Network Security Systems

Network security can seem like some mystical black magic that only belongs to those powerful beings that wear thick, black rimmed glasses and pocket protectors.  Actually, you probably have everything you need to be secure from outside forces that would love to poke around your network.  The problem is you probably don’t know if you’re correctly configured to be secure.

A network security system begins at your firewall (if you have one) and ends at the person using the computer.  It’s the combined effort of expert hardware configuration and a knowledge of “safe surfing” by the user to ensure a completely secure system.

Do you have ports exposed to the internet?  You probably didn’t know you even had ports.  Well, you do.  But you don’t have to know a packet from a pocket, WEP from weep and a MAC address from a Big Mac.  Not only can Tek-Chic systems configure your network to be secure, we can make your network INVISIBLE to prying internet eyes and keep it simple so you can take care of business.  Give us a call and we’ll keep you safe.

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