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Deal: A New Printer Cheaper Than Ink

imageMy last post was for a WIRELESS Epson 610 printer, but if you just need to print from one computer and will use a USB cable, then go get this printer (actually – get LOTS of them.)  Wal-Mart has the Canon Pixma MP250 for only $32.  Yep – it prints, copies and scans for $32.  They lose money on the printer, they make money on the ink – your solution, BUY MORE THAN ONE!  BY LOTS OF THEM!  The printer is cheaper than ink!  When you need a new ink cartridge, take it out of a new box – donate the NEW printer (minus ink) and take the tax deduction.  You’re going to spend the money on the ink anyway – at least make it tax deductible.  Here’s the link to get it online (or just walk into the store):

DEAL: Get This Printer! Epson 610 – Only $43

imageOK, you know I really like this printer, here’s the best deal yet!  Epson is selling their Workforce 610 for only $43 with free shipping (and NO TAX unless you live in Calif., Indiana, or Tenn.)  Now, this is a refurbished unit, BUT it’s being refurbished by Epson (think as good as or better than new) AND you get a 2-year warranty when you register it.  This is such a no-brainer.  The ink alone (4 cartridges) cost about this much, and you get a great WIRELESS printer that copies, scans, faxes and does photo quality printing.  It works on both Windows and Mac.  Here’s what I would do… buy several of them, when you need ink, open up another printer box, take the ink, and sell or donate the printer minus the ink (and take the tax deduction.)

Here’s how you order it – follow this link to the Epson web site, you’ll see the price at $49.  During checkout, enter this discount code review12 and click on “Apply”.  This printer was selling for $200 not very long ago and is still a current model with Epson.

TV Prices Coming Down for the Holidays

imageThe Wall Street Journal reported today that Sharp and LG Electronics “warned” that there is a glut of inventory and will pressure prices downward for the holiday season.  This is GOOD NEWS to the consumers who are looking forward to a new television for the bowl games and the Super Bowl, or even just to watch American Idol.  Here’s the link to the article:

T-Mobile Getting the HTC “myTouch 4G” Nov. 3

imageHere comes another nice Android phone to market, this time just for T-Mobile on November 3rd.  Built by HTC, the myTouch 4G will have a front-facing camera for video calling over wi-fi, Android 2.2 (Froyo) and the HTC “Sense” interface, which I think is the nicest one out there.  The screen is 3.8” and it has a 1GHz processor so it should be nice and responsive.  You’ll get a nice choice of colors.  With a $50 rebate and selling your soul to a 2-year contract, the phone is a reasonable $149.


Waiting For a White iPhone?


There was news today on the (for some) anticipated release of a WHITE iPhone 4.  USA Today’s “Technology Live” is speculating that since it is now in the Apple Store as “for in-store reservation.”  You still can’t really even buy one yet. 

Meanwhile, Engadget is saying that the news from Apple is that the release of a white iPhone 4 is being pushed back (yet again) to the spring of 2011.  Of course by then it will only be a couple more months until the next version of the iPhone is released – at the rate of improvement we’re currently seeing in smartphones, I don’t know why anyone would want with what will be close to a 1 year old phone, and signing up for a 2-year contract with it.  If you want an iPhone, just go get a black one.  If you’re holding out for a Verizon iPhone, it might be available before the white one comes out.  Meanwhile, more great phones from HTC, Motorola and Samsung running Android keep coming out, and next month the Windows Phone 7 models will hit the stores.  White just isn’t worth waiting for.

DEAL: Dell Desktop with Monitor–$439

imageDell has their Vostro 230 slim desktop WITH an 18 1/2” monitor for only $439.  It comes with a fast Core2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive.  The one strange thing is it come with a CD/DVD READER, but not a burner and it doesn’t appear to be an upgrade on the web site (though for under $20 you can buy one and install it yourself.)  Upgrades to consider would be some additional memory, though you’ll save money by buying memory for it elsewhere online and installing it yourself, and if you would like a bigger monitor, you can upgrade to a 22” monitor for only $70, probably worth it.  So for $500 you’ll have a nice system with a big monitor.  It comes with a one-year warranty that includes next-business-day onsite service.  Here’s the link:

DEAL: 15.6” Lenovo Laptop–$399


Office Depot has this Lenovo laptop on sale again for $399, both online and in store.  It’s a great general purpose machine with 4GB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, built-in web cam, numeric keypad, wireless-N, DVD burner and Windows 7.  Find it here:


Staples has an almost identical laptop from Acer for the same price:

Look For Flights From Your Phone


You won’t be able to actually book your flights from this app, but you will be able to do your shopping to compare prices.   Available for both the iPhone and Android phones,  OnTheFly lets you quickly search to see what flights and fares meet your criteria.  You can get more information from their web site at

This is a VERY well done app, it’s actually faster to look for imageflight on your phone than on the computer.  When you find the flight you want, you can (of course) always book it online using your favorite travel site, or just call your travel agent (who might even get you a better deal.)

