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A Big THANK YOU to All!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is a day to be thankful.  I’d like to let all of you know, my clients, that I’m VERY thankful for each and everyone of you. 

I LOVE my job.  I LOVE what I do.  People like you make what I do a pleasure, and I’m blessed to have each and every one of you as folks who trust me with their technology issues and make it possible for me to make a living doing what I love. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Be sure to tell those close to you how thankful you are for them. 

I’m certainly thankful for each of you.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s What NOT to Buy Tomorrow!!!

Black Friday dealsThanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, and many people look forward to the “Black Friday” sales that start that evening and into the next day (Friday) for their Christmas shopping.    Before you knock yourself out at midnight or worse – in the middle of the night, make sure you’re not wasting time and sleep. has a few tips for you….

Are You Still Running XP? Times Running Out!

That’s true, come April next month Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP.   What that means is that if your computer is running Windows XP, it’s not safe.  Microsoft will no longer be fixing flaws that may arise in the Windows XP operating system. 

Now, don’t get mad, Windows XP has been around longer than any other version of Windows, but after 13 years, Microsoft is putting it to bed.

If you have a computer that is still running Windows XP – as long as you don’t go on the Internet you’re ok.  But if you’re like some people and use your computer to go on the Internet AND are still running Windows XP, you’ll be in trouble soon. 

It’s possible you MIGHT be able to upgrade your existing computer, but frankly, it will be cheaper in the long run to bite bullet and get a new computer.

I can help you shop and get a good deal for no charge.  Let me know what you have, what you want and I’ll find the best deal around for your new PC.

Take a Peek at the Future of Cable and Satellite TV

Most of you know that you pay too much, you want a few specific channels and you have to buy a LOT of channels just to see the ones you want to watch.

Well, we all want something different.  We want to pay for the channels/programs we want to watch and NOT for the channels we don’t care about or watch.

It won’t happen tomorrow, but it has started, and may take the next 20 years, but the movement has started.  Forbes has written about it here….

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday but Microsoft Missed Something you Need to Fix

imageYesterday being the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Microsoft pushed its monthly updates out to users.  If you see the update icon in your task tray, be sure to get it done.

One thing they didn’t update was a flaw that allows an attacker to run a program on your computer just by having you view an image in the .tiff format.  You’re probably aware of the .jpg format that most digital cameras use, but .tiff is also a fairly common format.  All you have to do is LOOK at one that was crafted by a bad guy and he can take control of your computer.

imageMicrosoft does have a temporary fix but you have to go get it yourself.  Go here: and as you scroll down you’ll see two “Fix it” buttons.  One ENABLE’s the fix and the other DISABLE’s it.  So go to the page and click on the “Enable this Fix it” button.  That will disable your codec that lets your computer display .tiff files.  Once Microsoft publishes a permanent fix (probably next month) then you can return to the page and disable the fix.

Adobe Hacked–130 Million Accounts Compromised

imageThe is the biggest known breach ever.  Adobe was hacked and over 130 million accounts were compromised, including email addresses, passwords, password hints and credit card information.  The passwords and credit card information was encrypted, and a month ago I assumed Adobe did their job and had good security, but there have been some questions as to the quality of encryption used so the concerns from the security community has increased.

Almost 2 million people used 123456 as their password.  How do we know?  Because that is what they put in the password HINT!  Another half a million people used 123456789, and 350,000 people used “password” as their password.  This makes it much easier for the bad guys to reverse engineer the encryption key because they know what the output should look like.

Should you be concerned?  Well, a lot of you in business use Adobe Acrobat (the paid version, not the free Reader) and may have purchased it directly from Adobe.  If you’re a photographer and use Photoshop or Lightroom and purchased your programs from Adobe, then you may not be secure either.

It’s easy to check.  Since the bad guys published the whole list to show off that they did it, the folks at Lastpass have set up a web page where it’s easy for you to check.  You can see from the above image that my account was one that got flagged, so here’s what you do…

Go to and just enter your email address.  If they find it in the database, you’ll see a message like mine and you’ll get suggestions on what to do and they will also send you an email.  Oddly enough, when I went to the Adobe website to log in, there was no mention of a compromise or that I should change my password, the little notification they sent out a month ago didn’t fully describe the extent of the breach.

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