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DEAL: Epson Workforce 3640 for $99, 500 Sheets

imageThis is my favorite ink-jet printer, and it’s on sale at Best Buy (and other places as well) for only $99.99.  It prints very fast, also scans, copies and faxes.  As a bonus, this printer hold a whole ream of paper, 500 sheets.  All the stores here in Austin (except for Cedar Park) have it in stock.  If you need a new printer, here you go.  And of course, be sure to buy some extra ink.

If you prefer having boxes delivered to your door, Amazon has it on sale for the same price.

DEAL! Lenovo Laptop for $359 With no Crapware!

Image result for microsoft storeNeed a laptop for someone going to school in the Fall?  Looking for an inexpensive yet powerful laptop that won’t run out of gas in 2 years?

Well, much to my surprise, the Microsoft Store has the Lenovo G50 on sale for only $359.  The G series is Lenovo’s entry level line, but they are still good computers (I would take this over a mid-line HP, Toshiba or Acer any day.)  Many of you are still not familiar with the Lenovo name.  Would you recognize it if I said “IBM PC”?  Lenovo bought the IBM PC (including laptop) division several years ago, and they still make high quality computers.  This one has an Intel Core i5 processor with 6GB of memory and a 500GB hard drove, webcam, high-speed wireless, bluetooth and a DVD burner that many new laptops no longer include.  And, it weighs less than 5 lbs.

Coming from the Microsoft Store, it’s part of their “signature series”, which means it is a pretty pure Windows installation without all the garbage the manufactures add.  That means it’s easier to get it set up to your liking or if you have me set it up for you, it costs you less because I don’t have to spend time uninstalling whatever crap was added.

There is a Microsoft Store here in Austin in The Domain.  If you’re not it Austin, their web site will tell you where the nearest store is.  Of course, you can always order it online and have it sent to your doorstep.

Here’s the link to their webpage:

Hot Deal on Hot Performance Upgrade

imageNewegg has the Crucial 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) for $119 with currently a $10 discount that makes it only $109.

This is probably the FASTEST of the SSD’s out there and will make a HUGE difference in the performance of your computer.  It comes with software so you can copy your existing hard drive to the new one (you might need some additional hardware, or just give me a call.)

I wrote about SSD’s back in August here, so if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can read up there.  I have SSD’s in ALL my computers and have updated many clients with them with amazing results.  It’s like a turbo-charger for your car.

So before you go out and spend a bunch of money on a new computer, consider upgrading the hard drive.  Here’s the link to the drive on Newegg:

DEAL, DEAL, DEAL on a 27” Monitor–$209!!!

imageAnd this isn’t some no-name monitor, this is an Acer 27” that is LED backlit and has VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs.  It has a full HD resolution of 1920×1080, is very thin (it only weighs 11 lbs.) and has built-in speakers.

I really wish I could come up with a reason for me to justify replacing my two 25” monitors with this, but alas, I can’t.  But if you’re using a 23” or smaller monitor, you’ll be amazed at the difference.  A year ago this monitor would have been an easy $350.

If you have a laptop and would like a large monitor to work with when you’re home – this is the one.  If you’re in the market for a new monitor – buy this one at NewEgg:

DEAL – Lenovo Desktop w/ Core i5 for $410

imageThese are factory refurbished (probably just returned to the store because they wanted something else) Lenovo H520 desktops.  It comes with a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, a HUGE 2 TB hard drive, DVD burner, built-in wi-fi, and a 1 year ON-SITE warranty.  Now THAT’S a great deal!  As of the time I’m writing this, there are only 23 left in stock so don’t spend too much time thinking about it because these deals move fast. 

If you’re still running Windows XP (you’ve only got a month left), here’s one of your best chances to move to a safe operating system.  Here’s the link to Lenovo’s site:

Deal: Lenovo 17.3” Laptop with Core i7 for $769

imageLenovo has their Z710 desktop replacement for $769.  If you have an old Window XP machine and are wanting to (you really NEED to) upgrade to a new system, this is a good one.  You can use it at home and yet being a laptop you can take it with you when you travel.

