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It’s the Second Tuesday of the Month. Yay!!!’s right – Windows updates went out today.  There were several security updates for both Windows as well as Microsoft Office.

If you run Outlook 2010 you might notice it not keeping your settings as you like the screen to look.  I had a client with that issue today and tracked it back to a specific update.  If you notice this issue let me know and I’ll back out that update causing the problem.

Other than that, my advice still stands – DO THOSE UPDATES.  Windows, Flash, Java and Adobe Reader.  Don’t give the bad guys a chance.

Check for Those Updates! was the 2nd Tuesday of the month, and if you didn’t notice – Microsoft pushed out some updates for your Windows computer.

It’s also a good time to check for Java as well as Adobe Reader and Flash updates.  Don’t give the bad guys an easy way to get into your computer.  Keep it updated.

The 2nd Tuesday Lives On! is continuing to push updates out for its operating systems on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The little blue icon is the one to look for if you’re running Windows Vista, 7 or 8.  Windows 10 tends to take care of itself.  Just be sure you’re installing those updates if asked, along with the others if their icon in the task tray looks like on in the photo.  Stay safe.

Patch Tuesday is Now “Update Tuesday” Windows 10, Microsoft is now going to send updates throughout the month.  As far as I can tell, they are also going to be doing the same for Windows 7 and 8 from now on, though there will still be some updates still on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. 

But that doesn’t change the need to remind you about Adobe Flash, Reader and also Java updates.  Windows 7 and 8 users may or may not see the little blue icon, we’ll find out.   As always, just be aware of what is down in the lower corner.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Time for Updates!

imageToday is the 2nd Tuesday of the month and it’s time to remind you that today Microsoft will be pushing out updates for Windows .  That’s what the little blue icon is doing in the lower right corner of your screen.  Throughout the month, you might also see the red Adobe Reader icon and the burnt orange Java icon.  When you start your computer you might have the large Adobe Flash Player box pop up like the one on the right.

Windows will normally update automatically and sometimes need to reboot.

So, whenever you see one of these on your computer, be sure to perform the update.  These are SECURITY updates.  If you find yourself wondering if the message is true or not and are afraid, you can always go directly to the software’s site to get the update:


Adobe Reader:

Adobe Flash:

Today’s Not Just ANY Tuesday! Can You Guess???


You’ve heard about it, you’ve hoped for it and you’ve waited for it.  Well…… here it is!!!

It’s “Patch Tuesday”!  This is the day Microsoft pushes its updates out to all Windows users, and the day I get to remind you to check for all your other updates as well.  Look at the picture.  Do you see one of them in the lower right corner of your monitor?  If you do, then YOU NEED TO UPDATE!

Click on the icon and do what it says – FAILURE to update leaves you open to security vulnerabilities that could cause problems if you happen to visit a compromised web site.

So don’t make me remind you again (at least until next month.)  Be a good boy or girl and update your computer. 

You Know It, You Love It… it’s UPDATE TUESDAY!!!

imageMy how time flies.  Here we are and Microsoft will be pushing out its updates for Windows and other Microsoft products today.

“But Laurie” (you may ask), “I know the blue icon is for Windows, but why do you also include the orange and red icons?”

I’m glad you asked.  That orange icon is for Java.  Now if you’re not sure you need Java (I’m not talking about JavaScript – that’s something else) then I would recommend to go to your Control Panel and remove Java from your system.  Most of the clients I see don’t need it and all it does it introduce a new potential avenue of attack by the bad guys.  Keeping Java up to date is VERY important.  If you remove it and it turns out you DO need it, then just go to and install it – easy!

The red icon is for Acrobat Reader.  It’s possible for a bad guy to send you a pdf file that can infect your computer.  The best way to prevent that (other than not opening it in the first place) is to be sure your copy of Reader is up to date.

These are SECURITY updates, so don’t put them off.

Do You STILL Need Me To Remind You?

image2nd Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft pushes out updates for Windows and it’s other products.

If you see any of the images below in your task tray (and if you don’t know by know where your task tray is – contact me and I’ll show you with no embarrassment.)


Do You Know What Today Is?

imageThat’s right boys and girls – it’s PATCH TUESDAY!  The second Tuesday of the month when Microsoft pushes out updates for Windows and other Microsoft programs.

If you’re new to my blog, you’ll notice the picture here to the right.

Anytime you see one of these images down in the lower right corner of your desktop in what’s called the “Task Tray”, you need to click on it and perform the update that it is asking for. 

These updates are NOT to make the program look prettier, these are SECURITY updates.  Within 72 hours of these updates being published, the bad guys will be taking advantage of computers that HAVEN’T patched their system.  They figure out what the patch fixes, and then they write software that lets them get in those unpatched computers.

