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I Really Hope By Now You Know Better

imageHere’s the article, the rest you’ve heard from me before regarding crazy simple passwords….

If You’ve Got It, Get Rid of It!

Image result for trend micro logoIf you’re using Trend Micro’s anti-virus product, then the best thing you can do is uninstall it, today.

It’s been learned that there are serious flaws that allows others on the Internet to run code (programs) ON YOUR COMPUTER. 

If you’re thinking they’re going to fix it, wrong.  They were told about this over 90 days ago, and rather than alert their users and work on fixing the flaw, they’ve poo-poo’d the seriousness of it and since it’s “unlikely” that someone would be a victim, they’re not going to rewrite their software.

This is your SECURITY software.  If there’s a flaw, they should be EAGER to alert the users and then fix it.  They are alerting NO ONE and fixing nothing.  So get rid of it.

If you’re using Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, Windows Defender is built in and will probably turn itself on with you uninstall Trend Micro.  If you’re running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then go get Microsoft Security essentials direct from Microsoft here.


Time Warner Cable -  KXAN file photoIf you’re a Time Warner Cable customer, you need to change your email password. 

Whether it was a direct hack of Time Warner Cable, or a 3rd party with Time Warner Cable customer information, it doesn’t matter, if your email address ends with “” then just go change it.

To change it, go to, log into your email account online, click on “Settings” and then “Change Password”.  That’s it.

Now… if you DON’T KNOW your own password, you could try to track down the hacker and ask him, OR, go through the password reset process at the login screen and there you go, a changed password.

“fourwordsalluppercase” (What’s so hard?)

Yes, I truly understand why you find passwords confusing, does this one make your brain melt?


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