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700 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Carbonite

700 reasons?  Really?  Yes! 

I have a client who discovered what this means.  There is a particularly nasty virus going around.  It’s not really new, just a new variation.  I first told ya’ll about this two years.

The most common delivery method is via email as an attachment.  Here’s a pop-quiz boys and girls.  What is my number 1 rule regarding getting viruses and malware?  DON’T click on links or OPEN ATTACHMENTS in an email unless you know who its from AND you’re expecting it.

Well guess what?  My client OPENED the attachment in an email and all his personal files, documents, pictures, music and videos were encrypted so well that NO ONE was going to get them back with the encryption key.  Guess who has the key?  That’s right – the bad guys.  They are happy to tell you exactly what has happened to your files and how to get them back.  Of course, that key will cost you.

How much?  $700.  That’s right.  The only way to decrypt those files is with that $700 key.  But of course, THEN you have to backup those files to another drive before wiping the computer’s drive completely clean, reinstall Windows, all the apps and then restore the unencrypted files.  Another $200+

Oh, and this nasty virus will also encrypt any attached USB drive or connected network drive.  The ONLY safe backup is an off-site backup. 

Carbonite is online and off-site.  Even some of the encrypted files got automatically backed up, but the team at Carbonite knows all about this virus and saves multiple copies of your files so in cases such as this, they can strip out the encrypted files and just restore all your unencrypted files. 

So “truth in advertising”, I am a Carbonite reseller.  I make a few dollars a year from each subscription.  However, Carbonite is the best or I wouldn’t be telling you this. 

Carbonite is only $59.99 a year and gives you total off-site, disaster recovery level protection.   If my client hadn’t had Carbonite on his computer, he would have lost ALL his data and had to pay the $700 plus the expense of cleaning the computer – close to $1,000 total.  His Carbonite subscription saved him a LOT of money.  So consider how you would feel if you couldn’t get to your data without paying $1,000 to get it all back and know your computer was safe.  $59 a year is pretty cheap.  I use it.  When the fire in Steiner Ranch hit a few years ago, I didn’t worry about my data because it was backed up on Carbonite.  The house could burn to the ground but at least my important data was safe.

Send me an email [email protected] or call me at 512-981-7835 if you have questions or would like me to set you up with Carbonite.  You can go directly to and just get it straight from them, but my Carbonite customers can call me (no charge for Carbonite issues) and I’ll personally help you for the same amount.

It’s Coming to This, Isn’t It! I’ll Be Out of Business!

If you’re reading this in your email but don’t see the image, check your email settings.  I always include an image in my posts.


Makes Me Sad to Have Graduated from California

imageThe photo is of the library at Cal State Northridge, where I graduated with a B.A. in Music.

Fortunately there was no Internet when I was in college.  Why…

Apparently now over 80,000 students are going to find out their personal information like Login Names, Passwords, Email address, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Relationship Status, Sexual Identity were stolen by hackers.  The GOOD news (according to university officials) is that they didn’t get SSN’s or Driver’s license numbers.  Whew – dodged that bullet.  They only know EVERYTHING else about you.

Apparently it’s State and Federal law to sign up for mandatory “Sex Violence Prevention Courses” when you’re in college now. 

See how much safer the government has made you?  I know some of you had kids or even grandkids in college.  I wish I knew what to tell you.  There’s so little prevention from the incompetence of government.

The 2nd Tuesday Lives On! is continuing to push updates out for its operating systems on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  The little blue icon is the one to look for if you’re running Windows Vista, 7 or 8.  Windows 10 tends to take care of itself.  Just be sure you’re installing those updates if asked, along with the others if their icon in the task tray looks like on in the photo.  Stay safe.

Don’t CLING to Old Technology–I Can Help the Pain

I had a client today that is running Windows XP on her old Dell Laptop.  It’s been working for her fine until recently but rather than upgrade, she want’s to keep using XP. 

Are you STILL running Windows XP?  Really?  Hello?  It’s time to move up.  I don’t care if you’re “comfortable” with XP and don’t want to change, it’s time….  You need to.

Look, I get it.  You LOVE your 1927 Ford Model A and want to drive it forever.  That’s fine.  But if you want just drive it down to your local auto repair shop you might find they really don’t know how to repair it in a cost efficient way.  We in the tech world can keep your really old computer alive for years, buy WHY when upgrading is so cheap?

Let a professional walk you through the changes.  You may not like changes – but someone who is good at what they do should be able to shepherd you through the changes with no dramatic changes to your life.

You can do it.  I promise.  It’s time to move on – you’ve been doing it all your life – you can do it again!

Has Your iPhone Account Been Hacked? No.

imageIf you’ve seen or heard in the news in the last 24 hours that a quarter million iPhone accounts have been hacked, well, you probably don’t need to worry.

That’s because to be hacked, you first have to “jailbreak” your iPhone.  Since most of you reading this are “normal” folks and not the geeky “I want to do what Apple won’t let me, so I’m going to jailbreak my phone” crowd, you don’t have to worry.

What is “jailbreaking” your phone.  The term comes from the fact that the ONLY place you can get apps for your stock iPhone is from the Apple App Store.  Period.  End of discussion.  You’re in the Apple “jail” and can’t get out.  Jailbreaking your iPhone involves the use of software designed to take advantage of flaws found in the iPhone’s software.  When you jailbreak your phone, you basically are hacking your own phone, which now lets you go to 3rd party stores to get apps and do some things with your phone Apple felt wasn’t necessarily safe.

Well, with a jailbroken iPhone going to certain 3rd party app stores, it’s possible to download the app that gives hackers a door into your account.

So all you iPhone users who have been good enough to leave your phones alone, you’re safe.

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