It’s difficult to list prices in my business because “it depends” is often the answer when you call with a problem.  If anyone does post prices for a service, then you can usually bet you’re paying the high-end of the scale (they’re not going to do a difficult job for cheap.)

I try to be as fair and reasonable as possible.  All of my prices include my coming to your home or office, no extra trip or mileage charge.  AND, your rate will NEVER go up!

My current rate (as of 5/22/2022 because of high gas prices and inflation) is $125/hr.  I do have (and have always had) a “fixed-price” philosophy, that means that whatever my price is when you become my client – you will never pay more for my hourly rate.  I have clients who are paying less based on this same philosophy (as low as ($85/hr and they will always pay no more than $85/hr).  In the future my hourly rates may need to increase, but yours never will.  I am your inflation-proof tech support.  I’m so sure you’ll be happy with my service you’ll want to tell your friends.  The longer you’re my client – the less you’ll need me.  You’ll learn how to avoid viruses, how to handle simple problems.  My future is dependent on your being happy and referring me.

Work that requires me sitting in your home is charged hourly: $125/hr.  But some work I can do in my own office because it needs what I call “thumb twiddling time” I can charge a flat rate for.  For example, viruses that can be removed (not all can without breaking Windows) require a lot of scanning time by several different tools.  Sometimes 24 hours of time – but most of it not needing my personal attention.  And sometimes it requires a more manual approach, but it’s still just $150 if I can remove the infestation (there’s never just one if you’re infected.)   I know places that charge more than double to accomplish this.

Sometimes due to particularly nasty viruses, hard drive failure, file corruption, old age (the computer – not you) or other reasons you need a full rebuild of the pc.  That’s a full wipe of your hard drive and reinstall of Windows.  I make sure Windows is completely up to date, I also will install any programs you use that are downloadable or that you have discs for, and will make sure they are also fully up to date.  I charge $175 for a full rebuild (a lot of it is thumb-twiddling) but when I’m done it will be fully updated and secure (backing up your data and restoring it is an additional $25).  Also, when I deliver your system I’ll reconnect it to your network and help set up any software I installed (like Microsoft Outlook) for you.

There you go – my whole pricing philosophy.  I can’t afford to cheat you because I depend on your referrals.  I can’t afford to do a sloppy or even “OK” job (like you might get at some big box stores) for the same reason – I NEED your referrals.  I understand you need some idea of what it might cost – so call me and tell me what’s going on.  I’ll be honest, give you my best and worst scenarios over the phone and let you decide from there.  I will EMPOWER you to make decisions and not leave you at the mercy of some gibberish speaking techie you don’t understand.

I strive to see how LITTLE I can charge you, rather than how MUCH I can charge you.  If I can’t fix it – you don’t pay.  That’s the best guarantee you could ask for.