Java (the orange icon) and Adobe Reader (the red icon) could show up anytime.  Microsoft will push out an update out of cycle only if its critical, so when you see that blue icon at the end of month – don’t waste time, plug that hole.

Your anti-virus won’t protect you from these exploits because they may not know about them yet, so they just walk into this exposed back-door on your computer.

I get paid several hundred dollars a month just because people haven’t kept their system secure.  I do everything I can (just like I’m doing now) to keep everyone educated.

I had a client tell me yesterday that they were AFRAID to click on it.  Well, I’m telling you now if you see the icon in the task tray, do it!  The bad guys can’t put an icon down there unless you’re already infected.  And at that point they wouldn’t need to.

So be good kids and make your friendly neighborhood Tek-Chic proud and DO THOSE UPDATES!

Do You Hear Those Update Calling?

imageThe 2nd Tuesday of the month has come and gone, and guess what’s waiting for you?  Windows updates!  Oh boy!!!

More significantly, this is the first month Windows XP will NOT get patched.  The importance of this is many of the fixes being applied to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 would ALSO apply to Windows XP, but since support has ended for XP, the bad guys and licking their chops just waiting for users who are still running XP to swing by one of the web sites they’ve infiltrated.

Of course, if you’re running Vista, 7 or 8 and HAVEN’T got the updates on your computer, then you’re just as vulnerable.  If your system is set up correctly, critical updates should automatically get applied.  If it’s not or you don’t know how to check, then find my phone number on this site and call me.

AND also, don’t forget about keeping your Java, Acrobat and Flash up to date.

‘Tis the Season to be Careful

imageNo, I’m not talking about ‘ol St. Nick, I’m talking about people like Boris, Vladamir, Ivan, Mikhail and all their friends in eastern Europe who love to take advantage of those who don’t keep their computer’s software up-to-date.  It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the month, so here’s your monthly reminder to be sure to look for these icons in your task tray (in the lower-right corner of your computer screen most likely) and if you see one of them, be sure to click on it and update the software.  Don’t spend your Christmas getting viruses out of your computer.

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday but Microsoft Missed Something you Need to Fix

imageYesterday being the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Microsoft pushed its monthly updates out to users.  If you see the update icon in your task tray, be sure to get it done.

One thing they didn’t update was a flaw that allows an attacker to run a program on your computer just by having you view an image in the .tiff format.  You’re probably aware of the .jpg format that most digital cameras use, but .tiff is also a fairly common format.  All you have to do is LOOK at one that was crafted by a bad guy and he can take control of your computer.

imageMicrosoft does have a temporary fix but you have to go get it yourself.  Go here: and as you scroll down you’ll see two “Fix it” buttons.  One ENABLE’s the fix and the other DISABLE’s it.  So go to the page and click on the “Enable this Fix it” button.  That will disable your codec that lets your computer display .tiff files.  Once Microsoft publishes a permanent fix (probably next month) then you can return to the page and disable the fix.

6 CRITICAL Updates, 34 Vulnerabilities

imageYep, lots of problems and lots of fixes.  It’s the 2nd Tuesday of the month so of course, that means its (say it all together kids) “Patch Tuesday!”  Hopefully your computer is set up to automatically install the updates from Microsoft.

All 6 updates address what is called “remote code execution” vulnerabilities, which allow a bad guy the ability to have software run on your computer.  Some of the problems involve Internet Explorer, another is actually involved in how fonts are rendered on your computer.  Be sure to install the updates if your computer prompts you.  Don’t give the bad guys an easy way into your system.

Do I Need to Say It?

imageYep, check that lower right corner of your screen for updates that need to be done.  Microsoft pushed 10 updates that fixed 32 issues this month.

If you MUST use Java, then be sure to keep it up to date because that still is a primary means of getting infections onto your computer.

If you haven’t read the article on my “3 Secrets to Avoiding Viruses and Malware” then now might be a good time.  Oh, and guys, if you need any more reasons to stay away from porn sites, they are FILLED with viruses and that little trip for a free peek could end up costing you plenty just getting your computer cleaned up – so please think twice.


2 Critical Updates for Windows This Month

imageThe second Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft publishes updates for its products.  There are a few this month, two of them are listed as critical.  One is for Internet Explorer, and the other for Windows itself, so be sure these updates get installed.  And as always, be on the lookout throughout the month for security patches to Adobe Ready, Flash and Java.  DON’T put it off, that’s how people get their computers infected.  imageKeeping these apps up to date is probably MORE important than keeping your anti-virus software up to date.

Don’t let the bad guys just walk right into your computer.  You have control over it, but you need to take it.

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