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What to do With Those “Styles” in Microsoft Word

imageYou know them, you hate them.  Those “Styles” in Word that no matter how hard you try just confuse you and they never, never work right.

Well, help has arrived.  TechRepublic has an article on how to effectively use those Styles in Word.  It will get you started in managing those styles:

If you want to really have some fun and get deeper in using Styles and other features in Word, there is an excellent set of tutorials on YouTube at


Well, It Was Bound to Happen

Do You STILL Need Me To Remind You?

image2nd Tuesday of the month is when Microsoft pushes out updates for Windows and it’s other products.

If you see any of the images below in your task tray (and if you don’t know by know where your task tray is – contact me and I’ll show you with no embarrassment.)


Enjoy Your Computer More – Get a Good Keyboard!

imageIf all you have is a laptop and you have no desire to plug in an external keyboard and/or mouse when at home, then stop reading and I’ll see you at my next post.

Until we get to star date 1533.6 in the future when we can just talk to our computers (I threw that in just for you Star Trek fans) I know that LOT’S of you have desktop computers, or when home plug your laptop into a mouse, keyboard and even a large monitor.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the keyboard can make a huge difference in the comfort and speed of your typing.  So the question is…. which is the best one?  That’s a very simple answer…. it depends.

There are SO many styles out there, it’s impossible to just go online and pick one.  They come in all shapes imageand sizes – some have keys with long strokes like you’re used to on a more traditional desktop keyboard and some come with very short stroke keys more common on a laptop or a Mac.  Then there is the shape.  Most all configured in a straight line, some have their keys angled to align better with the natural angle of the hands and wrists (I use this type and here’s the photo, I’ve used this or one just like it for 15 years or more – it took a couple of weeks to get used to but I find it much easier to use, especially when typing for long periods of time.)

The problem is that as “brick and mortar” stores become more rare, then it becomes harder to find a place to “test drive” a keyboard.  Best Buy might have a few out for display if you’re lucky, if there is one near you then I would go up to one of the guys in the blue shirts (not to complain but I’m YET to see a gal in a blue shirt in the computer area – the world needs more Tek-Chics) and ask them to open a box or two or three to see if there is only you like.  They are NOT on commission at Best Buy so they should be happy to help you with whatever you want.

If you have a Fry’s near you, they do a good job of putting a whole row of keyboards out on display so you can touch them and see what feels good.

It may seem silly, but trust me, finding a keyboard you really like can make a difference in how you enjoy and use your computer.  So if you have never thought about it before, to quote Smokey Robinson & the Miracles…. “You Better Shop Around.”

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