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I Learned What HP Stands For From a Client!

imageI had a client today who just moved here to Austin from North Carolina.  Neither of her printers would connect to her network, therefore she couldn’t print – frustrating for anyone.  She had a Brother laser printer I connected with a cable to her router and BOOM!, printing.

Then came her HP printer.  It had been configured to work ONLY on her old network (she didn’t realize it.)  I corrected it and STILL couldn’t get it to print.  I tried removing the printer from the Control Panel, it would go and magically come back, but come back broken.  Finally after maybe 45 minutes (because I hate to LOSE to technology) I beat it down into submission and got the printer working.  That’s when my client who was sitting there just said “HP – Highly Problematic”.  And there you go.  Couldn’t say it better myself.

Watch Out for ATM Skimmers

This are little devices that fit OVER where you slide your credit card, they steal your information while still letting the machine work as designed. The one in the video was found in Vienna, and they all look different, but what you want to look for something that appears “attached” to the ATM where you slide your card.

HP Battery Recall

imageIf you have a HP (including Compaq) laptop that was made in the last three years then click on the link to see if your battery is part of the recall.  HP recommends if you primarily use the laptop plugged in then remove the battery completely.  Here’s the link for the details…..

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