The app is free, and is in the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace, or if you have a bar-code scanner app on your Android phone, just scan the barcode to the left at it will take you directly to the the Marketplace.

DEAL: Windows 7 Family Pack – $130

imageIf you’re thinking of upgrading your computers to from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7, now is the time to do it.  Newegg has the Windows 7 family pack for only $130 (normally $150 until Microsoft stops selling it all together.)  With it you get both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, and a license for 3 computers.  Microsoft says you can run it on a 1 GHz computer with 1 GB of memory, but at the very least I recommend a 1.6 GHz processor and at least 2 GB of memory.  You may have an old computer running Windows XP and it could very easily be running between 2 and 3.4 GHz, so most likely you just need memory (which is cheap.)  To be sure, download and run Microsoft’s Upgrade Advisor to make sure your audio and video will work as well.

The great thing about NewEgg is FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX (at least for us in Texas.)  Here’s where to get it:

DEAL: 27” Monitor for $230 w/ Free Shipping


All of a sudden big monitors are coming on sale left and right.  Here is a Planar 27” monitor that Dell is selling for $230 with free shipping.  It has HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, and has received very good customer reviews on Dell’s web site.

Here’s the link:

Black Friday May Be Your Day For a HDTV

According to the market research firm iSuppli, there currently is a glut of HDTV’s.  What does that mean for you?  That you might want to wait until the day after Thanksgiving (known as Black Friday) for a real deal on a new TV.  As Black Friday gets closer, I’ll keep you posted on the latest rumors, this is but the first.  But if you can get a new 32” HDTV between $200-300, wouldn’t you be willing to wait?

DEAL: Are You Looking For a BIG Monitor?



If you’re looking for a REALLY big monitor (28”) and want a deal, well here you go. has this I-Inc 28” monitor for only $250 (shipping isn’t free but it’s still a great deal for the monitor.)

28” is a BIG monitor, so make sure you have room for it on you desk, but it’s actually HIGHER than HD resolution, and will allow you to put windows side-by-side and still be easy to read.  It has TWO HDMI inputs and the usual VGA and audio inputs.

Here’s the link for you:

DEAL: 25” Monitor for $180

imageNewegg has this Hans-G 25” monitor on sale for $190, and when you use the coupon code EMCZYZX57 at checkout you save another $10 and shipping is FREE (and if you live outside of California probably no sales tax as well.)  You may not have heard of Hanns-G, but Newegg customers (pretty much all geeks) have given it 71 positive reviews and virtually NO negative reviews, which is pretty rare for any device.

Most 25” are going to run you close to $250 or more, so this is a great price on a full HD compatible monitor for your computer.  It has the standard computer inputs as well as HDMI, meaning you could connect this directly to a cable or satellite box with HDMI outputs.

Here’s the link:

Apple Introduces Mac OS-X 10.7 “Lion”


Today Apple officially announced the next version of its Mac operating system, called Lion.  Some of the new features will be multi-touch gesture, so you can expect to see some touch screen Macs in the future, a new “Launchpad” which will be similar to the interface on the iPhone and iPad, and there will be an App Store for the Mac.  One nice change will be that you can buy an app once and use it on all the Macs you own, you won’t have to buy a separate copy for each machine.

The App Store is expected to come out in January and can be used with the current version which is Snow Leopard.  Lion will be released something in the summer of 2011.  Engadget has the full press release and photos from the announcement with Steve Jobs:

Deal: Acer 20” Monitor–$99


Office Max has this Acer 20” monitor for only $99 with FREE shipping (call your local store to see if you just go in and pick one up.)

It is LED backlit (better than the traditional fluorescent backlighting) and comes with a 3 year warranty.  22” monitors are running around $160+ right now and 24” monitors are running $200+, so this 20”, though not as big is a real good deal for a LED backlit monitor.

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