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eBay Was Hacked – Go Change Your Password

imageWell, the bad guys broke into eBay back in February and March and apparently eBay just learned about it two weeks ago (don’t ask me why it took them this long to tell us.)

eBay is asking all 145 million users to change their password as a precaution.  They say that the passwords were stored encrypted so theoretically they should be safe, but there’s no guarantee.

You can go to eBay’s home page, or click HERE to be taken directly to their password reset page.  They will either text you or email you from there to reset your password.  Please, DON’T use a password you use elsewhere.  Also, if your old password was the same one you use at other sites, you should change those passwords as well.

I’ll take this opportunity to once again recommend you use a password manager called Lastpass to handle your passwords.  It took me 15 seconds to change my old eBay password from whatever it was to something like [email protected]*aZ, the great part is I don’t even have to worry about trying to remember it, Lastpass takes care of it and pops it in for me when I go to eBay (and no, that’s not the real password, but it’s just like it.)  Learn about Lastpass HERE.  If you want the uber geeky explanation of why it’s the best and most secure, then my security guru Steve Gibson explains it AT LENGTH HERE.

This Will Get Your Kid’s Attention

imageThis was so good I just had to share it with you.  If you want to learn how to change your wi-fi password at will, let me know.

Do You Hear Those Update Calling?

imageThe 2nd Tuesday of the month has come and gone, and guess what’s waiting for you?  Windows updates!  Oh boy!!!

More significantly, this is the first month Windows XP will NOT get patched.  The importance of this is many of the fixes being applied to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 would ALSO apply to Windows XP, but since support has ended for XP, the bad guys and licking their chops just waiting for users who are still running XP to swing by one of the web sites they’ve infiltrated.

Of course, if you’re running Vista, 7 or 8 and HAVEN’T got the updates on your computer, then you’re just as vulnerable.  If your system is set up correctly, critical updates should automatically get applied.  If it’s not or you don’t know how to check, then find my phone number on this site and call me.

AND also, don’t forget about keeping your Java, Acrobat and Flash up to date.

Now I Can Help ANYWHERE You Live!

I now have an affordable method of keeping your computer (Mac or PC) clean, secure and fast (at least as fast as it can be) and doing it remotely no matter where you live.  Click HERE for more information, but this WILL save you money in the long run unless you or your spouse is already a geek, and if they are, you’re probably not reading this anyway.  I can keep your computer running fast, efficiently and hopefully let you know of expensive impending problems that can be avoided.  If you have more than one computer, you can save even more money.

Read more about it HERE and call me with any questions at 512-981-7835

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