My name is Laurie Scott and my company is Tek-Chic Systems. I specialize in serving the small business person and individual computer user in Austin, Texas.  It doesn’t matter if your office is at home or in a commercial building, your needs are the same as anyone working for a large company.  You want your computers and network to perform reliably and the information to be secure.

I started Tek-Chic Systems with the belief that technology doesn’t have to be mystifying.  Computer problems are NOT YOUR FAULT. Not only do I speak “geek”, but I speak English too.  I can take the incomprehensible and make it easy to understand.  Tek-Chic Systems can EMPOWER you by showing you how to maintain your valuable equipment and data.

I don’t think most people have time to be taking their computers to some stranger in a building, only to come back another day or week with a fixed computer, yet you don’t know what was really wrong, how it was fixed and how to prevent it from happening again. That’s why I COME TO YOU. If it is necessary (usually to save you money) to take your computer with me, I strive to return it the very next day to minimize your downtime.

If you can’t afford to wait for something to go wrong, I can come to you on a regular schedule to take care of your systems for you or even remotely maintain your computers.  Have a problem with your computer?  I may be able to solve your problem within minutes without even having to come to your home or office.

When you call Tek-Chic Systems, you won’t get a different person every time – you’ll get the SAME person every time (that would be me.)  If you’re not getting good support because your tech people think you’re just small potatoes and not worth their time, well I LOVE small potatoes and will be happy to take care of you.

Tek-Chic Systems is the reasonably priced solution to your technological headaches.  I’m the Tylenol of information technology – I’ll take away the headache and won’t upset your wallet.

Will I do a good job?  Check out my testimonials here on my web page or on Angie’s List.