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There’s a Virus Looking for Your Mac

imageA new virus that looks to steal your online passwords has been found in the wild attacking Macs.  It will first try to get in using vulnerabilities in Java, so be sure your Java is up to date (go to to get the latest version).  If your Java is up to date it will try to trick you into allowing it to install saying it is from Apple.

You can read the full ZDNet article about it here:

Laptop Prices–They are a fallin’!

imageLenovo has a GREAT deal on their 14” Z series IdeaPad.  I think Lenovo is overall probably making the highest quality laptops today.  14” is big enough to easily read and yet small enough to be easily carried.  For $579 you get an Intel Core i5 processor at 2.5 GHz (tops out at over 3 GHz) so you’ll have no performance issues at all, 6 GB of memory, a 500 GB hard drive, webcam, Bluetooth, HDMI out and Windows 7.  Use the coupon code DOORBUSTRSZ470 to get the price.  This is a NICE laptop.  If you’re in the market, go for it.

Free Alternative to Microsoft Office

imageIf you need the capabilities of Microsoft Office but don’t want to spend the money, check out LibreOffice.  LibreOffice is a fork off of Open Office (which has become a bit stagnant) that is compatible with all your favorite Office apps, and it works on Windows, Mac and even Linux.  With LibreOffice you can read AND write files in Microsoft Office format (including .docx, .xlsx and pptx.) 

LibreOffice is totally free and can be a great product for that 2nd computer or just for those on a budget.  Check it out at

Lots of Updates Yesterday – Get ’em Done!

imageI know this is the highpoint of your month, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.


OK, that was a little over the top, but folks, I’m trying everything I can to get you at least ONCE a month to think about the security of your computer, and be to install those updates when they appear on your taskbar tray.  Not once but TWICE today I heard people say they were AFRAID to install them.  If you’re reading this and know what legitimate apps look like, then you should really be afraid NOT to install them.  Delaying them even 2 or 3 days can leave you open to virus attacks that your anti-virus software won’t be able to stop or may not even know about.

imageSecond Tuesday of the month?  That’s when Microsoft pushes updates to Windows and other Microsoft products to you.  If you and auto-update turned on you may not even see the yellow shield (XP) or the blue box icon (Vista and Windows 7.)  Throughout the month you may see the Java coffee cup icon or the Adobe Acrobat or Flash icons – DO THE UPDATES!  It breaks my heart when my own clients get a virus when it’s totally preventable.  If you’re new to my site and haven’t read my article from a year ago November on how to avoid viruses, take a few minutes and read it here:

DEAL on a 2 TB Hard Drive – $109

imageIf you’re running low on storage space on your desktop computer, Newegg has a GREAT deal on a 2 Terabyte drive (that’s 2,000 Gigabytes.)  Note this is a 3.5” drive and won’t fit in a laptop.  If you’ve been looking at the price of hard drives, you’d have seen how much they’ve gone up (as much as doubled) in the last few months since the flooding in Thailand where many are assembled.  Newegg has this Seagate drive for only $109 when you use the coupon code EMCNHNC42 at checkout.  Your regular desktop usually has room for more than one drive (unless you have one of those slim/skinny cases) so you could just pop this in and you’re ready to go.  With Windows 7 it’s pretty easy to move your documents, photos, music and videos to the new drive without having to reinstall Windows or your programs.  Of course, you could always call your friendly, neighborhood Tek-Chic to help with the installation.

Here’s the link to Newegg:

Lenovo Deals on High-Power Laptops

imageLenovo has a deal on their Z series 15.6” laptops with the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.  All the laptops have a HD display, 8GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive, webcam, DVD burner, built-in Wi-Fi, built-in Bluetooth and HDMI out.  The Core i5 is a dual-core processor that can clock up to 3.1 GHz and the Core i7 is a quad-core also able to run up to 3.1 GHz. 

Lenovo makes excellent laptops and is known for paying attention to things like the keyboard and it’s feel.  The i5 version is $599 and the i7 is $699.  So if you’re thinking up upgrading to a nice laptop, I’d jump on these.

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