Recommended Downloads

Click the link to be taken to the app’s website.  Check “Apps” in my blog posts for more information.

CutePDF (a free PDF creation program)

LastPass (absolutely the best way to keep track of your passwords and private information)

SyncBack SE Backup Software (Pay the $40 for the SE version – well worth it and it’s what I use.)

Firefox (when used with the “No-Script” add-on,  a much more secure web browser)

Lookout (a free app for finding your lost Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Phone)  A free graphics program (think of it as Photoshop “light”.)

The below files are only for my clients subscribing to my Preventive Maintenance Service.  DO NOT download these files unless instructed to do so by me.  They will give me remote access to your computer.

GoToAssist Windows Installer

GoToAssist Mac Installer

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