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Parental Controls for Apple, Android and Windows Mobile Devices

selfieYahoo has a good article on how to set up parental controls on that new phone or tablet your child may have gotten as a Christmas present.  If they had them even before Christmas, it’s just as valuable.  Here’s the link:

iOS 7 Upgrade (Do it Now or Later?)

The new iOS 7 operating system on display at an Apple event on Sept. 10.

Apple has release an upgrade to its iOS operating system (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch) from version 6 to version 7, so it must be better and you should do it as soon as possible, right?

Well, first it just came out.  Have they worked out all the bugs?  They won’t know until millions of people have downloaded it and sent their negative feedback back to Apple.  So if you want to help Apple get all the bugs out – by all means download it now.

Second, this new version looks different enough that it might throw you for a loop.  You might want to read more about it before you do the upgrade.

My advice is to wait a couple of weeks to see how it all shakes out.  Meanwhile, read articles on iOS 7 like those from Nick Bilton with the NY Time (click here) for transitioning to the new operating system so you’re not caught off-guard.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying “DON’T UPGRADE”, I’m saying take your time and be aware of the changes you’re about to put onto your Apple device.  I’ve already heard reports that it’s faster than iOS 6, just be prepared, that’s all I want to pass on.

Apple Introduces iOS7

imageApple announced its next new operating system for iPods, iPads and iPhones – iOS7.  It has some new, cool and unique features and some “borrowed”, new features already found in Android phones. 

Whenever Apple announces anything new, all the tech blogs get all excited to see who could be first to publish and many of them are what is known to be Apple “fan boys”.  So the details of the new OS is all over the web, one place you can read about it is at Gizmodo:

The bad news is that you have to have a current iPhone 5 or iPod touch to get all the features.  If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S you will a few of the new features.  If you have an iPhone 3S or earlier, forget it – Apple insists you buy a new phone.  Only the newest iPad gets all the goodies, older iPads get fewer and fewer of the toys.

But if you have the latest phone, you should certainly benefit from the improvements.

iPad 2 Announcement Coming March 2nd?


Apple is having a media event on March 2nd, and all bets are on the anticipated iPad 2, which if nothing else is expected to have front and rear-facing cameras and probably a more powerful processor, possibly thinner and perhaps a better display.  All Things Digital has an article about it here:

DEAL: 16GB Wi-Fi iPad for $429 with No Contract

imageApple has refurbished iPads with a full 1-year warranty for only $429.  This is the wi-fi only version and therefore you are not paying a monthly contract to a cell-phone company.  A brand new iPad like this sells for $499, so with the extra money you can buy a nice case and maybe some apps or games.

The iPad also has Bluetooth built-in, so if you’re good with an Android phone, you can probably tether this to your phone using Bluetooth and have connectivity anywhere and not just dependent on wi-fi.

They also have the 32 and 64GB versions for $100 less than the brand new versions.  Remember, any new iPad that is bought and then returned for any reason cannot be resold as new, even if they are in perfect condition.  Here’s the link to the Apple store:

Waiting For a White iPhone?


There was news today on the (for some) anticipated release of a WHITE iPhone 4.  USA Today’s “Technology Live” is speculating that since it is now in the Apple Store as “for in-store reservation.”  You still can’t really even buy one yet. 

Meanwhile, Engadget is saying that the news from Apple is that the release of a white iPhone 4 is being pushed back (yet again) to the spring of 2011.  Of course by then it will only be a couple more months until the next version of the iPhone is released – at the rate of improvement we’re currently seeing in smartphones, I don’t know why anyone would want with what will be close to a 1 year old phone, and signing up for a 2-year contract with it.  If you want an iPhone, just go get a black one.  If you’re holding out for a Verizon iPhone, it might be available before the white one comes out.  Meanwhile, more great phones from HTC, Motorola and Samsung running Android keep coming out, and next month the Windows Phone 7 models will hit the stores.  White just isn’t worth waiting for.

LIFETIME Jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Coming Soon!

Sounds too good to be true, but it appears a couple of created folks have figured out a way to jailbreak Apple devices running iOS 4.1, 4.2 and according to them, all future versions.  I’ll be following it closely and let you know when that day comes.

SHAtter jailbreak

iOS 4.1 is Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple released version 4.1 of iOS for both the iPhone and iPod touch today, so the next time you connect to iTunes you should be seeing the message to download the new software.  Be sure your device has been synced before updating, or any recent changes on the phone will be lost.  If your device has been “freed” with a jailbreak, you will want to hold off on upgrading until a new jailbreak has been developed.


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