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Deal: Epson Wireless Printer Hold 500 Sheets

imageHave kids that print a lot of homework?  Hate having to constantly keep putting paper into your printer.  Well, Best Buy, Office Depot and Office Max all have the Epson Workforce 3540 printer on sale AND in stock.  It prints (on both sides if you wish), scans, copies very quickly, also faxes, can use high capacity ink cartridges so you aren’t changing ink so often – and it’s wireless and can hold al full ream of paper.  It has two paper trays, you can even put letter size in one and legal size in the other if you want.  You can put it anywhere in the house or office where there is an electrical outlet.  You can also print DIRECTLY to it from an iPhone, iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets.  It works on all versions of Windows and on Macs since version 10.5 (which means almost all Macs running today.)

And the best part it’s only $129!  It retails for $199, so that’s quite a discount.  Order one online or go pick one up in the store.  This is a really good printer and will serve you well for a long time.  If you’re thinking about getting a new printer – stop thinking and go get this one, you won’t be sorry.

Great Deal on a Lenovo Laptop

imageOfficeMax has the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 on sale for only $479!  Lenovo makes some of the best laptops around (they bought the IBM PC division several years ago.)  They still make great computers and here is one that very recently you would have paid $600 for.  This has an Intel Core i5 processor (VERY nice) , 15.6” screen, 500 GB hard drive, 6GB of memory, webcam, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports (USB 3.0 is the newer, MUCH faster USB specification.)  Oh, it has a great keyboard also (you’ll appreciate it once you type on it.)

You absolutely won’t go wrong with this laptop.  If there is a downside, it comes with the newest version of Windows (Windows 8) which I’m not wild about, but it very easy to get to a more familiar interface, so don’t let it put you off.

Here’s the link to their web site – it’s available in many stores too so you can touch it first:

Save Money on Ink – Get a Laser Printer for $60

imageAny of you with ink-jet printers know all too well how expensive ink is for your printer.  Even when just printing a document with black text, many printer actually use some color ink as well.  If you print many documents or just anything that’s black and white, and inexpensive laser printer can pay for itself in a year just from the money you’ll save on that expensive ink.

Newegg has this Brother HL-2240D on sale for $60.  It prints on both sides to save you paper, and you’ll find toner much cheaper than ink.  The cartridge might be a little more expensive up front but it will last a LOT longer that a black ink cartridge (for $40 you can get a toner cartridge that can print approx. 12,000 pages.)  Another advantage is that laser printers are fast – this one prints up to 24 pages per minute.  This is NOT a wireless printer, so you’ll need to connect it via USB to your computer.  Keep your ink-jet printer for color printing, but if it’s just black and white, switch to the laser printer.

Here’s the link to the printer:

The “Black Friday” Ads are Coming Out!!!!/img/httpImage/image.jpgFirst, if you don’t know what “Black Friday” means, that’s the day after Thanksgiving that many retailers would go “into the black”, hence the term.  Now it’s even creeping into Thanksgiving Day itself.  Hey, it is what it is.

So, it’s you’re a crazy deal shopper and getting up early doesn’t bother you, then here you go…. has most of the ads you’re looking for.  Many of them are the actual scans of the ads you’ll see in the papers.  Go to to see what the upcoming deals might be.  Even I can’t keep up with them all.

Holy Moly: 23” Dell Monitor $90 – Today Only!

imageSears has a NEW 23” Dell monitor on sale for only $90 today (according to my info).  This is a great deal, and if you’re thinking about replacing that old monitor or adding one to your existing system – stop thinking.

This has a full 1920×1080 HD resolution, VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs so it will connect to just about any system.

This sells for over $150, and the next best price I could find was $118 for a refurbished one with a scratch on the screen.  Here’s the link:

If You Don’t Have a Backup Drive – Buy This One!

imageIf you only have ONE copy of your data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) then you DON’T have a copy.  At at the very least you need to have a second copy at home.  Here is a 3 Terabyte (that’s 3,000 Gigabytes) drive for only $129 with free shipping.  Don’t lose a precious photo or critical business file over a few dollars, people pay me much more to get back what they could have easily recovered if they only backed up to a drive like this.

