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Deal: Lenovo Laptop with Core i5 for $449

imageWhen it comes to standard laptops, I think you’re much better off with Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 (you really need a touchscreen to make the most of Windows 8.)  Well, it’s getting harder to find new PC’s with Windows 7 on them, but has a Lenovo G570 with an Intel Core i5 processor for only $449 with free shipping.  It has a 15.6” screen, 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive.  Of course it has a built-in webcam, DVD burner, memory card reader and something people often overlook, a very nice keyboard.

So if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift or maybe a last minute write-off for your business, check out the Lenovo G570:

Deal: Dell Laptop for $399 With Core i5 Processor

imageThis is the best price I’ve ever seen for a Dell laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor.  Best Buy has this Dell Inspiron with a 720p HD 15.6” screen, 4GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive, DVD burner, built-in wireless and Bluetooth, webcam, media card reader, 3 USB ports, an HDMI port so you can connect it directly to your television and it comes with Windows 8.

The i5 processor is going to give you better performance than the i3 processors you typically see in a laptop at this price.

It appears (at least in the Austin area) that it is only available online and not in the stores.  Here’s the link:

Desktop Deals From Dell

imageDell has a couple of their desktop systems on sale you might be interested in.  Let’s start with a basic replacement for that really old and slow machine you have running Windows XP.  For $299 they have a 3.2GHz dual-core Pentium machine with a 500GB hard drive, 2GB of memory, a DVD burner and Windows 7.  2GB of memory isn’t a lot, but Dell wants $80 to upgrade to 4GB.  Instead of that you can buy an additional 4GB from for $20 giving you a total of 6GB.  Plenty for anything you’ll throw at it.  Here’s the link:

If you want a higher performance machine, for $449 their Vostro business line has a quad-core Intel Core i5 (3.1GHz) with 4GB of memory, 500GB hard drive, built-in wireless networking, memory card reader, DVD burner, Windows 7 and 1 year of next business day in-home support if they can’t fix the problem over the phone.  You can get it here:

DEAL: Gateway Core i5 Laptop for $449

image Now be advised, I consider Gateway (owned by ACER) along with HP, Toshiba, ASUS and others to be 2nd tier compared to the cream of the crop, who these days is Dell and Lenovo.  That being said, this is a great price for a laptop with this kind of power and this kind of storage – that’s why I’m telling you about it.

Best Buy has this Gateway laptop with an i5 processor, 500GB hard drive, 720p HD display, built-in webcam, HDMI port, gigabit Ethernet network port and wireless-n connectivity.

For the price, this is a great deal.  It comes with a one year warranty, and if it doesn’t break in the first couple of months you’re probably ok.

Gateway isn’t the same company you may be thinking of from 10 years ago, but it’s not a horrible company or I wouldn’t be telling you about this deal (just try to find the last time I recommended an HP laptop.)

Here’s the link to Best Buy’s page:

DEAL: Dell Studio 15.6” Laptop with Core i5 $499

imageWalmart has the Dell Studio “Cappuccino” laptop with the Intel Core i5 processor for only $499.  This is a really nice laptop with plenty of power and perhaps its best feature is that it comes with a 2-year warranty rather than the standard one.  It also comes with 4GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive, CD/DVD burner, 3 USB ports and a HDMI port for connecting directly to your HD television, webcam, Bluetooth, memory card reader, a 9 cell battery and according to a review posted on Walmart’s page a back-lit keyboard (very nice.)  The Core i5 is a quad-core processor so it will handle pretty much anything you throw at it without a problem.  When I started this write-up is was available online and now it says it is out of stock online, so you may need to check at your local store.  It’s a really good deal and definitely will go fast.  Get it if you can.  Here’s the link to Walmart’s page:

DEAL: 14” Dell Vostro Laptop with Core i5 – $529!

imageI don’t think this deal will last long, in fact Dell’s site already says there is a 3-day delay in shipping these.  Dell has their Vostro 3450 laptop on sale for $629, to save an additional $100,  upgrade the warranty to two years and at checkout add the coupon code R975$?FPRF?31X.  You’ll also get free next business day shipping (once they’re back in stock.)  This is probably the best price I’ve seen on a top tier laptop with a Core i5 processor.  The laptop also comes with 4GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, Windows 7 Professional, webcam,  Office 2010 Starter Edition (a free “light” version of Word and Excel – good enough for average use,) wireless N networking, DVD burner and a BACKLIT KEYBOARD!  This is a great deal for a great laptop with a great warranty – along with the two year warranty if they can’t fix your computer over the phone Dell will send someone out to you the next business day to fix it!

Here’s the link to Dell’s site – be sure to upgrade the warranty to 2 years and enter the coupon code at checkout:

DEAL: Lenovo ThinkPad with Core i5 for $540

imageHere’s a high performance laptop for only $549 from Lenovo with free shipping.  This 14” ThinkPad comes with a fast 7200 rpm 320GB hard drive (most “deal” laptops come with a 5400 rpm hard drive, faster rpm equals faster access to the data on the hard drive.)  When you click on the link, it defaults to a Core i3 processor, click on the upgrade to the Core i5 2.3 GHz processor, stay with the remaining standard picks unless you feel you need the webcam, more memory (you don’t) or something else.   The only consideration is the type of display you like.  Lenovo gives you the option of their default anti-glare screen or their glossy “Vibrantview” screen.  If you’re going to use your laptop much outdoors, it’s a no-brainer, get the anti-glare screen.  If you’re mostly going to me indoors, consider the “Vibrantview” screen.  Glossy screens look so much better than anti-glare screens WHEN there isn’t a lot of bright light behind you to reflect off the screen.  The print is easier to read and the colors are more vibrant.  But if you’re outdoors that won’t matter because it will be real tough to even see the screen, so give it some thought – most manufacturers don’t give you the choice, take advantage of the opportunity.  Be sure to add the code GOOGLESHOP at checkout to bring the price to $540.  Go here for the deal and DON’T FORGET THE CODE AT CHECKOUT:

DEAL: Laptop w/ i5 cpu, 500GB drive $599


If you’re looking for a laptop that will be a good computer for years to come, here’s your Christmas present.  Lenovo has their IdeaPad Z560 laptop on sale, and when you add the coupon code USPZ3L1210 at checkout, the price drops to $599 with free shipping.  This laptop comes a big 500GB drive, a 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory, 802.11n wi-fi, built-in web-cam, numeric keypad, DVD burner, Windows 7, built-in Bluetooth and a 1 year warranty.  Lenovo is a great brand (they bought the IBM PC division a few years ago) and I can’t imagine finding a better deal for a current model laptop from any top-tier manufacturer before Christmas.  Here’s where to get it (don’t forget to add the coupon code):

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