I hate it when I get a phone call from someone who had their computer either stolen or had their hard drive die, and then I have to ask the question – the question that I PRAY they will say “yes” to. And that question is “do you have a backup of your data?”

And when they say “no” I just cringe. Because I KNOW that’s all they care about at this moment – “how do I get my data back?” And almost always, the first thing they mention are their pictures. The YEARS of pictures and memories that they had on their computer that they figured one of these days they would organize, maybe make a movie out of or even create photo books with.

At this point they are willing to pay almost ANYTHING to get them back – unfortunately it can be extremely expensive if the hard drive had a mechanical failure. When I say expensive I mean in the neighborhood of $1-2,000 to send it to a data retrieval company like DriveSavers where in a room multitudes of times cleaner than a hospital operating room they completely take apart the broken hard drive and rebuild it so they can extract the data.

You can use an external hard drive to back up your data, and that’s fine as long as 1) you do it and 2) no one breaks in and steals your computer AND your backup drive.

That’s where Carbonite comes in. For $59 a year Carbonite automatically backs up all your data online safely and securely. You don’t have to remember to do it – as long as your computer is on and connected to the Internet, Carbonite will do its thing.

And if you get one of those NASTY ransomware viruses that encrypts your data – it ALSO encrypts you external hard drive that is plugged into the computer. Carbonite saves several versions of your data, so even it an encrypted copy of your data is backed up to Carbonite – they can delete all the encrypted versions and return your unencrypted originals back to you.

So call me and let me get you set up with Carbonite. It’s the price whether you purchase it directly from Carbonite or me.  If you get it from Carbonite you can set it up yourself, or if you get it from me I’ll set it all up for you for no extra charge. And if you should need help with your Carbonite in the future I’ll help you for no charge.

Get yourself some peace of mind. How would you feel if tomorrow everything on your computer was gone? Everything! If that thought bothers you, call me and in a few minutes you’ll be protected with Carbonite.