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Order Online at and Pay With Cash

imageYou may love the idea of being able to shop online, but perhaps you HATE the idea of paying online.  Well guess what?  Walmart is there for you.  You now have an option of ordering online, and then within 48 hours going to your local Walmart store and paying for your purchase there.  They give you the option of picking up your purchase at the store or having it shipped to your home. 

Fix for Largest Mac Malware Infection Finally Out

imageAs many as 600,000 Macintosh computer systems (and up to 13% of all U.S. Macs) have been infected with the “Flashback” Trojan malware, and Apple has finally published a fix for it.  Flashback takes advantage of a security flaw in Java.  Oracle patched it back in February and most Windows machines were updated at that time.  Since Apple runs their own version of Java, they take the responsibility for updating it, and have been very slow to do so.  Flashback was designed to steal passwords.  To see if you’re infected, download F-Secure’s Flashback detection and removal software.  It will check for and remove Flashback from your Mac.  For once Windows users don’t need to worry about this one.

If You Don’t Have Dropbox, Get It

imageDropbox is a great way to not only synchronize files between two computers, but it also give you online backup (you don’t have to use it with two computers.)  Dropbox installs as a folder on you computer and you use it just like any other folder, except that any file you put in the Dropbox folder gets backed up to the cloud (and any other computer also using the same account.)  Dropbox gives you 2GB for free, use this link and you’ll get an extra 250MB:

Tell your friends about it and get up to 16GB of free storage!

Keep the Bad Guys OUT of Your Computer!

imageToday is the second Tuesday of the month – that means updates from Microsoft will be coming your way, and that also makes it an excellent time to remind you to keep your eye out throughout the month for updates from Adobe (Acrobat Reader and Flash) and Oracle (Java.) 

Don’t forget – these are SECURITY fixes.  If you DON’T do them, you’re giving the bad guys an easy back door into your system.  There are as many as eleven different flaws being patched this month, so be on the look out for them.


Deal: Lenovo Laptop with Intel Core i3 for $399

imageOffice Depot has the Lenovo G570 on sale this week for $399.  This is an excellent general purpose laptop built by a company with a reputation for quality laptops.  It has a 15.6” screen, 4GB of memory, and large 500GB hard drive, DVD burner, hi-speed wireless, built-in webcam and microphone, HDMI port and memory card reader.

Here’s the link to Office Depot’s page:

Google and Nascar Introduce Self-Driving Race Car

image Over the past couple of years, Google has logged over 200,000 miles testing their autonomous cars in both California and Nevada.  To comply with legal requirements, they had to have someone sitting in the drivers seat “just in case” something went wrong, but so far nothing has and the self-driving cars have performed amazingly.

Well, Nascar is so impressed that they have partnered with Google and are testing an autonomous car designed for stock car racing.  Follow the link to view Nascar’s announcement and see video of the car:

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