Hard Drive Failure – Disaster Recovery

Modern hard drives are a truly amazing feat of engineering.  The hard drive in our computer probably spins at 7,200 RPM.  If your car engine turned that fast it would probably blow up.  Yet it continues to work after days, weeks, and even months of continuous use.  If you’re LUCKY, your hard drive will begin to make strange sounds, usually something like clicking noises to let you know something is wrong.  Worse would be clicking and clunking sounds – you’re really in trouble at this point, yet it’s not too late.  But often times you get no warning at all and perhaps you get the “blue screen of death” when your computer boots.  Or maybe you go to open the file you were working on yesterday, and your computer locks up or you get an error message.

As long as your hard drive can still spin,, we can recover most if not all of your data.  If it won’t even spin, then your only option for recovering the data are the services that charge thousands of dollars to completely disassemble the drive in a “clean room”, take the platters and build a new temporary drive and hopefully retrieve the data.

If Tek-Chic Systems cannot recover your data, there is no charge and your drive will be returned to you exactly as it was delivered.  Give us a try and pay a tenth or less of what you might pay.

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