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What IS a Browser?

Simply put, a BROWSER is a program on your computer, like Microsoft Word or iTunes, but in this case, it lets you go to web sites on the Internet.  Right now, you have at least ONE browser on your computer.  If you have a Windows computer, you definitely have Internet Explorer (if you have Windows 10 you also have Microsoft Edge), on a Mac you already have Safari.  You may also have installed Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome as well.

All of these programs (Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome) are just browsers to let you do what?   BROWSE the Internet.

When you go to a web page, ANY web page, all it is is a bunch of text that has to be INTERPRETED by the browser.  The TEXT will tell the browser to put this photo here, put this text there, make it look like this here.

Well, sometimes a web page developer’s code get’s interpreted better by one browser than another.  Personally I blame the web developer for that.  It’s the job of the developer to make sure the page works for as many people as possible.

So, what do you do if a web site doesn’t work right when you go to it, and you’ve been there many times before with no problem?  Simple, USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER. 

What has happened is that either the web site has changed something (which is out of your control) or the browser was updated (also out of your control) and for some reason the browser isn’t understanding what the web site is saying. 

OK, for you techies there may be issues like add-ins or extensions that MIGHT be interfering, but for the AVERAGE user (my clients) it’s nothing you’ve done.

So, what do you do NOW???  Download Firefox and Google Chrome and install them onto your computer now, when you can.  You don’t have to make them your DEFAULT browser if it asks, but think of it as having a FREE rental car in your garage in case your primary car breaks down.

I get calls all the time that a simple browser change fixes, hopefully it will help you out too.

HEB 50% Off Coupon is a Hoax

Ok all you Texans, I know you love shopping at HEB just as I do, but bad news if you got a 50% coupon on Facebook from HEB, it’s not genuine.

It’s fake and HEB won’t honor it.  DON’T blame HEB, it’s not their fault, some bad guy thought it would be fun to mess with them.

HEB is still cheaper than Randall’s on almost any day, so just go with it.  The coupon is fake.

It’s the Second Tuesday of the Month. Yay!!!’s right – Windows updates went out today.  There were several security updates for both Windows as well as Microsoft Office.

If you run Outlook 2010 you might notice it not keeping your settings as you like the screen to look.  I had a client with that issue today and tracked it back to a specific update.  If you notice this issue let me know and I’ll back out that update causing the problem.

Other than that, my advice still stands – DO THOSE UPDATES.  Windows, Flash, Java and Adobe Reader.  Don’t give the bad guys a chance.

And People Wonder “How Do the Bad Guys Know?” ‘Nuff said!

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