Head Shot webTek-Chic Systems serves the small business person and individual computer user in Austin, Texas.  It doesn’t matter if your office is at home or in a commercial building, your needs are the same as anyone working for a large company.  You want your computers and network to perform reliably and the information to be secure.

Tek-Chic Systems was founded on the belief that technology doesn’t have to be mystifying.  Computer problems are NOT YOUR FAULT. Not only do I speak “geek”, but I speak English too.  I can take the incomprehensible and make it easy to understand.  Tek-Chic Systems can EMPOWER you by showing you how to maintain your valuable equipment and data.  If you’re too busy, I can come to you on a regular schedule to take care of your systems for you or even remotely maintain your computers.  Have a problem with your computer?  I may be able to solve your problem within minutes without even having to come to your home or office. 

When you call Tek-Chic Systems, you won’t get a different person everytime – you’ll get the SAME person everytime (me.)  .

Tek-Chic Systems is the solution to your technology headaches.  I’m the Tylenol of information technology – I’ll take away the headache and won’t upset your stomach.

Will I do a good job?  Check out my testimonials here on my web page or on Angie’s List.

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