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Yahoo Hacked (Surprise, Surprise) If You MUST Use Yahoo Email, at Least LOCK IT DOWN!

Yahoo email has always been pretty easy pickins’ for hackers.  Yesterday Yahoo admitted they had been under a coordinated attack by hackers using login information obtained from hacks of other web sites (that’s why it’s important to use different passwords – particularly at critical sites like financial and email.)  Yahoo does allow you to receive a text message code as part of logging in from unfamiliar computers and devices.  Ready about it hear.  If you use the Yahoo email app or other Yahoo services on portable device, you will need to create a one-time password for that, but the article explains that also – it’s worth the trouble.

The Tek-Chic on the Radio

Earlier today I had my 15 minutes (well, more like 8) minutes of fame (well, more like a phone call) talking with Leo Laporte “The Tech Guy” on his national radio show.  With the impending end-of-life of of Windows XP coming up in April (and if that’s a surprise to you, you haven’t been paying attention here) it was the first topic he talked about so I called in and was the first on the air.  Even though it’s a radio show, it’s also available as video on the web because he has a tech network called TWIT (This Week in Tech) so he streams it at the same time (meaning you can watch it each week live from 1-4 Central Time on Sat. and Sun. at  Many of you ask me how I manage to keep up with everything, well, Leo’s network is the answer.  I watch probably 20 hours a week of the network’s programs to keep up to date.  Don’t tell me about Kim Komando, Leo is the king of the Internet.

Anyway, here’s my call….


Java is Waiting for You!

There’s a new update for Java that has come out in the last few days.  If you have Java on your computer (go to your Control Panel, then Programs and Features and look if Java is in the list.  If it is, and you haven’t see a Java update in your taskbar the last few days, then go to and update your Java.

Java is how MOST viruses get into computers from web sites – so lock your system down and keep it updated.  The latest version is Update 51.

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