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Run This App to Stop Automatic Windows 10 Install

And you better do it fast!  Microsoft has gotten VERY aggressive this week and I’m receiveing calls from people who are getting Windows 10 without asking for it.  Microsoft “promoted” the Windows 10 upgrade to a “Recommended” update in Windows Updates, so now it’s almost automatic.  Follow the instructions I posted previously to delay the Windows 10 upgrade until you’re ready for my help.  We have until July 28th, plenty of time for an orderly, safe and complete upgrade.  Follow what I said here (WAY back in February)….

Airfare Sites to Check Out for Your Summer Plans

6 Airfare Deals Websites Every Traveler Needs to BookmarkJohnny Jet (yep – that’s his name) is a professional traveller, and if anyone knows the ins and outs of travelling, it’s him.  He has his own site and I recommend you bookmark it if you travel much.  He has posted links to his favorite site for finding deals on airfare.  Here’s the link to his page, have fun travelling this summer!

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