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Internet Explorer Flaw Fixed – Update Now!

It took a couple of days (and actually that’s pretty good) but Microsoft has published a fix for the flaw I wrote about earlier.  You should be seeing the Windows update symbol in your task tray – the yellow shield if you’re using Windows XP and the blue icon with the gold ring if you’re using Vista or Windows 7.  Click on it and install the update, you may need to restart your computer when it’s done.


Internet Explorer Flaw is Severe–But Simple to Fix

It’s been in the news today and online, there is a flaw in Internet Explorer that has let to what is called a zero-day attack (that means the bad guys found it first and only now are the good guys working to fix it.)  It’s not know how long it will take Microsoft to publish a fix, but there is a simple way to stop this and in fact many other exploits – remove Java from your computer. 

I won’t get into what Java is and what it’s for, but in all likelihood you don’t need it.  If you do, it will let you know next time you actually need it, and you can decide then it you want to install it back onto your computer.

Here’s how to uninstall Java: Go to your Control Panel, in Windows XP go to “Add/Remove Programs” and in Windows Vista and Windows 7 go to “Programs and Features”.  Click on Java and uninstall it.

After Microsoft publishes a fix, it will be “safer” to reinstall Java but you’re still better off without it if you don’t need it.

Another solution is to use a different browser: download Firefox or Google Chrome and just don’t use Internet Explorer.

If You Don’t Have a Backup Drive – Buy This One!

imageIf you only have ONE copy of your data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) then you DON’T have a copy.  At at the very least you need to have a second copy at home.  Here is a 3 Terabyte (that’s 3,000 Gigabytes) drive for only $129 with free shipping.  Don’t lose a precious photo or critical business file over a few dollars, people pay me much more to get back what they could have easily recovered if they only backed up to a drive like this.

3 Terabytes is more storage than you currently use or will ever use (at least in the next couple of years.)  Get this and be done – it’s a VERY good deal.

Time For Security Updates Yet Again

imageBelieve it or not, another month has passed by and it’s time once again for Microsoft to push its’ updates for Windows and for me to remind ya’ll to also update Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader during the month as those updates show up. 

DO NOT get viruses by being lazy!  Update your software when you see these icons.  NOT doing so is how most of my clients get infected.  If you’re running Windows XP, you’ll see the yellow icon, not the blue one.  If you’re running Windows Vista or 7, you’ll see the blue one and NOT the yellow one.

There you go.  Easy.  If you see something and are in doubt, come back to this page and click on “Security” on the right to find this article to confirm the icons.

Amazon Kindle HD is “Comin’ Round the Mountain”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Amazon announced Thursday their new Kindle Fire HD tablet – it’s an almost 9” screen with a 1920×1200 (more than enough for HD) resolution, includes 16GB of storage and will cost $299.  There will also be a 4G LTE version with 32GB of storage available for $499.  The price of the original Kindle fire will drop to $159 and should have a faster processor for good measure.

The $299 Kindle is slated to be available September 20th, with the LTE version due in November.

If You MUST Buy a New iPhone–Wait….

imageApple sent out today an invitation today to the media to an “event” on the 12th of this month.  The best educated guess is that they will announce the new iPhone 5 and the latest iOS 6 software.

IF they do announce a new phone, it will be available a couple of weeks later – so live with that old iPhone for another few weeks and get the latest one (if you must.)

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