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Tech Support…

Why didn’t I think of this as a solution?  Chewing on the cable!

Unfortunately, I Have a New Client

I say that because she broke my #1 rule for avoiding viruses.  NEVER click on a link or open an attachment in an email unless you know who it’s from AND YOU’RE EXPECING IT!”

Well, before today she wasn’t my client and she did just that.  She clicked on a Microsoft Word attachment that came from a  friend’s email, and BOOM – a program was downloaded and started that encrypted all her data and wanted HUNDREDS of dollars to decrypt the data.  Her only backup was MONTHS old.

The new encryption viruses will encrypt the files on your computer and anything ATTACHED to your computer.  So you need an UNattached backup as well.  Either unplug your external drive when the backup is done, or get something like Carbonite (I’m a reseller – but they ARE the best) and even if an encrypted file gets backed up to Carbonite, they will have your older UNencrypted version as well and can fully restore you.

Call me if you want Carbonite or want to figure out another way to avoid paying maybe $900 to get your data back with a clean computer.

Take Pictures Like a Pro With Your Galaxy S7 Phone

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeIf you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, and wish you had more versatility and control over the camera in your new Samsung Galaxy S7, well then you need to look into using “Pro mode”.

You can change settings like filters, focusing, white balance, ISO, shutter speed and exposure.

So go out and have fun with your new phone taking pictures.  There’s lots of color in the world this time of year to capture.

Learn all about it here in an article in Digital Trends:

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