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A Hint For All You Mac Users

imageI have lots of clients who own either MacBook Pros or iMacs from Apple.  And I get the call saying how SLOW they are running.  Now, this hint will cost me money because so many of you don’t do this…..


I’m amazed by how many Mac users just go about their day using their computer, and when their done, just walk away and hours or days later come back to the computer, wake it up and pick up where they left off.

I’ve seen this go on for weeks and even months! 

HELLO!  Every now and then you need to reboot your computer.  Not wanting to get to technical but there are things like memory leaks and more likely, programs still running you forgot about.

As your computer starts to run out of memory, it slows downs, just like a Windows computer – they both use the hard drive to “fake” extra memory, but it’s REALLY slow.

If your Mac is running slow, reboot it, and UNCHECK that box that says to “reopen windows when logging back in”.

It’s AMAZING what a simple reboot will cure.

Was Your Name Popular When Your Were Born?

Update:  Try it now.  I had posted the wrong URL in this post. Now it will work or you can click on the images.


imageHere’s a fun little site. has an interactive chart that let’s you enter your name, and it will show you how popular that name was over the years.

As you can see in the chart when I entered my name it gives you a chart showing the popularity of the name for newborns in a given decade.  Without giving too much away, let’s just say it was actually pretty accurate in my case.

Do you know anybody named Gertrude?  Probably not, look at the chart below and you’ll see why.

imageSo, have some fun and see if your parents went with what was popular, or were they rebels and didn’t follow the crowd.

DEAL! Lenovo Laptop for $359 With no Crapware!

Image result for microsoft storeNeed a laptop for someone going to school in the Fall?  Looking for an inexpensive yet powerful laptop that won’t run out of gas in 2 years?

Well, much to my surprise, the Microsoft Store has the Lenovo G50 on sale for only $359.  The G series is Lenovo’s entry level line, but they are still good computers (I would take this over a mid-line HP, Toshiba or Acer any day.)  Many of you are still not familiar with the Lenovo name.  Would you recognize it if I said “IBM PC”?  Lenovo bought the IBM PC (including laptop) division several years ago, and they still make high quality computers.  This one has an Intel Core i5 processor with 6GB of memory and a 500GB hard drove, webcam, high-speed wireless, bluetooth and a DVD burner that many new laptops no longer include.  And, it weighs less than 5 lbs.

Coming from the Microsoft Store, it’s part of their “signature series”, which means it is a pretty pure Windows installation without all the garbage the manufactures add.  That means it’s easier to get it set up to your liking or if you have me set it up for you, it costs you less because I don’t have to spend time uninstalling whatever crap was added.

There is a Microsoft Store here in Austin in The Domain.  If you’re not it Austin, their web site will tell you where the nearest store is.  Of course, you can always order it online and have it sent to your doorstep.

Here’s the link to their webpage:

Yahoo News Used to be NEWS news was among the sites that I would go to among others each day to check up on the daily news, but lately it has become virtually a cheap tabloid with a smattering of real news.  Never mind the “sponsored ads” every 3 or 4 articles.
Just today – May 14, 2015 here are some of the headlines (and believe it or not – I had to correct some spelling errors) …..
Wait, what?! Gynecologist accidentally leaves mobile phone in patient following a C-section
Gold-Filled Tomb of Chinese ‘Survivor’ Mom Discovered
Man says he didn’t mean to kill stepdad with underwear
Philippines threatens to suspend Japanese tycoon’s casino license
Deal to restock Texas ice cream may melt $10,000/tub black market
Chinese Intelligence Exposes "Assassin’s Mace"
Russia races to replace British singer as space tourist
Police investigating after four found dead in Alaska home (Really – they didn’t just walk away? Laurie)
30 minutes of exercise is key to health in old age (Wow – exercise is good for you even when you’re old, who knew?  Laurie)
Oklahoma school concerned over dancing dead cats video
Drone Flying Near Capitol and White House Causes Chaos (DUH!  Laurie)

Look, I know some of these are legitimate stories, but they’re packaged in a way to exaggerate the importance of the actual story.  Most of them aren’t really stories.  Really? An Oklahoma school is concerned over cat videos?  Really?

All this is called “link bait”.  Sensational headlines hoping to get you to click on the link so you’ll go to the page so that THEY will make money because you will see whatever ads they are showing on the same page.  They get paid when you go to their page.

Personally, I think we need less tabloid and more REAL information in our lives.  So feel free to resist the urge to click that link.  Just remember, they make money on your curiosity – and that just encourages them to keep doing it.  Stop clicking on the 3-headed baby stories.

Today’s Not Just ANY Tuesday! Can You Guess???


You’ve heard about it, you’ve hoped for it and you’ve waited for it.  Well…… here it is!!!

It’s “Patch Tuesday”!  This is the day Microsoft pushes its updates out to all Windows users, and the day I get to remind you to check for all your other updates as well.  Look at the picture.  Do you see one of them in the lower right corner of your monitor?  If you do, then YOU NEED TO UPDATE!

Click on the icon and do what it says – FAILURE to update leaves you open to security vulnerabilities that could cause problems if you happen to visit a compromised web site.

So don’t make me remind you again (at least until next month.)  Be a good boy or girl and update your computer. 

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