Here’s the link:

Deal: Fast Lenovo 17” Laptop – $729

imageIf you’re looking for a big laptop with lots of power (4th gen. Inter Core i7), memory (8GB), storage (1TB) and a full HD screen then here you go.  The Lenovo Ideapad Z710 is a great laptop, well built, and comes with a back-lit keyboard, 4 USB ports, an HDMI port and DVD burner.

Get it directly from Lenovo here:  At checkout, apply the coupon USPZ7108526 to get the price.

Great Deal on a Basic Laptop

imageHere’s a really good deal on a basic laptop at Best Buy.  It comes with an Intel Core i3 (the minimum I recommend, though there are lesser ones out there,) 4GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive, 15.6” LED backlit screen, webcam, DVD burner, numeric keypad, fast wired and wireless networking in a package less than 5 lbs.  All for only $369.

This is a great laptop for your email, web browsing, word processing, etc.

So if you’re in the market for a new laptop and don’t want to spend too much money, this is the one for you.  Here’s the link:

Deal: 16GB Nexus 7 Tablet for $199

imageThe Nexus 7 is probably the best 7” tablet on the market today, and Walmart has the 16GB version on sale for $199 ($50 off.)  It runs the very latest version of the Android operating system (Jelly Bean.)  It has a quad-core processor, wi-fi, bluetooth, can display 720p HD video and weighs a little under 12 oz.

Here’s the link:

Deal: Canon Wireless All-in-One Printer for $69

imageLike it or not, school is approaching and you might be thinking about getting a new printer.  Now’s a good time because Best Buy has this Canon Pixma MX432j on sale for only $69.  It prints, scans, copies and faxes.  It can produce photo quality printing as well as high resolution scanning, has an automatic sheet feeder for scanning or faxing multiple pages at a time.  Best of all, it’s wireless.  You don’t have to plug it into your computer – all you need is an electrical outlet.  It connects wirelessly to your router, just like your laptop.  Now ALL your computers can connect to it from anywhere in the house.  You can even print from your iPhone, iPad or Andoid device.

It’s available in most of the Austin Best Buys, but you can check online first before going to your local store:

DEAL: Dell 24” Monitor for $159 Today Only

imageJust for Father’s Day Newegg has this big 24” Dell monitor on sale for $159.  In addition, you get FREE SHIPPING and a 1-year extended warranty included.  Now that’s a deal!  Be sure to use coupon code EMCNDJE35 at checkout to get the deal.  It has full HD resolution of 1920×1080.  Go get it here:

If You’re on a Really Tight Budget, Here’s a Laptop

imageThis wouldn’t be my first choice for a laptop, but if your budget is really tight and you absolutely need to get one, then this is what I recommend:

Best Buy has this Asus laptop for only $309 with an Intel Core i3 processor.  It has a 320GB hard drive, 4GB of memory, a CD/DVD burner, high speed wireless, USB 3.0 inputs and a memory card reader.

Check it out online – you’ll have to order it as they don’t have it in store:

Deal: 23” HP Monitor for $115

HP 2311x 23 inch Diagonal LED MonitorI am NO fan of HP’s computers or printers, but I really do like their monitors.  Right now you can get direct from HP their 23” LED back-lit monitor for only $115.49 with FREE SHIPPING.  When you go to their web site the sale price is $149.99.  During checkout you add the coupon code ACCS73419 in the cart and the price drops to $115.49 – now we’re talking a deal.  So if you’ve been in the market for a nice size monitor, here one for a great price:

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements Bundle for $94

imageIf you have photos that need touching up (or a lot of work) and video clips you would like to put into a more polished presentation, whether for YouTube or creating a DVD, then here is a great buy on the latest versions of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements.

It’s on sale at with free shipping:

Deal: Lenovo Laptop with Intel Core i3 for $399

imageOffice Depot has the Lenovo G570 on sale this week for $399.  This is an excellent general purpose laptop built by a company with a reputation for quality laptops.  It has a 15.6” screen, 4GB of memory, and large 500GB hard drive, DVD burner, hi-speed wireless, built-in webcam and microphone, HDMI port and memory card reader.

Here’s the link to Office Depot’s page:

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