PC Tune-Up

I don’t know of any machine that doesn’t require maintenance at some time or another.  In business the term often used is preventative maintenance.  This is because the whole point is to prevent a problem from occurring at what is almost always an inconvenient and usually costly time.

A Tune-Up System addresses both your hardware and software issues that build up over time as you use your computer.  Dust builds up inside causing components to run too hot – shortening their lifespan.  Opening and closing files causing them to get broken up into hundreds and even thousands of pieces over your hard drive cause it to work much harder, shortening its life and slowing down your computer.

Viruses, spyware and root-kits are always a threat not just to your security but also to the performance of your system.  Authors of this “malware” have become more sophisticated and are creating ways to fool your anti-virus and anti-spyware to ignore real threats.  We’ll check your equipment to ensure your equipment is not infected and that your current software is performing properly.

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