christmas.

Deal: Windows 7 3-User Pack – $119

imageHere’s another reminder that if you’re consider upgrading to Windows 7, now’s the time to get it at a great price.  No one knows how long Microsoft will continue to offer the family pack, so go in with a friend if you need to and split the cost.  When the family pack goes away, it will cost $119 for just ONE license.  If you have Vista you are 95% sure to be able to run Windows 7, Windows XP users maybe 50/50.  Download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from to make sure your system is ready.  If it is, get this deal from Dell and save $30 over the normal price for the family pack:

DEAL: 27” Monitor for $230 w/ Free Shipping


All of a sudden big monitors are coming on sale left and right.  Here is a Planar 27” monitor that Dell is selling for $230 with free shipping.  It has HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, and has received very good customer reviews on Dell’s web site.

Here’s the link:

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