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If You Think Computers are Expensive Now…

I ran across an old computer magazine from 1994 with this ad from Dell on the back cover.  Compared to this, you could buy today a computer with a processor 300 times faster with 4 cores rather that one, 1,000 times more memory, a hard drive 2,000 times larger, a 27” monitor, 1,000 times more memory in the video card, a high-def blu-ray drive instead of a CD reader (not even a burner), an operating system 22 years newer and all for less that $1,000.  $2,599 in 1994 would equal a $4,055 computer today!


It’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday!

Lot’s of updates today.  If you’re running Windows 10 you can check by clicking on the start button and click on “Settings”…



Click on “Updates and security”



Then click on “Check for Updates”, or if the updates have been installed already, then go ahead and restart your system (save any open documents first.)

If you don’t reboot the computer, eventually it will reboot and install on its own, and maybe not at a convenient time for you.

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