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Next Time You Make a Call on AT&T, be Sure to Say Hello to the NSA!

imageThis building, “owned” by AT&T just also happens to be the nerve center of overseas phone calls (and a great place to monitor domestic calls as well.)  Read all about it:

ATT Wireless Ranks LAST in Customer Satisfaction

imageIn 2010, Consumer Reports reported AT&T Wireless last in customer satisfaction among not only the four major carriers (ATT, Verizon, Spring and T-Mobile) but with very small regional carriers as well.  Carriers like U.S. Cellular and Credo beat out AT&T as well. has an article with all the details.  Check it out here:

The New iPhone 5 Will Be Announced October 4th

imageNo, I’m not psychic, but the rumor mill has dug up some pretty convincing evidence that Apple’s CEO Tim Cooke will be presenting the new iPhone 5 during an event on October 4th.  The location of the event isn’t known yet, and the usual places in San Francisco are already booked by Oracle so right now the biggest secret seems to be WHERE the announcement will be made from.  It’s a safe assumption that the phone will be available a couple of weeks after that.  AT&T and Verizon will of course get them and there has been strong speculation that Sprint will also be getting the new phone as well, but if they treat Sprint like they treated Verizon they may make Sprint wait a few more months before getting it – we shall see.

As far as exactly WHAT the new phone will be like or even if it will be called the iPhone 5, no one knows for sure.  I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more.

Use AT&T DSL or UVerse? Send Them a Thank You Note for Your Usage Data Cap

imageOn May 2nd, AT&T instituted data caps on their DSL and UVerse customers.  If you use their DSL service then the amount of data you are allowed to download (and upload) is 150GB a month, if you use UVerse then it’s 250GB, with a $10 charge when you go over and another $10 for every 50GB after that.

If all you do is browse around the Internet and read email, than you’re not going to come close.  But if you watch YouTube, stream music or watch Netflix over the Internet, then you might want to be concerned.  If you think you’re going to be going over, you might want to check out alternatives, like your cable company (yes, you can get Internet only service from your cable company – that’s what I do) or you can try someone like DSL Extreme.

Ars Technica has an article talking more about it and how to check your usage online to see if you’re nearing the cap:

The White iPhone is Here! The White iPhone is Here!

imageIt been a long wait for some people who were expecting a white iPhone to arrive last June with the introduction of the iPhone 4.  And then the hope that maybe the Verizon version would be available in white at the February launch.  But no, those who long to be different, who want other people to know that they have the latest and greatest toy have had to suffer until now, as Apple announced two days ago that the white iPhone was now available.  Believe it or not there actually were long lines reported at the Manhattan Apple store.  I guess not surprisingly there are a LOT of black iPhone 4’s on eBay and they are still selling for around $450, so I guess if you’re willing to walk into an AT&T or Verizon store and cough up the big bucks to “upgrade” to the white iPhone, you can get a decent chuck of that money back selling your old one.

ATT to Improve Wireless Coverage with "Mega-cell" Service

imageIn an attempt to satisfy its many wireless customers who constantly suffer from dropped phone calls within the U.S., AT&T has decided to add an additional tower that will greatly improve the coverage for the nation’s cell phone users.  The location for the new tower is going to be located on Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars using AT&T’s new Mega-cell transmission service.  A spokesman for AT&T who insisted on being anonymous said that after much research, it was determined that the residents of America would never get a good wireless signal without an unobstructed line of site to their towers, and as they found it impossible to do on land, they chose Mars to locate their new "Megatower".  The tower will be 5 miles tall, and will be powered by a solar collector approximately twice the size of Houston.  Once installation is complete, the Megatower will be turned on and controlled remotely from Earth, since the high power needed to send a signal so far would instantly evaporate anyone within 40,000 miles. Though eager to implement the additional coverage, AT&T says there is still the technical issue of the 18 minute delay between someone talking on one end of the conversation and then hearing the other end.   But since the additional air time would only add minutes to each bill thus improving AT&T’s profit margin, they currently only have one part-time high school student working on the problem alone during weekends.  When asked why not use the moon since it was closer, AT&T responded "Sprint already purchased the rights to the moon from NASA and will be sponsoring the first low-gravity NASCAR race to be held along the Sea of Tranquility."

AT&T Won’t Reduce Soldier’s $16,000 Cell Bill

imageThis is hardly being reported  anywhere, but an American soldier in Afghanistan who unknowingly racked up a $16,000 cell phone bill with AT&T has so far been unsuccessful in getting AT&T to reduce the charges. and Gizmodo are about the only one carrying the story as of today (12/19/10), so you might want to share this with your friend.  Here’s the link to the Examiner article:

Microsoft Officially Reveals Windows Phone 7

The much talked about Windows Phone 7 operating system was officially released today and it sounds like image it may be a winner, from the design of the user interface to the fast processors powering it.  They will start showing up in Europe later this month and here in the U.S. next month – just in time for Christmas.  AT&T will be the first carrier to get Windows phones with T-Mobile soon thereafter.  There will be nine different models from Dell, LG, Samsung and HTC.  Over 60 mobile carriers are expected to have the phone at the start.

If you’re thinking of getting a new phone, you might want to wait until next month and take a look at one of the Windows phones before going with the iPhone or an Android phone – it may be just what you’re looking for.

DEAL: ATT DSL Internet – $14.95/mo

I admit I’m not a very big fan of AT&T, but a deal’s a deal. They are offering dry-loop (which means you don’t need telephone service with them) DSL with 3 Megabit/sec download speed for $14.95 a month for a year, with no long-term contract. So after a year to can go look for a better deal elsewhere (this is why a gmail account is handy, you can switch Internet providers anytime and your email address doesn’t change.)

For $19.95 AT&T is also offer 6 Megabit/sec service, still a very good deal for that speed.  Here’s the link to see if you’re eligible:

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