Don’t Dial That Number!!!

imageIn back-to-back days last week I had TWO clients call me AFTER calling a number that appeared on their computer screen and allowing strangers to log onto their computer.

How does this happen you ask?  Well usually you go to a compromised web site that plants a little something on your computer, and it could be right then or it could be later that while your on a web page all of a sudden a window pops up telling you that something is wrongs with your computer.  It might say “errors have been detected” or “your computer is infected.”  Fact of the matter is that YOU’RE NOT, but these screens will tell you you’re in danger of losing data or  These pop ups will have a phone number, instructing you to call them to correct the imageproblem.  If you call they will walk you through steps to give them remote access to your computer, after this nothing good will happen for you.  One of my clients has a file with passwords on it – they opened it up!  My client realized something was wrong and turned off the computer, but I’m sure the bad guys got a screen shot of the passwords before being cut off.  Later (before calling me) they turned the computer back on – guess what?  The bad guys logged back onto the computer – TWICE!  I know because I checked the logs before I cleaned it all up.  One time they were on for almost 20 minutes just poking around I’m sure.

So what DO you do instead?  Call me.  You have my number (512-981-7835) and I’ll have you shut down your browser and run a scan with a particular software product to make sure what caused the pop-up isn’t still on your computer.

Think about it this way – if a total stranger just showed up at your front door and said that your kitchen sink has a leak and he was there to fix it, would you let him in?  Then DON’T let a total stranger tell you that something is wrong with your computer and offer to fix it.

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