3 Terabytes is more storage than you currently use or will ever use (at least in the next couple of years.)  Get this and be done – it’s a VERY good deal.

Amazon’s Tablet Forcing Competition to Offer Deals

imageWith Amazon’s announcement this last week of their new $199 tablet (the Kindle Fire) we’re starting to see the pressure Amazon is applying to the competition, even though the Kindle Fire won’t be available until mid-November.

Best Buy is offering the 7” BlackBerry Playbook for $299, that’s a $200 discount from its regular price.

Target has the 1st Generation iPad with 16GB and 3G for $499. An iPad 2 like this is $629:

Tiger Direct has the 7” Dell Streak also for $299.  That’s $100 off the regular price.

You may occasionally see some cheap (in every sense of the word) Android tablets for $150 or less, sometimes even under $100.  These are cheap Chinese no-name tablets that are underpowered and don’t have access to the Android Marketplace, so without the Marketplace you’re really limited as to what you can do with the tablet.  I would recommend you stay away from them, as tempting as it may be.

It’s expected that early next year Amazon will be bringing a 10” tablet to market, and so we can expect to see similar aggressive pricing from Amazon and price cuts from the rest.

Lenovo (and Acer) Laptop Deals – $380 and $600

imageLenovo makes excellent laptops and here are two deals on them, one an entry level (but not too entry level) and a performance model.

Best Buy has a 15.6” Lenovo for $380 that has a dual-core Pentium processor, 2GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, DVD burner, webcam, fingerprint reader, memory card reader, fast wireless-n and Windows 7.  Not bad at all and a great price.  Here’s the link:

imageOffice Depot has this 14” Lenovo ThinkPad Edge with an Intel Core i5 processor for those of you who need more oomph in your computer.  This is a machine you could edit music and videos with, work with huge spreadsheets, etc. without choking it down.  The smaller screen makes it a little easier to tote around.  In addition to the i5 processor, it comes with 4GB of fast memory, a 500GB hard drive, 3 USB ports plus an external eSATA port, HDMI output, wireless-n and of course, Windows 7.    Here’ the link to the Office Depot page:

imageAnother performance machine at an excellent price is the Acer TimelineX at Amazon.  This is a 15.6” black brushed aluminum laptop with a claimed 8 hours of battery life (probably will really be less but even 6 hours would be great at this price.)  It comes with a multi-gesture keypad (with capabilities similar to a smartphone like an Android or iPhone), a 1.3 megapixel HD webcam, a faster Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory, a huge 640GB hard drive, DVD burner, wireless-n, media card reader, 4 USB ports, HDMI output, Windows 7 and Office 2010 starter edition.  Here’s the Amazon page:

So if you’re in the market to replace that desktop with something a little more portable or that old laptop that is just limping to the finish line, take a look at these.

DEAL: Dell Desktop with Monitor: $339

imageDell has had this deal for a while but it’s still there – a dual-core Intel chip at 3GHz, 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive and Windows 7.  Add $35 if you want to burn your own DVD’s or buy and install your own from a 3rd party for about $20.  If you’re not a major gamer like World of Warcraft, or editing videos, this is a great PC for the price.  Watching YouTube, browsing the web and checking your email is what this PC is all about and will be good for years.  Call me if you have any questions.  Here’s the link to Dell:

DEAL: Bigger and Better Than a Netbook for $299 has a Lenovo (they bought the IBM PC division several years ago) 14.1” for the price of a netbook.  imageThis is a refurbished unit, but if you’re on a budget read on, because this could be a VERY good deal.  IF you bought a netbook, you would get a weak 1.6 GHz processor with 1GB of memory, no CD or DVD drive and a 10” screen (way too small for most people.)  With this Lenovo you get a 14.1” screen, 2GB of memory, a 2GHz Core2 Duo processor and better video.   The downside would be a 90 day rather than 1 year warranty, an 80 GB hard drive rather that approx. 250 GB and Windows XP (some but not all netbooks come with Windows 7.)  But with the Windows 7 Family Pack it’s cheap to upgrade to Windows 7 (less than $50 a PC if you shop) and IF you need hard drive space, HUGE hard drives are less that $75 these days.  Here’s the link:

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