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Is the Verizon iPhone Coming in January?

imageThe hope of an iPhone on Verizon has been a rumor for almost a year now.  CNet is expecting an announcement around CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) to be held the first week of January.  Click on the link to read their take on Apple’s iPhone finally coming to Verizon:

You Can Finally Make Skype Video Calls via iPhone

imageIf you have an iPhone and have been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Skype to be able to make video calls, it has finally happened.  You can now make audio AND video calls over Skype on your iPhone using both wi-fi AND 3G.  Get the updated app in the iTunes store.

Windows 7 Family Pack Goes Away December 31st


According to Amazon, Microsoft is ending the Windows 7 Family Pack on December 31st.  The Family Pack is a Windows 7 upgrade license for 3 pc’s, and includes both 32 and 64-bit versions at a substantial discount.  The regular price for ONE copy of Window 7 Hope Premium upgrade is around $120, but for this last week of December you can get 3 licenses for about the same price.  I checked Amazon and it looks like they are already sold out.  NewEgg still has it in stock for $125 with free shipping.  If you’re thinking about it, act fast.  Split it with a friend and cut your costs to less that $42 a copy.

Merry Christmas! Now What?

It’s Christmas morning, and you’ve opened up your gifts.  So what are you supposed to do now with your new computer, iPhone, Android phone or digital camera?  Lifehacker has posted some great articles on how to set up and optimize your new PC, MAC, iPhone, Android Phone and digital camera.  Follow the links below to make the most of your new Christmas “toy”.




Windows PC:


















Android Phone:






Digital Camera:

Where is Santa right now???

imageWant to know where Santa Claus is?  Norad is tracking him.  Follow the link below, choose your language and see where Santa currently is.  But don’t worry, he has never missed a home for as long as he has been delivering presents.

Skype Still Not 100% After Outage

imageIn it’s second day, the outage of Skype’s services is still not completely resolved.  If you’ve had problems connecting the last 36 hours or so, that’s why.  The best way to keep abreast of the status is to go to Skype’s page on Twitter at, or if you have a Twitter account just follow @Twitter.

No More “Re-stockong” fees at Best Buy

According to Gizmodo, Best Buy is no longer charging “re-stocking” fees if you need to return something you bought from them.  Here’s the link:

DEAL: Hi-Perfomance Laptop – $580


If you’re in the market for a laptop but need more than the $399 specials I’ve been posting, here’s a current model that should meet your needs.  It’s an ACER laptop with an Intel i5 processor with 4GB of memory, and  500 GB hard drive, a web-cam, a 15.6” LED backlit screen, a multi-gesture touchpad, 3 USB ports and an HDMI HD output port, DVD burner.  It’s at Amazon, here’s the link:

AT&T Won’t Reduce Soldier’s $16,000 Cell Bill

imageThis is hardly being reported  anywhere, but an American soldier in Afghanistan who unknowingly racked up a $16,000 cell phone bill with AT&T has so far been unsuccessful in getting AT&T to reduce the charges. and Gizmodo are about the only one carrying the story as of today (12/19/10), so you might want to share this with your friend.  Here’s the link to the Examiner article:

Facebook adds Facial Recognition Tags to Photos

imageFacebook is adding facial recognition technology to help identify the people in your photos.  This will be rolling out over the next week.  If you don’t want to be tagged in photos, you can set it in your privacy settings.  Here’s the article from Mashable:

DEAL: Lenovo Laptop $399 in Time for Christmas


Best Buy has this Lenovo 15.6” laptop for $399.  It comes with a dual-core Pentium processor (not a powerhouse but will handle Office, email, Internet and watching videos just fine), 4GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, 802.11n wireless (that’s the fast wireless), a webcam, DVD burner, numeric keypad and a 1 year warranty.  There are other deals in this price range out there from Acer, HP and Gateway, but I think the Lenovo is a better machine.  Here’s the link:

Dell has a similar deal on their Inspiron laptop at, but it won’t arrive before Christmas.

DEAL: Share Christmas Morning with a Webcam $10

imageOffice Depot has the Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 on sale for only $10 through Saturday.  It has a built-in microphone and works in low-light.  If you have a laptop without a webcam or a desktop in a convenient location, this is a great way to share Christmas morning with grandparents across the country.  Download Skype for free (from and with this webcam you’re good to go.  Here’s the link:

7 Biggest Holiday Scams

imageGizmodo has an excellent article on seven of the most common holiday scams and what you can do about them.

For the Geek Who Has Everything…. Really…..

As the creator of this USB typewriter put it, this “is a new and groundbreaking innovation in the field of obsolescence.”  It’s an actual typewriter that plugs into your USB port and functions as a keyboard.  Watch the demo and go here to visit the site:

USB Typewriter

When Geeks Fall in Love

imageOK, this isn’t exactly a “news” item, but sometimes you just gotta have some fun.  This young couple bought a couple of Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets on their honeymoon and it has been a running inside joke for them ever since.  Here are photos on Flickr of their wedding anniversary spent in Niagara Falls:

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