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Do I Need to Say It?

imageYep, check that lower right corner of your screen for updates that need to be done.  Microsoft pushed 10 updates that fixed 32 issues this month.

If you MUST use Java, then be sure to keep it up to date because that still is a primary means of getting infections onto your computer.

If you haven’t read the article on my “3 Secrets to Avoiding Viruses and Malware” then now might be a good time.  Oh, and guys, if you need any more reasons to stay away from porn sites, they are FILLED with viruses and that little trip for a free peek could end up costing you plenty just getting your computer cleaned up – so please think twice.


Hard Drives–They are a Crashin’

As computers have gotten more reliable over the last decade, people are keeping their computers longer.  Well guess what?  Those hard drives aren’t going to spin forever!  I’m working on TWO hard drives right from from two different clients who had they hard drive fail and had NO backup.  If I’m lucky, I might get something back, but right now it’s 50-50.  In both cases – it’s the PHOTOS that mean the most to these folks.  If they had a backup – it would be simple, but they don’t and now they have to face the fact that they may not get those photos back. 

PLEASE!!!  I beg you!  Back up your data.  If you don’t know how – call me.  Get an external hard drive and/or use and off-site service in the cloud.  The pain of losing your documents and photos aren’t worth risking.

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